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Guest Editorial: Medical Marijuana is a blessing, don't take it away

The following post is a guest editorial from Paul B in Temecula Ca: 

Dear friends,

I'd like those of you who really know me and understand my condition to do me a favor. The county of Riverside has recently closed the medical marijuana dispensaries in the un-incorperated land outside of Temecula and Murrieta.
Because both cities are adamantly against dispensaries on city ground, the only place patients like myself can get good medical grade pot on a consistent basis was from the couple of dispensaries off of technology near Winchester and Murrieta hot springs.

Recently the County, working in conjunction with the Justice Department closed the dispensaries, leaving myself and those like me who require medical marijuana for legitimate health reasons to suffer, all in the name of political expedience.

I called Supervisor Jeff Stone's office and spent about 30 minutes today on the phone with his pr girl telling her how closing the dispensaries has been hard on patients like myself who legitimately need medical grade pot. She told me most people that call their office are against the dispensaries and that very few patients actually call to give their side of the story.

Even if you aren't a patient, please give Jeff Stone's office a call at 951 955-1030 and let them know that patients aren't criminals. I didn't ask to be sick, but I thank the lord that I at least have a medication that lets me live life like a normal person. So please call, if enough of you do it it could have a profound impact on my life for the better.

Thank you,
Paul B.

Friday, January 27, 2012



French Valley, CA – Today marked the closing of the saddest chapter in Temecula history since the Native Americans here were thrown off their ancestral land two centuries ago. The killer of Elizabeth ‘Bipsy’ Amirian, one of the valley’s most gifted artists, was officially handed his sentence to begin serving immediately with 1079 days credit. 

The murdered singer/songwriter/graphic artist was genuinely loved by everyone who knew and met her, both inside and out of Christian circles, save one. Though unconventionally Christian and a Messianic Jew, Bipsy could hold her own in any type of conversation, something that Paul Bahou, political writer for Smash Magazine, found out the hard way. Simply put, she was the last Bipsy.         
The trial of Mickey David Beauchamp Wagstaff, the witnessed killer of Bipsy, started while I was up in LA at Occupy LA and attending today’s sentencing left me to gather some information I missed being out of town.

·  Mickey’s twin brother killed a young man (manslaughter) at nineteen.
·  Mother Wagstaff tried to break in to the shared storage the day after Mickey was arrested on the pretense that her son was sick and needed something urgent from the locked unit. The storage manager refused.
·  The entire family packed up from Pala and moved to Pennsylvania 3 months into the trial.
·  The family Wagstaff has never once said ‘sorry’ or acknowledged any remorse for what Mickey did criminally though there was never any doubt as to who the killer was.
·  The twin brother only showed up when he testified as a witness.
·  After the question of the religious faith came up, the sect packed the gallery the next day, never to return again.
·  The next time Mickey talked to detectives after initially admitting he killed Bipsy because he feared losing her, he tried to claim it was a mercy killing since her life was ruined by his rape and her past baggage [Bipsy was divorced].
·  The grisly details of the crime scene stabbing.

True to character right to the end, Mickey Wagstaff tried to manipulate the situation by requesting his character letters be read in court, which the judge denied as there was no latitude in altering the sentence and since Wagstaff had not a single person in court on his side in the seats. Another maneuver was to start a rambling diatribe after lamely saying that he was ‘sorry’ to Bipsy’s side of filled seats. Isaac, Bipsy’s youth minister brother, cut short that attempt by saying what we were all thinking, “Thank you, now shut up.”  
Jacob Miller, who was introduced to his fiancée by Bipsy, gave the most elegant oral testimonial of the emotional impact statements voiced. Perhaps the most telling moment of just how gruesome this stabbing death was came when the seasoned justice admitted that even he was at a loss for words to offer after a memorial video was shown mixed with stills and the recorded Full Value Entertainment / Java Joz show.


After the tears and Kleenex, the judge read the sentence of ‘life in prison with no chance of parole’ and Mickey was marched off to begin the first day of the rest of his life. A book about Bipsy is being polished and shopped around for a publisher. Keep it here for all news Bipsy. 

