Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Big Event: City of Menifee Independence Day Celebration on June 30th

By: Bill Gould, for Menifee Buzz

If there is one signature event the City of Menifee does that residents look forward to every year, it is the Independence Day Celebration. If you are new to town, pay close attention. Most cities have a big Fourth of July event, but here in Menifee we do it a little different and have the event on the Saturday before July 4th. This year the date is June 30 and Wheatfield Park is the spot.

Friday, May 18, 2012



Temecula, CA – Tonight’s news has a little something on the human interest side and something for the hipster/geek music crowd that might be the next big thing for Temecula; an app to showcase your scene/club/casino/water park to the owners of ‘smart phones’. It’s the coming thing, well, actually it’s here. I had friends who were trying to bust into the app market before it blew up and that was at least two years ago. 

But first the nuptials. Best Wishes to Mr. & Mrs. James Messina as of May 19thsometime in the afternoon. James, for readers who don’t know the back story of The Vault, is the current owner of Temecula Sounds, which houses The Vault all-ages music venue.

Below is the Calendar’s file photo, and I think the smile says it all.

Speaking of The Vault, Ivan Promotions has developed an app to promote The Vault and all the shows happening there for Iphone and other ‘smart phone’ style communication users. The app program is available for use with other business venues through Ivan Promotions. But have a heart, this is a big weekend for the Vault/music school staff, so please no calls or emails before Monday. Thank you kindly.

PS: It's back! Click the picture to see how big his smile really gets. The Calendar says Congratulations!

Monday, May 14, 2012



Temecula, CA – It isn’t often you see a Disneyland band in Temecula. Normally you see a ‘Disneyland band’ at Disneyland, especially a band that plays Disney classics. But the guys of Suburban Legends took a day off after their ‘day job’ to come down to The Vault Saturday night. On April 3, 2012, the band released its fifth full-length album, Day Job. It includes new songs, four re-recorded tracks from Going on Tour, a collaborative track with rapper Lyrics Born, as well as two Disney covers, "Under the Sea" from The Little Mermaid and "I Just Can't Wait to Be King" from The Lion King, which have been long-time staples of the band's live performances. For anyone who read Vanessa Franko’s short piece about the Skatastic Saturday show at The Vault and wondered, eh? Well, I’m here to fill in the blanks.

In a nutshell, everyone who knows Suburban Legends, the rock/ska show band that has played at Disneyland for over ten years, and saw the Vault show is glad they did. The entire night was solid but there is no doubt that headliners Suburban Legendslived up to that title in trumps. However, SLleft impressed with our little town scene too.

Back in the day when the underground music scene was first starting at Madlins, the original teen/young adult aka ‘all ages’ venue in town, an advantage was seen that wasn’t available to 99% of the rest of the nation’s small to midsized towns; our proximity to Hollywood and Los Angeles. This location factor thus brought in many a band on tour, who when they stepped through the door and saw the size of the place [roughly double the stage size of The Vault], would pause at playing a show, especially at the beginning of ‘the scene’ when there was no buzz about the Temecula underground music shows. But after said show when that same band was catching their breath, talking and posing for pics with fans, you’d see them look around and say, ‘wow, that was amazing.’

With Madlins it was the sheer intimacy of the place but with The Vault it is intimacy and the genuine eagerness of the ‘hometown’ crowd. The night started off with Real Big Tits, another flash back to the Madlins days in that this band in its present lineup had just been formed, Band 101, First Day. Of course at the other end of the musical spectrum of the night were the headliners, Suburban Legends. The diversity of the crowd’s age range showed the cultural popularity among local Disney/SL fans. 

Farabee was next followed by Defunked, who had advance copies of their new CD, Dirty Stinking Rats produced by Matt -(The Maxies, The Vault Concerts)- for sale ahead of the planned ‘drop date’. Huntington Beach’s Save The Swim Team was followed by The Skank Agents, another regional ska band, who played a spirited set and finished priming the crowd for SL. Meanwhile a massive ‘circle pit’ had formed over a night that had no drama, just a Disney Shaggy Dog* feel. Several members from SL ventured into the Vault as the night progressed to observe the ‘circle pit’ which grew in size as the night wore on.

Many Ska bands manage to get by on the strength of their live shows and nonstop touring. Suburban Legends who hail Santa Ana, CA from took this to a whole new level in the years following their formation. With ridiculously complicated choreographed stage performances they landed a ‘day job’ at Disneyland. Managing to play multiple sets daily, performing over 960 shows outdoors in Downtown Disney to passer-by crowds in a single year, aside from a touring schedule doesn’t necessarily jade you, but you become ‘professional’. SL ska hit T-town but T-town ska lovers hit back. Before the night was over, Suburban Legends blew the Vault open with a sweat-drenched encore. 

