Saturday, September 3, 2016

We hope it works: Century Martial Arts - Versys VS.1 Punching Bag

We bought this punching bag from a guy at a roadside market outside of Ludlow, California. Who knows where it came from, the guy was a bit sketchy.

We have been looking for gear to help in the effort of training to fight a group of vagrants that are attacking us when we leave our compound in the Mojave desert. They have even poisoned our crop of tomatoes, peppers and figs. I cant stand for that.

It is just me, my wife and my 16 year old daughter and They wont win! At least that is what I tell myself every day.

Actually, I just hope this training bag helps us to secure victory...

Just kidding.

Thank goodness that is not our reality!

(although, it should be mentioned that many families have this, or worse, as a daily existence and we should make that stop)

The truth is we live in Temecula in a nice tract house and just want to get more fit. I have always liked boxing and more recently have gotten into UFC. My wife and I actually do have a 16 year old daughter and since she will be going to college in a couple years, we figure her training to kick some ass might be a good thing.

We will be doing a continuous review of the product, as we use it over the next 2 years before she heads to college. As of now, we like it. The bag and base were easy to zip together (yes, there is an industrial type zipper to hold the bag to the base) and we have enjoyed punching and kicking it this evening.