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Temecula, CA – Barely catching my breath from Forced Suicide comes this story concerning children and parents nationwide. Now everyone outside and inside Wildomar Autumnwood has a chance to make a noise by signing a petition to say no.
As Albertson’spunished the union for a new contract by selling off all the minimart gas stations which employed union people to non-union Valero, so too Monsanto seeks to punish people in America by further weakening the most innocent of us all, the children.
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced that the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) and the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) have filed a petition requesting that the agency amend the standard of identityfor milk and 17 other dairy products “to provide for the use of anysafe and suitable sweetener as an optional ingredient.” FDA is seeking comments and other information by May 21, 2013.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has proposed revoking “the standards of identity for artificially sweetened jelly, preserves and jam,” concluding that these standards “are both obsolete and unnecessary in light of [] regulations for food named by use of a nutrient content claim and a standardized term.” Responding to a citizen petition submitted by the International Jelly and Preserve Association (IJPA), the proposed rule notes that standards implemented in 1959 for fruit spreads containing nonnutritive sweeteners (NNSs) only provided for the use of saccharin, sodium saccharin, calcium saccharin, or any combination thereof (21 CFR 150.140 and 150.160). These standards did not include other NNSs approved for food use since 1959, although FDA later established under the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act a general standard of identity for foods named by a nutrient content claim such as “low calorie” or “sugar free” “in conjunction with a standardized food term,” e.g., “low calorie grape jelly.”
Under the radar but still available for immediate comment is that the FDA has “tentatively” agreed with IJPA that these later regulations make the 1959 standards of identity for artificially sweetened fruit spreads obsolete. According to IJPA, the general standard of identify for foods named by a nutrient content claim “provide fruit spread manufacturers with sufficient flexibility to use newer, intense [NNSs] in lieu of traditional nutritive sweeteners.” The association also argued that “nutrient content terms (e.g. ‘low calorie’)… better communicate to the customer the benefit of the use of [NNSs] than does the term ‘artificially sweetened,’ which is required to appear on the labels of products manufactured in conformity with §§ 150.141 and 150.161.” FDA has therefore concluded that revoking the standards for artificially sweetened fruit spreads “would promote honesty and fair dealing in the interest of consumers,” and has requested comments on the matter by March 4, 2013.

Last week, the FDA asked for information about how safe artificial sweeteners are for use, indicating that they are considering green-lighting the move. Currently, the government agency only allows for the use of the word "milk" to describe beverages with calories, which means that they need to be sweetened with sugar and/or high-fructose corn syrup (GMO).
As The Washington Post reports, sales of yogurt, cheese and other dairy products have risen in recent years. Still, per-capita milk consumption has declined by 30 percent since 1975, and the industry has yet to reach the highs of its World War II days. Part of the decline in recent years has been due to the rise in milk prices. The rise in price has been fueled by the cost of grains to feed cows which, in turn, has been spurred by the prolonged drought in the Great Plains of the United States. Other parts of the decline stem from the fact that children, a solid demographic of milk drinkers, are a smaller share of the American population. In addition, the industry has needed to combat bottled water and energy drink m manufacturers.
Most relevantly to the petition to the FDA, the dairy industry has seen a rise in consumer concerns that milk is high in calories. Though some manufacturers have marketed milk boosted with protein to fitness buffs, these efforts have not been enough.

The dairy industry argues that allowing for milk to be sweetened with aspartame would make the drink healthier and help target childhood obesity, according to the Dairy Reporter. However, outside independent health studies have found the opposite: that artificial sweeteners cause people to crave foods with more calories, and help contribute to obesity and type-2 diabetes. Aspartame is used in a range of products, including diet soda and yogurt, and is sold to consumers under the brand-name Equal (which also includes some other ingredients). It has been observed that no insect, including ants, will touch any liquid containing Aspartame. That is a fact which this journalist has validated in home tests.

Added Bonus - Teabagger Primer To Aspartame

March 8, 1977-- G. D. Searle hires prominent Washington insider Donald Rumsfeld as the new CEO to try to turn the beleaguered company around. A former Member of Congress and Secretary of Defense in the FordAdministration, Rumsfeld brings in several of his Washington cronies as top management.