The Vault’s hospitality is comfortable, laid-back, and first class. Visiting headliners always appreciate that.

The band's lineup has changed around over the years but the instrument placement probably hasn’t so as to accommodate for maximum musical mayhem onstage. Flanking the band wings are the guitars, bass far right and guitar (lead) closest to the left onstage displaying a Flying ‘V’ with the horns, two trumpets and a trombone boxed in-between, all in front of a drummer, who, if you can bring yourself to look past the front performing ska line, is putting on quite a show himself without leaving his seat.

Engaging and with great merch, this is the current lineup slatted to tour with Reel Big Fish (another Vault alum) to support the [return to ska-pop] ‘Day Job’ CD release; Vincent Walker, lead vox, 2nd trumpet, guitar, and an original who started as trumpet only with the band’, frontman position; to his left is Brian Robertson, trombone, b/up vox, and a master of welding the instrument like a staff through the air. He is also a very cool merch master, an original with an unbroken string of service in the band. Flanking the flashing trombone is Brad Polidori, handling the bass in a ‘guitar hero’ fashion, and the newest band member, also b/up vox.

‘A banging them drums is Derek Rock, the band’s third and longest running drummer, also b/up vox. To the right of the ever moving frontman is the first trumpet, Aaron Bertram, an original that recently [2009] rejoined the band. The trumpet he plays has a flowing blue/black art design instead of the typical brass finish which is indicative of the performer’s stage location; here, there and back again. When he’s not tooting his horn, twirling or tossing it while dancing in line-up rotation, he is crooning b/up harmony with or without a mike, even delivering a song in the encore. And licking it old school on lead Flying ‘V’ is tall man Brian Klemm, also vox. Like Derek, he is the third person to play that instrument position but is more long term even than Derek.

The line-up is solid and both James, Vault owner, and Ivan, Vault talent procurer, were impressed by the showmanship of the group’s stage performance. If there was ever a group who demonstrates the old Bucky Montgomery adage, ‘live music is your best entertainment value’, it is Suburban Legends. They are legends for a reason and they do play Disneyland, a place built on a show.

Catch this band on tour if you love ska, or just love a great show with music you can dance to, Suburban Legends, on tour with Reel Big Fish and other ska heavyweights. Check their facebook for details.
( *- inside joke to my barber about needing a haircut)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012



Temecula, CA – The Temecula Calendar in a unique opportunity, presents for the first time, The Human Revolution, performing an interactive online concert where you can hear your favorite songs and communicate with Human, the innovative collaborator behind the tribal band, and others from around the world, right from your computer! The concert will take place on Tuesday, May 8 at 10pm EST, (that's 9pm central, and 7pm on the west coast). Since there are no venue fees to be concerned about, the ticket price is super low, just $5 and the money goes directly to support Human in anti-GMO mission to inspire Americans to grow their own food! Buy your tickets here to join in the fun! You can witness what I saw at Club Zanzibar, see Feb stories section and take part in a unique live event here at the Calendar.
Buy your ticket here.



Hello Football Fans,
I tried to summarize each team's draft briefly, and it's mixed in with the first round draft selections.
After the draft stuff, I've got some other NFL and college football updates that may interest you.  Check out the end of the letter.
The Fugitive Commissioner of the FFHL, on the lam from the gambling police

Before we get to the draft, I just want to say that even as a Vikings’ fan, I feel so sorry for our rival in the NFC North, the Detroit Lions.  The 50-year Bobby Layne Curse had just “expired”.  With the help of QB Matthew Stafford, who went to the same high school as Layne, the Lions have started to turn things around.  Now, the Lions’ mega-star WR Calvin “Megatron” Johnson has just been awarded the cover for the Madden NFL ’13 video game, which has a history of cursing the “cover” player.  Last year the cover was Peyton Hillis, and just check out how bad his 2011 season turned out.  He missed six games during the season with the Browns (5 with injury, one with strep throat), and was traded to KC in the offseason.
Prior to 1999, Madden himself graced the cover.   

Starting in 1999, a star player was featured on the cover, beginning with Garrison Hearst who broke his ankle that season and was out for two years, never to be the same great player again.  Another anxiety for the Lions happened the next year, 2000, when Barry Sanders graced the Madden cover and then abruptly retired before the start of that next season.  He had been the lone bright spot for the Lions during the Bobby Layne Curse Era.  The Madden Curse carried on almost every year after that, with the cover player having a bad year.  Another example was Vince Young, who felt good about avoiding the curse as his picture was printed on the cover of the Madden NFL 2008.  And most of us know his disastrous story (most recently, as the backup QB for the PHI Eagles, he labeled his new team the “Dream Team” that ended up 8-8 last year and out of the playoffs; he’s now in Buffalo).
Good luck in 2012, Megatron!

