Saturday, December 8, 2001

History of Ska Parade Interview with Tazy Phyllipz on December 8, 2001

By Bill Gould and Jared Younis

Bill: So, Tazy, Where'd you go to school?

Tazy: U.C. Irvine

Bill: What'd you major in?

Tazy: Music. I was born in Philly, grew up in Northern California. I went to U.C. Irvine to go to school. On the second day on the campus, I discovered the college radio station. One of the news people pulled me into the studio and I actually read the news -

Bill: Right there on the spot.

Tazy: Right, and I was there for 12 years.

Bill: So that was your job?

Tazy: Well, it was all volunteer, I wish I would have gotten paid… (Laughs).
I actually started doing a jazz show. I played piano, and I was very much into the jazz thing. My first show was a jazz show and it eventually became an interview show. I actually got to meet and hang out with some of the biggest names in jazz of all-time. It really instilled in me as an up-and-coming musician the whole process of artist development. I started out just doing a whole jazz thing and I wasn't really too concerned with other music at the time. When I went home in the summer of '89, my brother [Albino] convinced me at the last moment to go see this one show at the River Theatre in Guerneville, California.