Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers Day 2011


Fathers Day 2011, a set on Flickr.
Apryl made the most awesome Fathers Day Scrapbook. When she gave it to me I was stunned to see all of the stuff she did and the details. Too cool.

I have posted pictures of it page by page. Not sure how well you can see the words, but trust me, it is sweet.



Thursday, June 9, 2011

Temecula Music Fest under New Ownership

The Vault Concerts (“Temecula Sounds”) purchased the Temecula Music Fest from Full Value Entertainment on Wednesday June 8th 2011. The Vault Concerts is excited to take on the successful event.

"The Temecula Music Fest will still remain as the valleys number one music fest featuring the best bands in the Temecula Valley. Holding to the ideals and traditions started by FVE, The Vault Concerts is ready to take TMF into the future." said Ivan Promotions, Entertainment Director of The Vault.

After 6 years of running the festival, the Full Value Entertainment crew is ready for new challenges; Ivan and the staff at The Vault are a natural choice for the show to go on for the benefit of local bands and music fans.

"When we started the Temecula Music Fest in 2005, we wanted it to continue on for decades to come. The Vault will provide an opportunity for the TMF to take on a new life while we focus on our other business and music ventures. I am sure Ivan and The Vault will do great job!" said Bill Gould, founder of the TMF and owner of Full Value.

"It was exciting to grow the festival from a half day event to a multi-day festival, now its time to pass it on." said Jeney Kingsbury, past TMF production manager and current Board Member of the Temecula Arts Council, "Temecula Sounds owner James Messina and the music teachers will be helping to develop the stars of future music fests."

Bill Gould and Jeney Kingsbury will remain involved in the festival by sponsoring the event yearly via; Full Value Entertainment will be focusing on its Artist management, DJ services and consulting business.

"Stay tuned, July 1st will be the release date of this year’s line up. This year the Temecula Music Fest will feature Music, Art, Vendors & more on July 22nd & 23rd 2011." exclaimed an excited McClain.

Financial terms of the sale are private and will not be publicly released. For further information about the festival line up, vendors or tickets; visit the website at or

Contact Bill Gould at

Contact Ivan Promotions at

Contact Jeney Kingsbury at

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pics of the Day: Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival 2011

100_1430Stephan Jenkins 3Stephan Jenkins 9Stephan Jenkins 11CrowdThird Eye Blind
Third Eye Blind 4crowd 2Third Eye Blind 5crowd 4Third Eye Blind 6Stephan Jenkins electric
Third Eye Blind 9Third Eye Blind 11Third Eye Blind 12Third Eye Blind 14Third Eye Blind 16Third Eye Blind 17
Third Eye Blind 18Third Eye Blind 19Third Eye Blind 22Third Eye Blind 23Third Eye Blind 25Candlebox

Here are the pictures from Saturday June 4 2011 at the Temecula Balloon and Wine Festival. Terrific show by Third Eye Blind, Lee DeWyze and Candlebox - great to see modern rock bands at the this year. Be sure to tell them they should continue with this trend!