January 1981-- Donald Rumsfeld, CEO of Searle, states in a sales meeting that he is going to make a big push to get aspartame approvedwithin the year. Rumsfeld says he will use his political pull in Washington, rather than scientific means, to make sure it gets approved.

January 21, 1981-- Ronald Reagan is sworn in as President of the United States. Reagan's transition team, which includes Donald Rumsfeld, CEO of G. D. Searle, who hand picks Dr. Arthur Hull Hayes Jr. to be the new FDACommissioner.

July 15, 1981-- In one of his first official acts, Dr. Arthur Hayes Jr., the new FDA commissioner, overrules the Public Board of Inquiry, ignores the recommendations of his own internal FDA team and approvesNutraSweet for dry products. Hayes 'says that aspartame has been shown to be safe for its' proposed uses' and says few compounds have withstood such detailed testing and repeated close scrutiny.

October 15, 1982-- The FDA announces that Searle has filed a petition that aspartame be approved as a sweetener in carbonated beverages and other liquids.

and the rest, as they say, is history. 
(Story source - Makini Brice; all emphasis – Ed; any link of MLK to Black History Month is purely incidental)

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Temecula, CA – As anyone who has been following or researched the GMO data/films, quick spreading tumors, especially tumors in the mammary glands of females, is one result of digesting foreign [GMO] protein. Of course, all the academe experts throw around the word ‘hysteria’ at the least outcry from the affected hoi polloi, then the spin starts to provide a cover story for the predicted medical rise. Plucked just 30 minutes ago from NBC, here is the spin for GMO caused cancer, complete with a picture of the victim, cause if it don’t bleed, it don’t lead.
Presented entirely without editing, after the jump…

By Maggie Fox, Senior Writer, NBC News

More young women are being diagnosed with advanced breast cancer, doctors reported on Tuesday. It is a very small increase in a group of people who only rarely develop cancer, but it’s significant enough to have experts asking why.

The biggest increase was seen in women aged 25 to 34. It’s bad news because when women are diagnosed this young, usually the cancer is more aggressive, there’s no good way to screen for it and because there is no cure, even if the women can control it they face decades of life as breast cancer patients.

Stephanie Carson, pictured right, is one of them. Diagnosed at age 29, she’s now 38 and on disability from her job as a software engineer. Breast cancer robbed her and her husband of all hope of having a family.

 “At the time it was definitely a shock. The cancer tumor was literally growing before my eyes,” Carson told NBC News. “Every day it was getting bigger, so it was very aggressive.” She had a double mastectomy, but the cancer had already spread to both her lungs.

This is what doctors believe is typical of breast cancer in younger women: It grows faster, spreads more quickly, and is harder to treat. While the five-year survival rate for breast cancer that has not spread is 93 percent, for women 39 and under whose cancer has spread, it’s only 31 percent.

Dr. Rebecca Johnson of Seattle Children's Hospital and University of Washington in Seattle was working with a cancer nonprofit, Critical Mass: The Young Adult Cancer Alliance and wanted to see if there were any differences in rates of cancer for young adults.

Johnson, a pediatric oncologist and breast cancer survivor herself, looked at National Cancer Institute data from 1973 to 2009. She and colleagues broke it down by age, ethinic group, diagnosis and other factors.

They found a steady increase starting in 1976 of breast cancer that had spread out of the breast among 25- to 39-year-old women. The rate went from 1.53 per 100,000 women in 1976 to 2.9 per 100,000 women in 2009, Johnson and colleagues wrote in their report in the Journal of the American Medical Association. That represents an average increase of just 2.07 percent per year, a relatively small rise, but it shows no signs of abating, the authors noted.

“This change translates into a tripling of the incidence of metastatic breast cancer over the 34-year period,” Johnson told NBC News. “In 1975, our projections show there were about 250 cases per year of metastatic breast cancer in young adult women. In 2009, it was about 800.”

The study looks only at data, and Johnson isn’t sure of why the cases might be increasing. It’s not more or better screening --women this young are not routinely screened for breast cancer. She also doesn’t believe doctors are finding more cases because they are trying harder to see if the cancer has spread in these young women.

“If that was the case, then it would be like a pie, with a larger piece of the pie being distal disease,” Johnson said. “But there’s been no decrease in any other stage of breast cancer.’

