Saturday, December 29, 2012



Temecula, CA – We start this citizen journal report with a question. What does the picture at right have to do with Temecula and two of its ex-residents? Clue: Newport Beach.

Some of you may have noticed that the ‘Top Five Posts in the Last 7 Days’ changes to show an older post sometimes, particularly the final story written in the ‘From Victim To Verdict’ series about beloved singer/songwriter Elizabeth ‘Bipsy’ Amirian titled ‘…Killer Sentenced Today’.
While I was away at the OccupyLA/Prop 37 campaigns, a TV show was produced called Unholy Matrimony. Each time the show airs, the Calendar story gets a huge uptick and returns to the Top 5 countdown like a bullet. As I write this year-end report, Bipsy and the story of her killer’s sentencing is once again at the top of the heap, much like the late singer herself.

My cousin Kenny welcomed his first grandbaby this fall, a little girl that he named after his mother, Mena. We at the Calendar, well me since I am the only one who knows him, welcome this latest addition to the family legacy that started about 20 years ago with my first grandchild, Peter.
My youngest son, Jaryn, who lived here with me in the valley for a year during the Java Joz zenith, turned 21 this Pearl Harbor Day. His mother, my ex-wife, has remarried and I wish her all the best with her new husband.

The recount of Prop 37 votes, witnessed by me over several days up in Santa Ana, looks to be finalized as a ‘win’ for Monsanto and a loss for the people. However, we the people can still vote with our fiat currency and boycott the companies/products that don’t hold our health dearer than our dollars. Fuck ‘em.

The sickening of people/families in the Autumnwood Villas development of Wildormar was exposed with clues to help widen the proposed 'at least three homes' soil/air quality testing to be done by the state. Can you afford your bureaucrats who are paid to safeguard your families' health? Corporations and corruption can.

The issue of marijuana, Mary Jane, came full circle with the quasi-legalization of recreational pot in Colorado and Washington (state). So far, at press time and probably due to the slaughter of Innocents in Connecticut because of psych meds (i.e. Prozac), the government has shifted its effort on persecution of medical marijuana patients to fleecing the general populace of their small arms weaponry. Only Ron Paul, a few public comments, and I share this view.
In other pot news my long awaited, long promised magnum opus flushed from my brain when I quit smoking the good weed eleven years ago, was officially released on Doomsday (December 21, 2012) with an apocalyptic rewritten Occupy LA influenced brand new Chapter 20. The blurb below offers a glimpse into the chapter that follows “a drug-fueled, pornographic autobiography” with a last chapter that “flips the pancake.” – Jeff Bradford, OLA
"What is in store for America? Or for the world at large? The answers are in plain sight if you stop to look at what is happening around you. Forget everything you ever learned and start from Thor's Day, or Thursday as it is called now as I write this introduction; the day Eve and the Serpent had their pedigrees read to them by God [Gen 3:14-16 KJV]. Discover the true secret behind cannabis, the shocker that goes far beyond the mere Bible connection. Learn the role of pot vs. the fate of the empire now!"
Now like a band that puts out their first album, it’s time for this reporter turned author to tour in promotion of the book. Hopefully, like in the days of heroes, there will be ‘temple maidens’ to help with the journey as a buzz for the work is generated. This is Hollywood after all. Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green is available on Amazon and here.

And speaking of touring, the rumors of The Stones being at Coachella this year are just that at press time, rumors. However, if The Stones do go on a tour in 2013, Coachella, if they play that venue, will only be one of their tour stops.  

Friday, December 28, 2012



Temecula, CA – In the time since my last report on Autumnwood, a high-end housing tract located in Wildomar, dated Dec. 10th, much has been filled in, including how the site for the homes became toxic and by whom. However before we reveal the culprit and bring you up to date since the 10th, let's take a moment to remind our readers that the reality now dawning on small groups of people everywhere, cough, Liberty Quarry solution, is just a plank in the platform of the Occupy Movement. Like the Biblical Jews who will one day rent their clothes in despair at realizing Jesus was their messiah, so too will folks one day recognize the hidden in plain sight message of the Occupiers.

‘In a meeting Tuesday night, Dec. 18, Wildomar residents who blame their homes for making them sick told state, regional, and county officials that they want a prompt and thorough investigation of the properties and complained that nothing has been done, months after making their concerns known. Officials with the state Department of Toxic Substances Control [DTSC] said they won't test the soil in the Autumnwood tract until the region’s air quality district finds a problem first. South Coast Air Quality Management District crews will test at least three homes in the next two weeks, district spokesman Sam Atwood said.
John Scandura, a branch chief with the toxic substances agency, said the department has no evidence* that the Autumnwood site or fill material brought to the site beforeconstruction was contaminated. Meanwhile, the Riverside County Department of Public Health is accepting health records from residents.’

So what happened? Local publisher and activist Nancy Knight gave this account to me:

“The dirt originally came from an illegal operation owned by Leroy Black, Black's Towing, who also did dismantling. This fact was testified to before the Riverside Planning Commission before* Murrieta cityhood was granted. In 2003, D.R. Horton got approval for a 159 unit condo project to be built on that site. Horton used what dirt they needed for fill on the corner of Jefferson and Ivy for a second condo project then took the oil-soaked waste dirt away in trucks that a concerned citizen followed as far as he could toward Wildomar before he was stopped from following them any further to the dump site. Never knew exactly where the dirt ended up but now I think this is a highly probable end point. This condo project was noted in the "Corrupt County - Corrupt City” editorial [of The Bugle].”

The meeting at Wildomar Elementary School provided little comfort to some of the 70 people who attended. Several demanded that the toxic substances agency take action.

“How long is it going to take to test our soil?” asked Thomas Ciccarelli, whose wife died in August. “You get off your ass and pleasedo something.”

“What else is it going to take?” asked Xonia Villanueva, whose family abandoned their home.

Many residents reiterated that more people could get sick or die while the government does nothing at the taxpayers’ expense [SNAFU].

At least four families abandoned their homes in the Autumnwood tract near the school after a series of illnesses that they blame on the houses. Other people who live on the same street have said they haven’t been sick.

Several families have described illnesses that included headaches, rashes, nosebleeds, breathing difficulties, pneumonia and gastrointestinal problems. They said they suffered frequent colds, flu and sinus infections, and two women, both in their 30s, died due to the toxicity, according to family members.

Some residents said they were dismayed that, after months of inaction, officials were calling a meeting rather than testing the homes for contaminants.

Tests commissioned by an attorney for several residents and summaries of illness were shared with the city of Wildomar in September. The results showed traces of carbon tetrachloride, a solvent and coolant banned in consumer products, and ethylene dichloride, a plastics ingredient and toxic chemical that has been discontinued for some uses, among other industrial toxic chemicals.

Wildomar city officials notified the county and several state agencies. Experts in the Department of Toxic Substances Control reviewed the tests results and said in October that the contamination levels were not high enough to merit further investigation. And that, Sports Fans, was the reason for the “Your call is very important to us” gag photo. It paid off.

The meeting Tuesday was set up initially to be a ‘workshop’ where residents would individually speak to representatives of each agency at separate tables. Many of the residents, however, demanded an open forum.

“We want everyoneto hear our questions,” said Wil Lybarger. “And we want everyone to hear the answers.”

The officials capitulated.

This is a developing story…

(Additional sources – Press-Enterprise; all emphasis – Ed)

Thursday, December 27, 2012



Temecula, CA – As we drift through this in-between time heading to New Year’s Eve and the end of this year’s holiday season, some friends and I went over to the yearly, newly expanded ‘Bainbridge Falls’ synchronized multi-house music/light display located in a unincorporated housing tract between Temecula, Murrieta, and French Valley between Willows and Nicolas Road.

