Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pic of the Day: Winter Wonderland in Idyllwild California

It was a beautiful day in Idyllwild today. We were out showing rental homes in Hemet when I got the idea of chasing a storm cell. For those of you who don't know, I love weather phenomenons and tracking storms. This storm has provided me with tons of opportunity to see rare snow and heavy rain and runoff, I find it very fascinating.

So, we were driving south on Sage Road from Hemet listening to the new Adele album (very, very good by the way!) and we found found some sleet, snow and rain in Sage. Having lived all over the area, and knowing the roads, I took a back road up to Anza where we stopped at Dairy Queen for onion rings and fries.

At this point I thought to myself, "I wonder, are the roads open up to Idyllwild?"

So there was the challenge! Off we went on a journey on a Saturday afternoon in So Cal.

I must say, I was impressed by the roads all the way to Mountain Center from Anza, totally clear of snow, no ice. I have driven all over the mountain and know that Hwy 243 from Mountain Center to Pine Cove can be far more icy and the road is far more curvy. Again, I was thrilled at the work that CalTrans and Riverside County Transportation road crews had done on the roads. I had no problem getting up to Idyllwild, where we grabbed a cup at Higher Grounds Coffee and took a few pictures. On the ride down the hill to Hemet, the road was clear, I was with my family and the music was good.

It was a good day and a fun spontaneous journey.