Obesity is a risk factor for breast cancer in middle-aged women and that’s worth more study, Johnson says. But she notes that obesity actually lowers the risk of breast cancer among the youngest women. Some studies have suggested a combination of obesity, a lack of exercise and overeating may raise the risk and that’s worth looking at, she says.

It is possible chemicals could somehow be a cause. There are also theories that viruses may be involved -- a virus causes cervical cancer and head and neck cancer, for instance.

Dr. Sandra Swain, a breast cancer specialist at Washington Hospital Center in Washington D.C. and president of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, says women are putting off pregnancy longer and that could have an effect.  “Having kids younger decreases the risk of breast cancer by half,” she says.

Swain also believes higher rates of obesity may be a factor. She stresses that the results should be confirmed in larger studies, and says even if they are confirmed, the findings are not a cause for panic.

“There’s actually a decrease in mortality, especially in younger women, probably because our treatments are better,” Swain says.

Carson’s a living example of this. She’s had surgery, radiotherapy, several types of chemotherapy and treatment with new “smart bomb” drugs. She’s about to start a new round of treatment with a drug the Food and Drug Administration approved just last week – Kadcyla -- which combines a strong chemotherapy drug with Herceptin, a genetically engineered immune system protein that homes in on tumor cells.

“Hopefully it will knock things out again,” Carson says cheerfully. She’s covered by her husband’s health insurance -- he’s a software engineer, too.

All the therapy has taken a toll.

“The side-effect that hurt me the most recently -- I was in a clinical trial in Seattle three years ago, an immune therapy trial, and it gave me headaches,” Carson says. “I have had a headache every day since since then. I have had a headache for three years. That is one reason I had to stop working.”

Carson uses some alternative approaches to cope, like qigong, a meditative version of a Chinese martial art. And she works with other young women with breast cancer through the Young Survival Coalition.

“I can help them deal with some of the feelings of isolation,” Carson says. “It is strange to be this age and on disability. You feel kind of retired, but your peers are all raising families and working full time,” she adds. “I can relate to the feeling of not being able to have children.”

Young cancer patients also have higher rates of other cancers, such as leukemia, that are caused by the chemotherapy and radiation. They also risk heart disease, for the same reasons.

Breast cancer is the biggest cancer killer of U.S. women, after lung cancer. It will be diagnosed in about 235,000 U.S. men and women this year and will kill 40,000, according to the American Cancer Society.

The risk goes up with age. About one in eight cases of invasive breast cancer are found in women under 45. Less than 1 percent -- 0.43 percent -- of women aged 30 will develop breast cancer within the next 10 years, and only 4 percent will get it by age 70. About 35 out of every 1,000 women now aged 60 will develop breast cancer over the next 10 years, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Johnson, the researcher, is now 44. She was one of the luckier young survivors of breast cancer. She was diagnosed at 27 and her tumor had not spread beyond the breast. She found a lump by chance and waited several months before she had it checked. “I was super-busy,” she said. So her advice to young women? "If there’s a general take-home message it would just be for awareness. If you find a breast lump, you need to know that breast cancer can happen,” she said.



Temecula, CA – “What has the world come to when all this happens because I returned something that didn’t belong to me (in the first place)?” asked a homeless man recently. I can answer that question for you, Sir.

‘The world has become a place where if you do the rightthing, it costs you.
If you do the wrong thing, you profit. It has become the world of Matt 24:24.’

This stark reality was salt to the Occupiers at the foot of the Daily Planet building in LA, aka City Hall, but remains unknown to folks like Xonia Villanueva until Fate awakens them with a pimp slap. It isn’t the sting of the pimp slap that stuns, but who the pimp slap comes from. [See When Your Friends Try To Kill You]

This story is in memory of those who still occupy their homes in a tragic forced suicidehappening as you read this, in Wildomar, CA, the Autumnwood Villas Development. How does this happen to a valley with a church on every corner rather than a bar?

For those who have read ToxicTowing – How Wildomar Autumnwood Got Sick, this is the back story of one petitioner’s family. Though some names have been shown to be contributory to the direct contamination, it is allegiance to the idea of the system that is to blame. In short, pack and mount your owncamel because no one is going to do it for you or come to your rescue. Listen to Lou Reed’s Busload of Faith.

The following true story has been condensed for content.