The original circle court neighborhood programmed display has now expanded to include the first block/both street sides, through the intersection opposite the circle court entrance. Able to be seen by hundreds of people who reside above the wired neighborhood, I was not prepared for the Christmas trek destination this year as it brought a lump to my throat.

Tuning the car radio to 88.5 FM as soon as we turned onto Willows and N. General Kearney, the soundtrack to Bainbridge Falls’ Disneyland-style Christmas display came on the dial. Spouting both traditional and contemporary holiday tunage we sat in a line of traffic edging ever slowly to where the lights danced in rhythm to the tempo of the music.

The brainchild of a Christian engineer who shares a Bible study with a mole’s mom, there was a time when the Calendar first reported this local story that you could park your ride in the neighborhood, staying toasty inside your car/truck, as you watched the total soundtrack play down the corridor of homes. A sometimes steady line of looky-Lous would periodically pass as a walking family of bystanders might walk by.  

Now, this night in the greatest light display this side of Coachella, we inched along as throngs of pedestrians moved in a style similar to Disneyland creating a ‘magic moment’ of the kind I often describe to my associates who reside outside the valley. For a picture of Bainbridge Falls, an obvious reference to It’s a Wonderful Life, check out the latest issue of Valley News, available around the valley at various merchant drop-off points. 

If you are new to the area or new to this spectacular Christmas spectacle, don’t tarry [be a lag wagon] for the lights go out Dec. 31st, 2012.   

Tuesday, December 25, 2012



Guest Writer DJ Catter here bringing you the update on my friend PT and his book release. Taking a page from other successful ramp-ups including the Murrieta Best Buy opening back in ’95 on a Friday the 13th, PT announced the official release of Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green as Doomsday, December 21st, 2012. However, like the old Best Buy, PT also had a ‘soft opening’. Announcing to a limited few that the book would be available on his late mother’s birthday, December 18th, the first sale from the pre-release release comes from ‘that girl’[hat in the air] in the photo.

Elyse Carmichael, the Temecula woman in the picture holding Memoirs ordered her copy on December 18th after her shift at Red Lobster. Promised a January 2nd delivery ["Bummer"], Elyse was surprised to receive her copy of Memoirs on Doomsday, 3 days later. The avid reader told me, "I have 55 pages of my current book, then I'll dive into [Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green]."

Blowing into LA after the Prop 37 recount in Orange County, Santa Ana, PT emailed saying that he ‘attended the NORML Christmas potluck which was held at the JEMM magazine HQ on Hollywood Blvd.’ There he smoozed in an overflow crowd, presenting his book for their viewing at the meeting before the potluck was opened. It was at the dinner portion after the monthly meeting where PT met the group known as 420 Nurses, a ‘very lovely group of young women promoting the health side of cannabis’, he noted in the email.
Meanwhile the next scheduled book promo event is Lanny Swerdlow’s marijuana radio show for an interview with Lanny about Memoirs on January 7th and then to the NORML fund-raiser concert as a book vendor complete with a booth. PT says details are to follow in upcoming news after Christmas, but for now from both of us,


Thursday, December 20, 2012



Temecula, CA – There is an old saying that ‘you can't keep a good man down’ and the same might well be said about some Murrieta bands. The Black Swan Theatre, 41655 Reagan Way, Ste. H., Murrieta, CA., 92562, [for LOCALS – off Jefferson between Date and Cherry Streets towards the mountains], 951-696-9800, is hosting the reunion show for My Last Revelation and a ‘reunion’ of sorts for Full Value Entertainment back to Murrieta since selling the Temecula Music Fest to The Vault
Opening for the December 22, Saturday all-ages show are Eloisa Says and FVE stable talent, Keenwild, one of the first bands I did tee shirts for back in the day. Keenwildand MLR have played many shows together and go back to the days before The Vault.
Doors at 6PM, $10, Keenwild plays at 7PM

The Black Swan Theatre has 80 seats, great lighting and sound, and a fully equipped stage. This is an all ages event.