Saturday, January 15, 2011

Universal Trap: What an epic show!

As you might (or might not) have noticed, I did not post a blog last night. Bad me, sorry. I was at an epic music event at The Merc, listening to some of the finest talent the valley has to offer - Universal Trap.

Universal Trap is Ian Williamson - vocals ; Greg Lopez - guitar, vocals ; Tim Raether - bass, vocals ; Kyle Tormey - keyboards ; Eric Tormey - drums. This is a band that has crafted a strong original sound, taking cues from the best bands from the 70's and 90's while certainly not being a 'cover band'.

The band plays original material written by a variety of the band members, and the presentation of the live music is dynamic with rich vocal harmony and brilliant jazzy influences; while still occasionally bringing a full on 'Black Sabbath' style rock sound for a couple of songs.

I could write about the intricacies of the songs and all that typical BS, but i'll just give you the goods: a link to the bands facebook page -

Now that you have listened to the band, you can read more about the live show here:

And since you have enjoyed listening to the music and reading about Universal Trap's live show, you can SEE them on January 26 in San Diego with Marcy Playground