Thursday, January 20, 2011

Old Friends.

I have recently written about the departure of friends as they find work outside of the Temecula / Menifee area. Fortunately for me, one old friend has recently resurfaced.

Jason Clarke: friend, former music collaborator, travel and hiking buddie and all around character recently stopped by en route to Mexico to blog and photograph.

In this picture, Jason is playing his fathers Peavey guitar in front of a matching Peavey amp. Jason used these in a band we had in 1998 for about 3 weeks. He left them at my house after jamming one day and I have had the pleasure of using them for years. They have seen use both in live shows and on our Keenwild CD's; 'The Yuppie Anthem' was recorded using this guitar.

When Jason was hanging out last weekend he had told me that he had recently developed a stronger relationship with his Dad as they both matured. I have also had the good fortune of this with my own father recently. Its great to see old friends, even better to see they are doing well and are happy. Had to snap this picture, it was like a complete circle had happened; from then till now. Better and smarter now, learning from then. I do hope Mr Clarke gets the opportunity to see this pic. I hope he enjoys it.

Nothing brings people together like music.