OK, enough frivolity, let’s get to the draft.
The TV coverage was so much more enjoyable this year.  In prior years, the networks had gotten advanced notice of the picks and gave away each pick before it was announced at the podium.  Anti-climax.  That practice was discontinued this year, and it made for a more pleasant draft experience.

NFL DRAFT – FIRST ROUND (Thursday night; a quick 3 hours)

When NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell strolled to the podium at the Radio City Music Hall in NYC to announce the first pick, he was met with a mixed reaction from the crowd.  It was probably a welcome relief for him after last year’s boisterous jeering during the lockout. This year, I think it was just Jets and Giants fans wanting to boo, regardless of the reason (or lack thereof).

This is a summary of the first round of the draft, followed by comments about the team and the overall draft, including a draft “grade” given to each team by Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports on 4/30/12 (one man’s opinion).


#1 INDIANAPOLIS – QB Andrew LUCK (Stanford), two-time Heisman runner-up
The Colts finally announced that Luck was the pick two days before the draft.
Indy’s only other QBs currently on the roster are Drew Stanton and Trevor Vittatoe, so Andrew will no doubt be starting from Day 1.
Luck’s father was drafted as a QB also, in 1982 by the Houston Oilers at #44 overall.
Hello, McFly!?!  Peyton Manning is in Denver.
The Colts next three picks after Luck were two TE’s (arguably the best two in this draft class) and a WR.
Indy had the last pick in the draft – Mr. Irrelevant, pick #253 – QB Chandler Harnish from Northern Illinois, who had already been offered a free-agent signing bonus and contract from the SD Chargers during the 7th round of the draft (technically against the rules).

**HUGE -- FIRST (and by far the biggest) TRADE**
This was technically the first trade of the draft, made over a month before the draft (3/9/12); it was to be the first of an astounding NINE trades in the first round.
          #2 WASHINGTON – QB Robert GRIFFIN III (Baylor)
As with the #1 selection, this pick was no surprise either.  The ‘Skins mortgaged their draft future to move up from #6 overall to this spot, giving up 1st round picks in 2013 & 2014 plus a 2nd rounder this year.
Griffin was the 2011 Heisman Trophy winner.

The Redskins get credit for the big trade, but during the draft made the curious pick of another QB in the 4th round – Kirk Cousins (Mich.St.).  They have too many holes in their depth chart to have the luxury of making a pick like that.

*Another TRADE*
#3 CLEVELAND switched places with the Vikings to be certain to get RB Trent RICHARDSON (ALA).  The Browns were worried that Tampa Bay may trade into this spot to get him, so they gave up 4th, 5th, and 7th round picks to Minnesota to move up from the #4 spot.  Vikes’ GM Rick Spielman snaked those picks nicely.

Cleveland picked up QB Brandon Weeden (age 28, OK.St) with their 2nd pick in the first round (#22), and young incumbent starter Colt McCoy will likely be traded.

#4 MINNESOTA – OT Matt Kalil (USC)

The Vikings selected three sets of teammates in the draft – two offensive linemen from USC (OT, TE), two secondary defenders from Notre Dame (SS, CB), and two WR’s from Arkansas.  Minnesota traded up into the first round to get the second-best safety in the draft, ND’s Harrison Smith.

*TRADE Number Three of Nine* 
#5 JACKSONVILLE moved up two spots, leapfrogging St. Louis at #6 to make sure they got WR Justin BLACKMON (Okla.St).  The Jags need help for their fledgling young QB Blaine Gabbert.

JAX has plenty of glaring needs throughout their roster, and didn’t have the luxury of taking a punter in the 3rd round.  But that’s what happened.

**TRADE Number Four of Nine**
          #6 DALLAS jumped up eight spots, giving up its 1st and 2nd round picks (#14 and #45 overall) to St. Louis, to select highly touted CB Morris CLAIBORNE (LSU).  The Lambs have now already traded down twice.  This was a cheap price for the Cowboys to pay to move up to get one of the “elite” players in this year’s class (total of six, maybe 7, elite players in this year’s draft).

The Cowboys had already signed CB Brandon Carr in free agency (5 years, $50MM).  They should be fine at cornerback in 2012.  Their next three picks in the draft were also on defense – DE/OLB/DB.

#7 TAMPA BAY – Having traded down two spots to get an extra 4th round pick (#101 overall), the Bucs picked up the best safety in the draft, Mark BARRON (ALA), and maybe the seventh “elite” player in this draft.

The Bucs picked up three more defensive players in the draft, and also got two RB’s (a position of need, not filled by Alabama’s Trent Richardson).  Tampa traded into the first round at #31 to get Boise’s RB Doug Martin, a three-down back who could overtake mentally challenged (in football terms) and fumble-prone LeGarrette Blount.