RIP, forever 27 Bipsy, you are missed every day. Peace

Update - Bipsy made and released the CD Battlecry, an artful example of Bipsy's natural talent. The style is neo-classical with a hint of Goth, for a unique musical blend from a young artist exhibiting what is known in the scientific word as synesthesia. You can purchase/sample the CD here

The music is "Hauntingly enchanting" - PT Rothschild. 

Thursday, January 26, 2012


            Temecula, CA – As Shakespeare once said, “Something is rotten in Denmark Happy Valley.” As I continue to follow this ongoing story feeling like there is another shoe to drop, the Penn State stories (MSN), this time the one about the Nike founder delivering Joe Paterno remarks to a standing ovation, once again have no comments sectioned after the story which smacks of censorship since every other sports story there does. This isn’t the first time, but a diligent reporter digs until he finds the truth. For those interested here is the link to 747 pagesof hidden comments followed by a link to what those in sports writing think (see Did Jerry Sandusky Have A Fetish For Brown Sugar, most recent TemCal archive section).

Hemet: small plane crashes in field

A small plane crashed in hemet california today near the corner of warren road and simpson road. The plane crashed in a field where workers were nearby picking vegetables. The incident was reported at 12 noon today, it is unknown whether  there are any injuries. More information will be posted later.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Menifee: Man shoots girlfriend, calls police to tell them about it

Adam Starkey

On January 24, 2012, at 10:18 P.M., officers from the Menifee Police Department responded to a residence in the 25700 block of Bundy Canyon Road, Menifee, regarding a shooting. 

Adam Starkey, a 31-year-old male and resident of Menifee, called stating he had just shot his 38-year-old girlfriend. Officers arrived and detained Starkey in the front yard of his residence. Officers entered the residence and located a deceased female suffering from a gunshot wound.

Detectives from the Menifee Police Department and Investigators from the Sheriff's Central Homicide Unit responded and assumed the investigation. Adam Starkey was arrested for homicide and booked into the Robert Presley Detention Center. The name of the decedent is being withheld pending notification of next of kin. This investigation is ongoing and no further information will be released at this time.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is encouraged to telephone Investigator Peters of the Sheriff's Central Homicide Unit at (951) 955-2777, or Detective Salisbury of the Menifee Police Department at (951) 210-1000.

