Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Simpson’s Movie saves the day

I will admit I have not watched an original Simpson's episode in quite sometime.  Still, I was eagerly anticipating the arrival of the feature film.  Trying to avoid a packed theater, I went with the family to the 11am showing on Monday morning.  Doing so I had the haunting tune "Spider Pig" stuck in my head for the rest of the day!

Staying true to the original Simpson's, the family is heavy on the character stereotypes.  Lisa is trying to save Springfield from pollution, Homer, inevitably, is the root cause of the major downfall.  Marge is the nagging worrywart who suspects Grandpa's rambling to be a sign of the end and Maggie is the hardest hardcore baby with a pleasant disposition in town.  The only real difference is Bart.  Still up to his old school shenanigans, we get to see the troubled softer side of the mischievous older brother.  After being dared by Homer to skateboard naked to town and back, Bart realizes his father's selfishness after he crashes and Homie doesn't help him.   Keep a close eye to the screen while Bart is skating and you may see more of the boy than you had hoped.  Rumors of the full frontal scene is more than just hype, it is a reality.

All in all, The Simpson's Movie was a success.  It made me laugh and didn't make me think too much.  Everything you want from the beloved cartoon family.  Most of the characters are there, considering the whole town was locked under an inescapable dome through most of the movie it would be hard not to.  As well, we are introduced to a few new characters along the way.  It took twenty years to get America's favorite family on the big screen, but Director David Silverman and writers Matt Groening and James L. Brooks get it right.  The Simpson's Movie is silly and stupid, heartwarming and funny, a great comedy for the fans and first timers alike.