#8 MIAMI – QB Ryan TANNEHILL (Texas A&M).  The Dolphins’ new offensive coordinator Mike Sherman coached Tannehill for four years as head coach of the Aggies.  Tannehill was converted from WR in mid-2010, so he started at QB for only 1½ seasons.  He is still a work in progress and needs development as an NFL QB, but he has all of the tools and should get the proper guidance from Sherman.

The ‘Fins may finally have their “QB of the future”, and drafted mostly offensive players to support him, getting OT (Jonathan Martin, STAN, 2nd RD)/TE/RB (Lamar Miller, Miami.FL, 4th RD)/2 WR.

The run on defensive “front seven” players has officially started.
#9 CAROLINA – ILB Luke Kuechly (BC) (pronounced keek’-lee).

Nothing stands out to me; Panthers filling needs.

Bills look to be sticking with QB Ryan Fitzpatrick; they brought in Vince Young after the draft, but that’s no big deal at this point.  In the draft, BUF picked up 2 DB’s, 2 ILB, 2 OG and an OT and WR and kicker.

#11 KANSAS CITY – NT Dontari POE (Memphis), a wide-bodied 346-pound workout warrior whose physical skills haven’t yet fully translated to the field.  He has huge upside potential, or “bust” potential.

Crap shoot on first round pick – is Poe motivated to play NFL-type football?
The Chiefs followed up that pick with two offensive guards.

*TRADE Number Five of Nine*
#12 PHILADELPHIA – the Eagles moved up 3 spots to get DT Fletcher Cox (Miss.St)

The Eagles bolstered their defense with first three picks – DE/ILB/DE, and then grabbed QB Nick Foles (Arizona) in the late 3rd round.  Their left tackle is injured and out for 2012, so let’s see what happens there.

#13 ARIZONA – WR Michael FLOYD (ND), who had worked out with Cardinals’ WR Larry Fitzgerald during the offseason.

The Cards were filling needs, picking up three offensive linemen and two cornerbacks.

#14 ST. LOUIS – After starting with the #2 pick in the draft, the Rams finally made a selection with DT Michael BROCKERS (LSU), after trading down twice.  The STL Rams gathered up three 2nd-round picks.

St. Louis decided early on that QB Sam Bradford was their signal caller.
With many holes, the Rams selected two WR’s, two good CB’s, and two RB’s.
In the 2nd round, they selected WR/CB/RB.

#15 SEATTLE – After trading down with Philly and getting extra 4th and 6th round picks, the Seahawks grabbed talented but troubled OLB Bruce IRVIN (West VA), whose various off-field problems (high school dropout, GED, JC, several arrests) had lowered his draft expectations.
This “reach” pick started a run of three “troubled” players being selected consecutively.

The Seahawks have a bit of a quarterback problem, and selecting QB Russell Wilson (WISC) in the 3rd round doesn’t help much, in most people’s view.  He’s less than six feet tall, and that historically has not translated well to the NFL.  Free agent signee from Green Bay, Matt Flynn, will compete with Tarvaris Jackson for the starting spot.

#16 NY JETS – DE Quinton COPLES (UNC).  Very athletically gifted, but he showed a lack of effort last year at North Carolina.  He could be another “bust”, similar to the lame pick by the Jets in 2008 with the #6 overall pick – Vernon Gholston.

Let the Tebowmania circus begin.

#17 CINCINNATI – CB Dre KIRKPATRICK (ALA).  It just figures that the Bengals would take a player with character concerns (arrested in January for marijuana possession).  The pundits say he shouldn’t be a problem.

Some pundits believe the Bengals’ first four picks are solid “character” guys.  Cincy drafted on both sides of the ball.  Grade of “A” seems generous, but we’ll see when the season starts how last year’s playoff team has been improved.  They need third round draft pick WR Mohamed Sanu (Rutgers) to help take the pressure off of now sophomores WR A.J. Green and QB Andy Dalton.

Did the Chargers actually make a great pick?  We’ll see, but it looks good on paper.

The Chargers selected defense with their first three picks, basically trying to replace players in positions drafted in prior years that didn’t pan out.  They then selected four offensive players – TE/OG/OC/RB.  After losing WR Vincent Jackson in free agency (TB Bucs), they did not pick up a wideout in the draft.

#19 CHICAGO – OLB Shea McCLELLAN (Boise)
This guy may be a bit of a “tweener”, and may be a reach at #19. 

The Bears picked up three secondary players in the draft.

#20 TENNESSEE – WR Kendall WRIGHT (Baylor)
This gives a scat-back option and one more weapon for young sophomore QB Jake Locker. 

After the #1 pick, the rest of the Titans’ draft was focused on defense – OLB/DT/CB/DE/FS/DE.

** TRADE Number Six of Nine**
#21 NEW ENGLAND – DE Chandler JONES (SYR).  The Patriots moved up six spots from #27 in a trade with Cincinnati.  Speculation was that the Jets should have made this pick, instead of gambling with a potential “bust”.

