Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Temecula Food: Spuntino’s Pizza serving up an authentic slice of Italia

In a town that has a pizza place in every center, you have to stand out among the competition. You have to be authentic Italian with just enough commercial American and exotic intrigue. And you have to serve a damn fine pizza.

Even though I am mostly of Irish decent, I am irrationally drawn to Italian food like I am returning to my homeland. Having originally stopped at the Baron’s shopping center to get coffee, we found ourselves walking into Spuntino’s instead.
Spuntino Pizzeria and Delicatessen
31891 Rancho California Rd Suite 200
Temecula, Ca 92590
951-699-7724 fax

Spuntino’s Pizzeria and Delicatessen is wedged between a Subway and a Starbucks at the head of a beautiful courtyard. Inside, Spuntino’s is dual purpose; serving customers pizza, fresh salads, and sandwiches, as well as grocery items of dried pasta, olives, wine and much more. The front of the store houses the delicatessen, sliced meat and cheese, cold salads, fresh breads, and the salad/sandwich center. The real wood fire pizza oven is in the back, with about six or seven wooden tables curving through the middle of the shop. Along the side by the register is the Italian grocery.

On the menu you will find a multitude of options. From Pizza Bruschetta, bruschetta on a wood fired pizza crust (my all time favorite pizza), to Pizza Wurstel, hot, tomato sauce, mozzarella and oregano, you are sure to find the perfect pizza. Along with the usual pizzas, Meat Lovers, Vegetarian, Margherita, there are quite a few unique and exotic toppings like smoked salmon, anchovies, peas and French fries. If pizza is not what you are looking for, try one of the many types of salads, pastas, sandwiches or a calzone.

Finish off your meal with some strong Italian coffee or one of the many fresh desserts. Our table ordered Lemon Chello Sorbet and a Mocha Sorbet, both were exceptional. In my homeland if pizza were a place, Spuntino’s would now be the Capital City.