Monday, January 3, 2011

Back To Reality

By now, the last few holdouts are finally taking down their Christmas lights and most of the mailed late packages have arrived. If you look for them you can see signs of the season changing everywhere: Starbucks menus being switched out, traffic around Target and the mall are back to just annoying levels rather than frightening, and the Salvation Army bell ringers are long gone. But the biggest tell that the holiday season is over is the return to work.

After sleeping in and being all together lazy during the last couple weeks, this morning's 6am alarm was not a welcome sound. Instead of hitting the snooze button and getting a few more minutes of peace, I made no excuses and got right out of bed. It was pretty difficult to leave with Bill and Apryl still sleeping, but I knew this week is just a short schedule so it wouldn't be long before I would be back home relaxing again.