The Patriots loaded up on defense – DE/ILB/SS (reach)/DE/DB/CB, and then a WR.

#22 CLEVELAND – QB Brandon Weeden (OK.St).  He’ll turn 29 in October, and will compete immediately for the starting job with incumbent Colt McCoy (or maybe not have to compete, if McCoy is traded).  Weeden spent five years as a minor league pitcher with the Yankees before deciding to pursue football.

#23 DETROIT – OT Riley REIFF (Iowa)
The Lions are going to try him at left OT (because they need one), but he may not be up to that task and may end up at left guard or right tackle.

The Lions got a WR in the 2nd round, and then switched over exclusively to the defensive side of the ball – 3 DB’s and 3 OLB’s.

#24 PITTSBURGH – OG David DeCASTRO (Stanford)

The Steelers bolstered their offensive line, also adding OT Mike Adams (OH.St) in the 2nd round.

**TRADE Number Seven of Nine**
#25 NEW ENGLAND – LB Dont’a HIGHTOWER (ALA).  With their second pick of the first round, the Pats again moved up six spots (from #31 this time) and gave up a 4th rounder to Denver.


The Texans lost former #1 overall pick DE Mario Williams in free agency to Buffalo, and then tried to replace him in the draft.  This is the cheap route, but not necessarily the best way to stay on a playoff run.
MLB DeMeco Ryans, 2006 Defensive Rookie of the Year, was also lost in free agency, as he was “neutered” when HOU switched from a 4-3 to a 3-4 defense.

#27 CINCINNATI – OG Kevin ZEITLER (WISC).  I had to double-check to make sure this guy didn’t have “character concerns”, since it was a Bengals’ pick.  He does have a history of ankle injuries.

#28 GREEN BAY – OLB Nick PERRY (USC), and the Pack is hoping he will complement Clay Matthews in their 3-4 defense.

The Pack selected defensive players with their first six picks.

**TRADE Number Eight of Nine**
#29 MINNESOTA – Safety Harrison SMITH (ND).  Please help our secondary, Harrison.
The Vikings moved up six spots from #35 and gave Baltimore an extra 4th rounder (#98 overall).

A talented wideout, but Pro Football Weekly says, “… inconsistent worker… has an overinflated opinion of himself”.  Sounds like a typical wide receiver to me.
“Not so fast, my friend” – last year the Niners were accused of reaching with both their 1st (DE Aldon Smith) and 3rd round picks, and both worked out well.

The 49’ers picked up Oregon RB LaMichael James in the 2nd round, while already having young RB Kendall Hunter presumably performing the same role.  Coach Harbaugh certainly didn’t want to have to game-plan against him, as he did as the coach at Stanford.

** Last of NINE trades in the first round **
#31 TAMPA BAY – RB Doug MARTIN (Boise)


The Super Bowl Champions used the draft mainly to upgrade their offense – RB/WR/TE/OT/OT.


The Raiders wouldn’t have had a pick until the 5th round, had it not been for two compensatory picks assigned to them, one each at the end of the 3rd and 4th rounds.  This mess was created before new GM Reggie McKenzie took over.
1st rounder was lost in trade for QB Carson Palmer.
2nd rounder was lost in trade with NE last year to get 3rd and 4th rounders.
3rd rounder was used to pick up QB Terrelle Pryor in the supplemental draft last year.
4th rounder was used to pick up QB Jason Campbell from the Redskins.
7th rounder was used to pick up LB Aaron Curry from Seattle.
One off-season trade that is rather interesting:  The Raiders picked up QB Matt Leinart to back up Carson Palmer this year.  Leinart was Palmer’s backup at USC.

There first pick of the 2012 draft (#95) was an offensive tackle that may be moved inside to guard.

The Saints traded their 1st round pick last year to move up and get Alabama RB Mark Ingram.
Their 2nd round pick was lost due to the “bounty” scandal (more later; see below).

NOR first pick was in the 3rd round, and they selected a defensive end from the University of Regina (where?).
The Saints’ 4th round pick was “overrated” WR Nick Toon out of Wisconsin.
Still, it is brutal to flunk the Saints.

The Falcons traded their 1st round pick last year to move up and select WR Julio Jones.

Atlanta’s first three picks in the 2012 draft were blockers – OC/OT/FB.

The Ravens traded out of the first round.

The Ravens selected OLB Courtney Upshaw from Alabama with their first pick early in the 2nd round
BAL then picked up two “road-grader” offensive guards in the 2nd and 4th rounds, and got RB Bernard Pierce (Temple) in the 3rd round.

The Broncos traded down twice, out of the first round.

With their first pick early in the 2nd round, the Broncos selected DT Derek Wolfe (Cincinnati), and then picked up “QB to learn from Peyton” Brock Osweiler (AZ.St), a 6’7” project.


