Monday, February 1, 2021

HELP! Man in Temecula store plays with himself and assaults a woman, police are looking for him

Normally we are posting about all the awesome things in Temecula - but on occasion, some crappy stuff happens. 

In this case, some pervy dude was playing with himself in a store and then eventually assaulted a female customer! 

The good part of this disgusting story is that there are a couple of great pictures of him from security cameras. Here is one of them.

SOMEONE has GOT to know who this guy is. Lets find him ASAP!

Here is a link with further details and how to help:

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Health and Wellness: The proposed use of HCQ (Hydroxychloroquine) for treatment of COVID-19 (Coronavirus aka SARS-CoV-2)

An article posted in the January 2021 issue of the American Journal of Medicine suggests use of HCQ as part of a treatment regimen for people with COVID-19 - other medical journals contradict this idea

By Bill Gould

There are many meme-type news posts floating around the internet recently, such as this one here to the right. These type of posts often politicize the issue, whatever that issue may be, with inflammatory language meant to cause fear or anger. In this case it is COVID-19 - and it's potential cures, preventative measures and vaccines. 

We are not about the fear and anger life, so we are going to hit you with some facts we found.

For clarity in this case, President Trump had promoted the use of HCQ (Hydroxychloroquine) 'prophylactically' - as a preventative measure. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Facts regarding the COVID-19 distribution here in Riverside County

Hello folks. 

Normally we like to focus on the happy stuff - but in this case we want to make sure that our local blog readers also have important facts. 

In this case, it is regarding the distro of the COVID-19 vaccine and the 'pause' that has been mentioned in the news recently. 

Here is a link to some facts: