Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Big Event: City of Menifee Independence Day Celebration on June 30th

By: Bill Gould, for Menifee Buzz

If there is one signature event the City of Menifee does that residents look forward to every year, it is the Independence Day Celebration. If you are new to town, pay close attention. Most cities have a big Fourth of July event, but here in Menifee we do it a little different and have the event on the Saturday before July 4th. This year the date is June 30 and Wheatfield Park is the spot.

The event kicks off at 5pm with a parade organized by the Lake Menifee Women’s Club. The parade will go down La Piedra Road and will feature Mayor John Denver as the Grand Marshall. At 6pm the excitement begins at the park with a wide array of vendors, including many food options to satisfy hungry Menifee residents.

Amongst the food vendors there will be a DJ, crafts and local businesses providing a variety of interesting stuff to purchase and peruse. For the kids, the Riverside County EDA Department will be providing a huge tent full of crafts and fun stuff, sure to keep the kids busy all evening.

On the main stage, Full Value Entertainment is presenting two terrific acts, The Rachael Stark Band and Universal Trap. Both bands will provide audiences an night full of great music; Universal Trap will be bringing the classic rock vibe and The Rachael Stark Band will kick in with some country flavor.

At City Hall, folks have been working on this event for months and the night will end with a bang: shortly after 9pm fireworks will light up the Menifee night sky in a big way, complete with music as a soundtrack.

Truly, this will be an evening to remember, just don’t forget it is on June 30th!

In other news, the Menifee Arts Council held the 2nd annual Arts Showcase at the Menifee Countryside Marketplace on May 19th. The event was a huge success, providing local residents a chance to see some awesome local art and hear some local music too! I was fortunate enough to play on the Beer Hunter stage during the event with my band Keenwild, and we had a blast.

I look forward to many more great events from our new Menifee Arts Council; I will certainly keep you up to date on the latest happenings.

Bill Gould is a father, husband, property manager, entertainment promoter and plays in the band Keenwild. Visit him at BillandJeney.com, twitter.com/BillGould or facebook.com/MrBillGould.