At the end of the first round on Thursday night, 6 of the 26 players personally invited and attending the draft in New York City were still sitting in the “Green Room”, undrafted.  All six players were drafted on Friday night in Round 2; LSU WR Rueben Randle was drafted by the NY Giants with the last pick of the 2nd round (#63).

Alabama had 4 players selected in first round, and nine other schools had two players selected as first-rounders.  Translated, that means 22 of the first 32 players drafted came from only 10 schools (with 120 FBS/Division 1-A teams total).  The nine schools: LSU, South Carolina, Baylor, Boise State, Illinois, Notre Dame, Oklahoma State, Stanford, and USC.

In last year’s draft, only one running back was selected in the first round; 2009 Heisman Trophy winner Mark Ingram (Alabama) was selected at #28 overall.  That was an NFL draft record -- the latest ever to select the first RB of the draft.
This year, it looked as if a similar event would occur – Alabama RB Trent Richardson was selected at #3 overall, but there were no other running backs identified as “sure” first round picks.  But Tampa Bay at #31 and NY Giants at #32 both selected a RB, and the first round ended with three RB’s picked.
Did you know, Richardson attended the same high school as Emmitt Smith – Escambia (Florida) H.S.

CB Morris Claiborne (LSU) went #6 in the draft.
There has still never been a cornerback drafted higher than #3 in the history of the NFL Draft (1997-Seattle, Shawn Springs, Ohio State).  The only defensive back to ever be drafted #1 was Gary Glick in the 1956 Draft by the Pittsburgh Steelers, who converted him from QB to safety.  He was a star quarterback for Colorado State University.
Last year, CB Patrick Peterson was drafted #4 overall by Arizona.

There were zero TE’s selected in the 1st round.

Did you know?  Prior to this year, in the 45 years of the “common draft” that started in 1967, the WSH Redskins had only selected players in the 1st round in 22 of those years.  After this year’s 1st round selection, they have now made a 1st round pick exactly 50% of the time (23 of 46 years).
In 1937, the ‘Skins selected Slingin’ Sammy Baugh in the 1st round; he still holds the Redskins’ record for most TD passes (187).

SEC             42      including Alabama 8, Georgia 7, S. Carolina 6, LSU 5
Big Ten         41      including Iowa, Wisconsin, and Michigan State with 6 each
ACC            31      including Miami.FL 6, NC State 5
12-PAK       28      including CAL with 6
Big XII         25      including Oklahoma 7 and Baylor 5
Non-FBS     24      only U. of Montana (2) had more than 1 player selected
MWC          12      Boise State had 6 players selected
Big East        12     
WAC            11
C-USA          8
Sun Belt         6
Independent   4        all Notre Dame

40 of the 120 FBS schools had ZERO players selected, including 10 schools from BCS conferences:
                    ACC             Duke, Maryland
                    Big East        Pittsburgh, USF
                    Big 10           Indiana, Minnesota
                    Big XII          Kansas, Texas Tech
                    PAC-12         UCLA, Washington State
                    SEC             none

QB Kellen Moore     Boise St        Too short, weak arm?? He signed free agent contract with
                                                            the DET Lions
QB Case Keenum   TX Tech        Too short?? He signed free agent contract with HOU Texans
RB Bobby Rainey    W. Kentucky Little guy (5’7”) and not a blazer; not every-down back
RB Rodney Stewart Colorado       Little guy (5’6”, 175) and has battled injuries
WR Dwight Jones    UNC             Big guy (6’3”, 230) but lacks top-end speed, and bothered by
                                                            press coverage
WR Patrick Edwards          Houston        Little guy (5’9”, 172) and not a blazer and slot receiver only
WR Eric Page                   Toledo                    Little guy (5’9”) and not a blazer (came out early, after junior
                                                            year, and would have broken all-time NCAA receptions record
                                                            had he stayed in school-ouch!)
OT Levy Adcock      OK State      Had knee issues, lacks athleticism
OT Matt Reynolds   BYU             Has had trouble with speed rushers
OG Will Blackwell    LSU              “Lack of athleticism”; he was All-SEC last year
OC Michael Brewster         OH St           Lacks quickness of elite centers; was All-Big 10 in 2010 & 2011
Here are just a few of the defensive players not selected:
LB Vontaze Burfict  AZ St            1st round talent, but a major head case and did not perform
                                                            consistently on the field last year, and struggled at the NFL
                                                            Combine and at ASU’s Pro Day
CB Chase Minnifield          Virginia         Two-time All-ACC, but had knee surgery in January
FS Aaron Henry      Wisconsin     Two-time All-Big 10; his vertical leap was “only” 39.5
                                                            and his 40 time was “only” 4.53.  Wow! Tough to get drafted in
                                                            the NFL.



The Pro Bowl may be cancelled this year.  It is tentatively scheduled to be played the week before the Super Bowl, the same as last year, but no site for the game has been listed to date.
After last year’s ugly game in which the players didn’t really play football, the Commissioner’s office will seriously consider calling it off this year.  The 2012 Pro Bowl (after the 2011 season) was so bad that the crowd was booing after the first couple of series.  It appeared that the opposing teams conspired to avoid injuries at all costs, including their short-term credibility and potentially the future of the Pro Bowl itself.

In case you haven’t heard, the New Orleans Saints got busted for having a bounty system from 2009 through 2011, whereby players got paid to knock opposing players out of the game.  The accused ringleader was former NOR Saints’ defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, who was hired for the same position with the St. Louis Rams for 2012.  But he has now been suspended indefinitely by the NFL (at least one year, maybe lifetime).  The team had earlier been told to shut down the bounty system, but did not, and then presumably lied to Commissioner Goodell about what was going on.

Saints’ head coach Sean Payton was suspended for one year, so New Orleans promoted one of their assistant coaches, Joe Vitt, as interim head coach, even though he has also been suspended for the first six games of the season.

Four players have now been suspended for their involvement in the bounty scandal.
New Orleans’ LB Jonathan Vilma is suspended for a full year; he was accused of establishing and funding the program along with Coach Williams.
Green Bay’s DE Anthony Hargrove is suspended for eight games, finally admitting his role in the bounty program after he “actively obstructed the league’s 2010 investigation into the program by being untruthful to investigators.”
New Orleans’ DE Will Smith is suspended for four games, accused of helping establish and fund the bounty program.
CLE Browns LB Scott Fujita was given a three-game suspension for his involvement while a member of the Saints.

We’ll see what shakes out in the appeal process, as grievances were filed Thursday by the NFL Players Association.  I’ll be shocked if any of these players get reduced suspensions.  The players’ stories are convoluted and are contradicted by evidence the Commissioner’s Office has gathered, the way I see it now.


It sounds as if the UFL is dead.  Earlier this year, the Commissioner quit and the league pulled the plug on its website.  The only way to keep it going would be with the influx of cash, presumably from the NFL who could make the league into an in-season minor league.

Now someone wants to revive the defunct USFL from the 1980’s, and make it a true NFL minor league.  Jamie Cuadra has acquired the brand, and he plans to launch a cost-conscious league with teams in cities that have neither pro football nor major league baseball.

Stay tuned.

And just in case you missed it, the Lingerie Football League (LFL) has decided to start its next season in April of 2013 (no USA games in 2012, but there will be a world tour).  The reasoning was to switch to a spring/summer schedule, a better chance at financial success and so that the league can focus on LFL world tours that will take place in late 2012.  LFL Canada is not affected by the change.

Undrafted free agent Eric LeGrand was signed by Tampa Bay Buccaneers, whose head coach is Greg Schiano, the former head coach of Rutgers.
Defensive tackle LeGrand would have been eligible for the recently-completed NFL draft this year, but a spinal injury left the Rutgers DT paralyzed from the neck down.  The injury ended any dream the player may have had of playing in the NFL.
But his former head coach allowed him to symbolically live out that dream by signing him.  LeGrand will graduate next fall, and has embarked on what’s turning into a very successful broadcasting career.


“PLAYOFFS!  PLAYOFFS??!!” (quote by Jim Mora, Sr.   )

Yes, college football is finally embracing the idea of a playoff system starting in 2014.  There are several key items still to be determined, but a 4-team playoff is the starting point.  And, speculation is that once the playoff system is in place, expansion to 8 teams would be inevitable.
The BCS system will probably be scrapped after the 2013 season.

Here are some of the logistics to work out:

Q:      Where will the semifinal playoff games and the championship game be played?
A:       One idea would be to have the semifinal games at the home field of the “higher ranked” team,
                    and then have the final at a neutral site to be determined.  This would mirror the NFL setup.
                    Of course, this is not set in stone; prior year bowl sites may be an alternative.
                    Weather and capacity of the stadiums could also be issues to resolve.

Q:      Which teams get into the 4-team playoff?
A:       One possibility would be to have the highest-ranked conference champions get into the playoff,    
                    with a stipulation that those teams are ranked in the Top 6 (just a suggestion being thrown
around).  Another idea is to have the Top 4 ranked teams make the playoffs, regardless of whether a team is a conference champion.

Q:      How will the “rankings” be determined?
A:       The rankings may consist of human polls only, or a BCS-type formula, or a single computer
program (pre-programmed with criteria known ahead of time), or as in college basketball, a selection committee.

At least progress is being made.  Stay tuned.


The WAC had already lost Hawaii, Fresno State, and Nevada to the Mountain West Conference (MWC).
San Jose State and Utah State are officially moving from the WAC to the MWC effective July 1, 2013.
The MWC is supposed to lose Boise State to the Big East in 2013, but that’s another story.
Texas State is moving into the FBS and was slated to become a WAC member, but is now officially bailing out of the sinking ship and joining the Sun Belt Conference in 2013.
UT-San Antonio was also supposed to be a WAC member, but will instead officially be joining Conference USA in 2013.
Also moving to C-USA in 2013 are Florida International (Sun Belt), Louisiana Tech (WAC), North Texas (Sun Belt), and UNC-Charlotte (no football program yet, but redshirt freshman will enroll in 2012; last team there was 50 years ago).

The only remaining schools in the WAC are currently Idaho and New Mexico State.  Obviously, there will be an update on this situation in the near future.  NM State may go to the Sun Belt, and Idaho may move back to FCS (Division 1-AA).


Memphis (C-USA) will be an all-sports participant in the Big East Conference starting in 2013.  Memphis is definitely “East” (east of the Mississippi River).  Temple thought it would be considered by the Big East, but it didn’t happen and the Owls may be looking to join the C-USA.
The Big East is becoming the old C-USA with sprinkled-in parts.

New SEC members Texas A&M and Missouri have reached an exit settlement with the Big XII.  They will be paying exit fees in the form of forfeiting a large percentage of their TV revenue because they gave less than one year’s notice for departure.  I’m guessing they could be paying $10MM each to their old conference.


North Carolina was busted for “failure to monitor” its football program and will not be bowl-eligible for the 2012 season.  The Tar Heels will also forfeit 15 scholarships over the next three seasons, and they are on three-year probation.

South Carolina self-imposed penalties on itself based on providing impermissible benefits to student-athletes.  This consisted mainly of football players, and mainly 12 athletes living at a hotel with below-market rates (less than $15 per night), plus a booster organization providing about $8,000 for recruiting inducements.  The NCAA found that SC “failed to monitor”, and pretty much agreed with the school’s self-imposed penalties, including the loss of 12 scholarships and limited official visits by recruits and three years probation.  The NCAA “leniency” was as least partially due to the extraordinary cooperation of the school in the investigation.

Georgia Tech’s appeal was denied, so the Yellowjackets forfeit their 2009 ACC title, and no other team gets it.  GA Tech had a former player become an employee of a sports agency, and then gave impermissible benefits to a then-current player, and a few other sneaky, underhanded things.  The school is on a four-year probation.



Temecula, CA – There is an upside and a downside to being ‘a voice in the desert’. The upside is that sooner or later you attract an audience. The downside is that the audience you attract validates the point you were trying to make, a point you hoped you were wrong about. When I first started to add political stories to the music show reviews, I wrote about hemp, not knowing how big the medical marijuana field would become. I wrote about the downturn before the ‘Great Recession’, political corruption before the term ‘oligarchy’ gained widespread use, and CODEX before the Label GMOs campaign marched a step. Now another past story gets validation from a second witness; this time, a print source, a very conservative print source at that.

Years ago I posted a report about Agenda 21, a UN plan that is a part of the Georgia Guidestones project though I didn’t know about the Guidestones at the time. A21 is the utopian arm ideal that brings in the local people who are the eyes and ears for the whole at the top, not too unlike the central plot in Invasion of The Bodysnatchers. If society breaks down, the New World Order, now called the 0ne Percent, must have their cronies in their fiefdom. In olden days these people would have been called ‘over-seers’.

Dressed up today, many of these people walk and worship among us, like the bodysnatchers in the movie, the original – didn’t see the remake. Since these folks are stealthy, we must be stealthy also. On this side that means you have to find the Agenda 21 people in your midst. It is not that hard and the internet will help you because these people are arrogant and hide in plain sight. Go to your local newspaper website. In the search bar window, type in the words ‘Agenda 21’. The local news source should pop up any and all names who have attended these meetings put on for the local city government officials through press releases or statements. This is part of their PR program to appear benign and market to as many city government bureaucrats as possible. Make note of the local names.

As stated in my original report, Agenda 21 comes out of a United Nations committee. Codex also comes from the United Nations. Since the ‘Military Industrial Complex’ part of Ike’s speech was edited out prior to the speech being immortalized at the UN, the MIC exists on this side of the UN while the NWO exists on the other. Although it was no stretch to find people at Occupy LA who were familiar with the UN’s Agenda 21, it is heartwarming to see a conservative print magazine disclose the evil behind Agenda 21 [print copy, Military Press, Vol.36, #9, May 1, 2012, Commentary].

When and if you hear a candidate running and they mention Agenda 21, be aware of what this ‘agenda’ really concerns. Like the 0ne Percent, there is no ‘u’ in Agenda 21. Do not be fooled into thinking that there is.