Monday, January 23, 2012


Temecula, CA – Last Friday while I was in Santa Ana at the latest Occupy protest (see The System Isn’t Broken, It’s Fixed), legendary singer Etta James ‘left the building’ in the Riverside hospital where she was a patient. I knew her health was declining but I was touched, like many, to learn she passed. Though her ‘lonely days are over and (her) life is like a song’, her signature hit, At Last, was the start of my love affair with music. I thought I would relate the tie-in out of respect for a great singer I had the pleasure of seeing live in a dusty bar around the corner from where I once lived.
Several months before I would shake hands with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at the Chestnut Street YMCA, my mother decided that I needed to be more socially well adjusted. It was the tenth grade and the first year of high school. I had entered that teen period where I had started to adopt better personal hygiene in appearance, i.e., cutting my hair and not wearing wrinkled clothes to school. I had moved past the ‘notice me because I’m not a middle class label’ stage of early teenhood. My mother’s idea was for me to have a winter house party and invite some classmates. A date was picked out in early December, 1960.
Trust me when I say that the ‘me’ you read about now is not the ‘me’ I was at the start of the tenth grade. I was shy outside of my family/cousins and proper around my circle of classmates, some of whom doubled as church/Sunday schoolmates. Also remember that as an individual, I was living in the segregated Jim Crow era, ‘colored’ part of an old cultured and curiously aristocratic Southern riverfront city, so the party’s attendance wouldn’t be drawn from my actual homeroom class. A sub-culture within a sub-culture within a subculture within a sub-culture but I was about to find a proper note.
At first I resisted throwing a party [too much trouble] but my mother and her sister** started planning for the party like it was their shindig. It would happen in our living room which had plenty of space once the piano was gone. When I was offered a chance to go to the record store [Vine’s] and pick out 5 brand new 45 [7”] records to bolster my fledging collection, I was on the trolley. My mother then selected about ten to fifteen party goers that she thought were the proper sort, meaning none of my neighborhood posse made the cut. That was awkward but it was my mother’s way of getting me past my comfort zone.
Going to the record store, I had some possible choices from several friends and some picks that I had heard on my own. In the end, I remember asking the clerk for the latest sounds. I sampled my picks and a choice she suggested. my party selections were Shop Around/Who’s loving You (The Miracles), Bye Bye Baby (Mary Wells), Gonzo (James Booker), This Magic Moment (The Drifters), and At Last. When the party ended, all the attendees thanked me for a good time, but when Paul Gooch and Ronald Logan said they enjoyed my selection of music, that was ‘praise from Caesar’ to me because I knew they knew their music. They were both party dancers.
I would see that in the scene I was now part of, songs would come and go, but a few would become ‘classics’ for my high school days [and beyond]. Of the five singles listed above, Who’s Loving You, Bye Bye Baby, and At Last went the distance of my high school days. Who’s Loving You and At Last went beyond because Etta James version of the 1941 Gordon/Warren song is unquestionably the best rendition.
Coming in at almost three minutes, the song was longer than most 45/7” records of the day, but the orchestration set it apart from other black artist recordings. Though the arrangement could have been done for Patti Page, Etta James’ 22 year old voice at once commands and soothes the instrumental background that accompanies her in a mature and experienced manner. By the age of 22 Etta James was a seasoned performer. As I remarked to a peep recently, when this music was new, we had no idea that we were listening to artists that would remain timeless and new for generations to come.
As the high school parties went by, I noticed that whenever At Last was played, people would get up to slow dance, especially senior year when the song had gathered a sense of nostalgia to it. After all, by then the song was 3 years old and my class of ’63 had probably danced to it a hundred times. At Last was the perfect bookend to our senior year, very bittersweet to dance to at prom. Then my life went on and I forgot my role as a new tune impresario of sorts. I became an adult, got married; then later got divorced. It was ten years later.
I had moved back home. I was a kid again living at home but now the old neighborhood looked old. All the kids I knew had all scattered away. It seemed only night shadows remained, even in the daytime. The Desoto dealership on Broadway was long gone and now there was a seedy looking club inside part of it. Walking the neighborhood I noticed that the club offered live shows. In those days of my life, going to a club show meant having a date and dating. Being freshly separated, I wasn’t motivated to do either but when I saw the marquee announce ETTA JAMES LIVE, I bought a ticket.
The club was dingy and dark, filled with small round cafe tables, and the drinks were slightly watered, but when the spotlight went on, Etta James filled it. Wrapping up a nine song set with At Last, I walked up to her and said, “Wow, I can’t believe I’m seeing you in a dump like this. This is great! I, my classmates [of 63] have danced to so many of your hits, thank you.” Etta James was almost 32 when I saw her live.
Time marches on. I’m living in So Cali, BtS*. I’ve watched one of my oldest young friends meet and greet his wife-to-be, go through the drama spin cycle, maintain the relationship, and get married to become couple role models for their peers despite the ‘Jerry Springer’ aspects. The day of their wedding was as magical as their journey to the altar was spectacular [to this old romantic]. However the day crested when the bride’s dance started with a string introduction that I had not heard in 30 years; the opening bars to At Last. Time became suspended.
Later when I talked to groom Richard about the song and the moment, he said, “Dude, she lives in Riverside.”
After that I followed stories about Etta James in the Press-Enterprise. You get used to living in the reality that the ‘stars’ to others are just down the street from us here in So Cali. I never got to see Etta James live again.
But to be truthful, when I sit around and spin my stories of past music concerts, I don’t revel in the glory of seeing someone live that my peeps will have to see in the next life, though I am glad to be able to relate the experience. What really brightens my day is when a member of my ‘new’ family sees one of my memories live. For Ivan of The Vault Concerts, he has seen two, James Brown and Etta James. I’m glad to pass the legacy on.
This story is dedicated to an under-appreciated talent who left more than an immortal song; it was the artist who made the song unique. Here are a couple of song tie-ins to whet your curiosity about her bio/discology.
·       The Etta James version is in the 1998 film Pleasantville, appearing in the score behind the decisive scene when the pink 1950s-era Buick convertible carries the newly enlightened kids down to the park by the lake in a gentle shower of pink blossoms. (If you have never before witnessed true ‘Hollywood’ camera magic, this is a scene to behold even without seeing the movie-Ed)
·       It was also used in American Pie in one of the early scenes of the film where lovestruck Jim approaches foreign exchange student Nadia at a party.
·       A brief clip of the song (Etta James) is heard on ‘Strong Arms of the Ma’ [The Simpsons], when Marge rips the jukebox out of the wall at Moe's Tavern.
·       The song was used in FOX's post-game coverage of Game 4 of the 2004 World Series when the Boston Red Sox ended an 86-year championship drought.
·       The Etta James version of the song was featured in an almost silent episode of Two Guys and a Girl [ABC sitcom, March 10, 1998 – May 16, 2001].
·       It was used in the trailer for the 2008 film Wall-E(Etta James Version).
(*- Before the [music] Scene; ** - My aunt who lived with us)

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Spicy 'Asian BBQ' style tofu cutlet with rice

My vegetarian take on spicy Asian style BBQ 'ribs' or 'pork', served with white rice cooked in vegetable broth.


Giovannis in Menifee fails

I have been going to Giovanni's for many years now since I moved to Menifee and I wished to use one of their coupons tonight. So I called in my to-go order and was told that I couldn't use the coupon. As can be seen in the attached photo, there is no exclusion for gluten free pizza this advertised deal does not apply to those of us who are allergic to Gluten.

My single biggest issue with this situation is that it was not clearly labeled in advertising. May this be a lesson to business owners advertising, always list the deal correctly in your advertising, being sure to list exclusions completely.

As for our dinner tonight we will cook our own at home and save the money. As for Giovanni's, they lost out on what would probably be a 30 dollar sale and quite possibly some of my future business as well. Clearly, Menifee is in dire need of a fine dining Italian restaurant.


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Monday, January 16, 2012

Picture of the day

The picture of the day, for today, January 16th 2012. On this chilly winter night I think I'll snuggle with my wife Jeney by the fireplace. Family is good.


Friday, January 13, 2012

TEMECULA: Teacher suspected of being drunk

Amazingly, a teacher in Temecula was arrested today, at the school - for being drunk. Read the story here:

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Broccoli and Cheese Soup

Broccoli and Cheese Soup
Serves 4
o    1 small onion, chopped
o    4 cloves garlic, crushed
o    2 Tbsp butter
o    2 cups broccoli florets
o    1 cup cauliflower florets
o    2 cups carrots, diced
o    2 1/2 cups vegetable stock
o    1 1/3 cups milk
o    2 cups shredded cheese, sharp cheddar, parmesan, Colby
o    Salt and pepper to taste
o    1 tsp Paprika
o    1 tsp Dried rosemary

1.  Fry the onion in the butter with a little salt and pepper until soft, add garlic and sauté until browned.
2.  Add the remaining vegetables and sauté for about 2 minutes stirring occasionally. 
3.  Add the vegetable stock and rosemary; bring to a boil, cover and simmer for 15 minutes.
4.  Puree until smooth, add milk, rosemary and paprika and reheat without boiling.
5.  Stir in half the cheese, garnish with the remaining cheese and serve with garlic cheese biscuits.

HEMET RETAIL: Fresh & Easy to close 2 Inland stores

In a bad deal for Hemet, there will be another empty storefront on Florida Ave, as the Fresh and Easy store is set to shut down in the coming weeks. Jobs will transfer to other stores, but the local seniors will have to shop elsewhere. Read the article from the Press Enterprise below:

RETAIL: Fresh & Easy to close 2 Inland stores | Breaking News | - Press-Enterprise

TEMECULA: Council backs star's fundraising concert for Marine

Temecula City Council gave their support to a benefit concert for an injured US Marine, good move council!

TEMECULA: Council backs star's fundraising concert for Marine

MENIFEE: City Council approves new position

The City of Menifee recently approved a new position that will help with Special Event planning and the recycling program. That will help city staffer Robert Johnson not be so spread out in all directions. I think this will make for a better city hall experience, your thoughts? Check out the article in the Californian below.

MENIFEE: City Council approves new position

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Friday, January 6, 2012


Hello Football Fans,
There are only 4 bowl games remaining this year, including the championship game next Monday. It's really the SEC rematch, more inbreeding and avoidance of playing against outside formidable opponents. Whatever. Check out "Black Monday" activity also,
The Fugitive Commissioner of the FFHL
“Black Monday” (see details below) was three days ago, but San Diego Chargers’ Coach Norv Turner and GM AJ Smith will retain their jobs for 2012. Mind-boggling! Bolt fans must be unhappy right now. They missed the playoffs again even with an AFC West division title ripe for picking, had a six-game losing streak in the middle of the year (coming off their “bye” week), and when they really needed a victory to stay in the playoff race in Detroit (Week #16), the Chargers lost 38-10.

#13 Michigan -2h beat #11 VA Tech in New Orleans in the BCS Sugar Bowl, 23-20 in overtime. The Wolverines gained only 184 yards from scrimmage (377 for VA.Tk), but the VT Hokies didn’t take full advantage of early opportunities to score (settled for two FG’s and stopped on 4th and 1 inside red zone).Michigan got back into the game and took the lead. Viriginia Tech had to kick a FG with 0:05 on the clock to tie the score and send the game into overtime.
Interesting side story:
The Hokies’ kicker missed a 37-yard FG in overtime to give the UM ‘Ganders the opportunity to win with their own 37-yard FG. Who was he?
He wasn’t the #1 field goal kicker; that guy didn’t make the trip with the team because he was arrested the prior week on a break-in and entering (home invasion) charge.
He wasn’t the #2 field goal kicker (the backup, who had only tried one FG attempt this year, a miss from 29 yards); that guy broke curfew in New Orleans by missing a 1AM bed check, and was sent home on a bus – with an 833-mile, one-way ticket.
He was the #3 kicker, Justin Myer, a senior whose main duty was kickoffs because of his strong leg. Justin had attempted two FG’s during the season, and missed both, albeit from 53 and 57 yards. He made 4 of 5 field goal attempts during the Sugar Bowl, converting in regulation on all four attempts – from 37, 43, 36, and from 25 yards out with five seconds remaining in regulation to tie the score.

#23 West VA +3h beat #15 Clemson in Miami, FL (BCS Orange Bowl), 70-33. What a brutal beat.
The Clemson Tigers were trying to punch it in for a TD and a 24-21 lead, but fumbled on the 1-yard line, the WVA Mountaineers returned it 99 yards for a TD of their own, and it was a 14-point swing. Score: WVA 28, CLEM 17. The rest of the 1st half was all West VA and Clemson turnovers, momentum all against the Tigers. HALFTIME SCORE: WVA 49, CLEM 20. Unbelievable.
FINAL: WVA 70, CLEM 33 – ugly.

COLLEGE BOWLS (Start of FFHL playoff finals – WEEK #18A)
There are only 4 bowl games remaining for the 2011 football season.
Friday Jan 6th #6 Arkansas -7h vs. #8 Kansas St. in Arlington, TX
Saturday Jan 7th Pittsburgh -3h vs. SMU in Birmingham, AL
Sunday Jan 8th Arkansas State -1 vs. Northern Illinois in Mobile, AL
Monday Jan 9th #2 Alabama -1 vs. #1 LSU in New Orleans, LA for the BCS title

#6 Cincinnati +3 at #3 Houston SATURDAY 4:30PM Eastern

#5 Pittsburgh -8 at #4 Denver SUNDAY 4:30PM Eastern
PIT QB Ben Roethlisberger is hobbled, and DEN QB Tim Tebow is struggling.
PIT RB Rashard Mendenhall is out.

#6 Detroit +10h at #3 New Orleans SATURDAY 8PM Eastern
** FIRST TIME IN NFL HISTORY TWO QB’S facing each other have thrown for over 5000 yards in a season – MATTHEW STAFFORD vs. DREW BREES **

#5 Atlanta +3 at #4 New York Giants SUNDAY 1PM Eastern

“Black Monday” was January 2, 2012; that is the day after the last 2011 regular season games were played by each of the 32 NFL teams. Non-playoff teams want to clean house as soon as possible after the season is over, if deemed necessary. What’s been happening?
As mentioned above, shockingly the coach and GM are staying the same for 2012. There may a change at defensive coordinator, but the Chargers organization (Dean Spanos & Co.) is trying to blame missing the playoffs on the lack of talent with their backup players, who had to fill in for injured starters.Lame. Bottom line may be that Spanos put out feelers for Bill Cowher and/or Jon Gruden and they weren’t interested in San Diego (speculation only).

Coach Andy Reid will be back for his 14th year in 2012, but both he and QB Michael Vick will be on the “hot seat” next year, presumably based on the way both of their contracts are structured. Defensive coordinator Juan Castillo is probably OK as well.

In another shocker, owner Jim Irsay fired well-respected Vice Chairman Bill Polian and the Colts’ GM, his son Chris Polian. There may have been a difference of opinion as to how to handle the Peyton Manning situation, including his $28MM payment due later this winter if he’s still on the team. Plus, the Colts have all-but already drafted QB Andrew Luck with the #1 pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, and he will be ready to start immediately (no huge rookie learning curve anticipated for him).
The fate of head coach Jim Caldwell has yet to be determined, but he’s probably gone.

Coach Lovie Smith keeps his job for 2012. GM Jerry Angelo (11 years with Bears) and offensive coordinator Mike Martz have been fired.

The loose Vikings organization, without a GM since the 1980’s, was restructured for 2012. Rick Spielman was promoted to general manager (GM); he is the older brother of Chris Spielman, former NFL linebacker. Head coach Leslie Frazier loses control of roster and personnel decisions, but keeps control of his coaching staff (he’s supposedly OK with that) and keeps his job for 2012.
FYI: QB Christian Ponder was Spielman’s guy, and former QB Donovan McNabb was Frazier’s guy, so this works well for the soon-to-be 2nd year QB Ponder.The Vikes have the #3 pick in the NFL draft, and maybe it will not be a quarterback. They need help in many other areas.

Coach Steve Spagnuolo and GM Billy Devaney were fired on Black Monday. The search for replacements is ongoing. Spagnuolo will likely find a defensive coordinator job somewhere for 2012.

With the passing of Al Davis, the Raiders need a new GM. Coach Hue Jackson wants to be part of that decision. Al’s son Mark now owns the team, but he will likely let the current front office personnel handle the hiring process.
Many of the defensive staff (four rumored), including defensive coordinator Chuck Bresnahan, are likely to be let go this week.

Coach Rahim Morris was fired after losing control of the team, losing 10 straight games to end the season after starting the season 4-2 and coming off a 10-6 season last year.

Former coach Tony Sparano was fired during the season, and the search is on for a permanent replacement. GM Jeff Ireland has presumably hired former football “expert” Carl Peterson from Kansas City to take a Parcells-type role in the Dolphins’ front office.
Miami has already interviewed Jeff Fisher (but it certainly is not a done deal; Fisher is interviewing elsewhere-STL, IND, etc.); Peterson was in the interview meeting with the former TEN Titans head coach.

Former coach Todd Haley was fired during the season, and former Browns’ head coach and Chiefs’ defensive coordinator (DC) Romeo Crennel took over as the interim head coach to finish the season. He is a candidate for the permanent job in Kansas City, and if he doesn’t get it, possibly will remain the DC for 2012.

Former coach Jack Del Rio was fired during the season. The search is on for a replacement, and rumor has it the Jaguars are looking for an offensive stabilizer to help in the development of 2011 rookie QB Blaine Gabbert. NYJ’s offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer is a possibility (and another rumor has it that the Jets would be happy to let him go).

It seems the team wants a new direction with the offense, and OC Brian Schottenheimer may be out, even if he doesn’t get the head job in Jacksonville. WR Santonio Holmes is a head case and has alienated himself from teammates, but may be too costly to just let go. QB Marc Sanchez has had his successes, but struggled at times during the 2011 campaign.

In the NFL, our 40 picks were 22-17-1 ATS (56.3%). In our 44 college bowl picks we were 23-21-0 ATS (52.3%).
In the NFL, the favorites were 7-8-1 ATS (46.9%) and the home teams were 10-5-1 ATS (65.6%).
In the 31 college bowl games played to date, the favorites are 19-12-0 ATS (61.3%).
Only 7 underdogs have won bowl games outright (abnormally low at 22.6%).

FILTER KING beat KRAUT with a 5-2 record ATS.
Kraut was also 5-2, but lost in a tiebreaker to drop into the Consolation Bowl for Week #18.

MOORE MONEY & SON beat out his three opponents with a 4-3 record ATS, sealing up the victory with a ½ point cover ATS with Michigan winning in overtime by 3 as a 2½ point favorite.

Moore Money’s three opponents all had 3-4 records ATS.

The six non-playoff teams were fighting for three spots in the BFD Bowl.

There is only one long “week” to go (the NFL playoffs for the month of January).

FILTER KING 256.5 Not mathematically a winner yet
MOORE MONEY & SON 205.0 Basically fighting for 2nd place
WILD MAN 201.5 Basically fighting for 2nd place
KRAUT 200.0 Basically fighting for 2nd place
1-800-OPPOSITE 170.5 Tough road to get into the money
LITTLE HAWKEYE 166.5 Tough road to get into the money
THE ROUNDERS 164.0 Tough road to get into the money

Maximum points for week: 39 with a 7-0 record ATS
Minimum points for week: -14 with a 0-7 record ATS

Each of us has picked 126 games ATS [18 weeks x 7 picks each week]
FFHL Handicapper Wins
FILTER KING 78.0 61.9% ATS
MOORE MONEY & SON 76.5 60.7% ATS
KRAUT 75.5 59.9% ATS
1-800-OPPOSITE 71.0 56.3% ATS
WILD MAN 69.5 55.2% ATS


What team pulled off the greatest comeback in NFL history?
What deficit did they overcome?
HINT: It was an AFC Wild Card playoff game.

You may have gotten that last one. Try this one.
What team pulled off the greatest comeback in regular season NFL history?
What deficit did they overcome?
HINT: It was in 1980.

On January 3, 1993, the 1992 Buffalo Bills were behind 35-3 in the 3rd quarter at home. Backup QB Frank Reich filled in for an injured Jim Kelly, threw four TD passes (3 to WR Andre Reed) to tie the Houston Oilers in regulation, and led the Bills to the win in overtime, 41-38. Oilers’ QB Warren Moon had thrown 4 TD passes in the first half.
The Bills and Oilers had faced each other in the final game of the regular season, with Houston defeating Buffalo, 27–3 in Houston. During that game, Bills starting QB Kelly suffered strained ligaments in his knee, leaving backup QB Reich to finish the game in his place. With Kelly out, Reich took the reins starting in place of Kelly the following week in the wild card game at Buffalo.

The largest comeback in a regular season game was the San Francisco 49ers comeback from a 35-7 second-quarter deficit against the New Orleans Saintson December 7, 1980.