After living apart from other extended family members down in San Diego, the Villanuevas, husband (employed, middle class job), wife (employed, construction industry), 3 kids, all girls, and family dog moved into their “dream home” which was part of the 1st Phase Autumnwood development in Wildomar. At last family scattered from Red Hawk to parts of Orange County would be close in location. It was March, 2006.
After being completely happy in the spacious family dwelling with a kitchen island measuring 15’x3’ inside it, Mr. Villanueva fell ill to a mysterious pneumonia that persisted with such intensity it caused Papa V. to confess that he didn’t think he was going to make it. This was 2008 and during this period, a 32-year old mother with a 5-year old daughter died from an aggressive form of cancer.

By 2010after nursing hubby back from the dead with the help of doctors, specialists, and nutritionists, the family in general was suffering nose bleeds, migraines, [‘female’] troubles, colds, joint aches, with even the family dog suffering seizures. One morning as Xonia reached for an appliance in the kitchen by the center island, one of her lungs suddenlycollapsed. The commotion caused by the shortness of breath also brought a clue. Could a slab defect causing mildew to seep into the home be the problem? A smell of mildew was detected.

Now in the middle of the family triage zone with everyone sick but being propped up modern medicine, the Monsanto Model of Profitability for plants and people, a construction lawyer has hired to fight for the family. He was put in charge of testing the area after Xonia had started the process. Assuring the family to ‘stand pat’, he would get a settlement so they could fix their property by filing a construction suit against the developer.

Before things could be sorted out, two events happened preventing the Villanuevas from certain extinction. Xonia experienced two nightmarish sleep apnea episodes and her middle daughter decided that she had suffered in hell long enough. This daughter’s declaration of “I can’t take this anymore. I’m leaving” broke the spell of ‘no common sense’. The entire family vacated the dream house that had turned into an Amityville bio-hazard, except for the beloved family dog that expired from seizures and bloody stools. That was in late 2011.

By this time the odor emanating from the kitchen island had grown more intense and more antiseptic in smell and saliva taste. The mayor had also stepped in promising to get to the bottom of the mystery by having tests done by the state agency DTSC. It was during the mediation process with the developer that the Villanuevas found out about the chemicals and their potency. This occurred in May/June 2012.

Now the family is living in a former house on uncontaminated soil still in the area. Many of the symptoms and illnesses have resided but others have evolved, like Xonia’s now diagnosed lupusthat was brought on by continued exposure to an industrial solvent long banned. All their belongings, saturated by volatile chemical compound vapor, had to be destroyed for their presence causes the past illnesses to reoccur. Much like a body ‘detergent burn’ the entire Villanueva family has been sensitized/made allergic to chemicals the rest of us are not aware of.

Exposed in Toxic Towing, other contaminated soil from the sewage treatment area was trucked in from Rancho California Water District, providing validation to The Bugle editorial about corruption; however the editorial doesn’t begin to show just how replete the system is with it. Like the institutionalized racism that allowed George Zimmerman to roam free for 30 days after calling shooting victim Trayvon Martin a ‘coon’. In the same ironic way that Psalm 37 applies to Prop 37, so too is the hero lawyer that stirred the pot by not letting the racially-motivated slaughter stand. His picture is at the left.

Let’s look at the system concerning the Villanuevas and how things played out for the family whose last name ironically signals this chapter of their life.

The construction lawyer did bring a suit against the developer but failed to unlock the insurance money claim ceiling in filed paperwork. The soil test request paperwork was left ‘sitting on the shelf’ in the lawyer’s office in an ‘OOPS’ moment. The result, the request was never filed to the state. This lawyer is no longer involved with the case.
The state/county ‘law’ covering new construction does not extend past the builder/contractor. There are no rules/requirements for Riverside county developers. As a result the developer was able to insure the construction of 61 houses for only a one million dollar ‘wrap and burn’ policy. At the same mediation, the developer stated at hearing of all the chemicals identified in the Villanueva home, as self-inflicted, under the sink cleaning supplies, crying “You caused this problem”  thereby self-voiding their ten-year new house warranty. “If I fix your house, I’ll have to fix everyother house (on the block),” illustrating possible knowledge of an existing common problem.

Lisa D. Herman was first elected to RCWD’s board in September 1991to fill the remaining two years of a four-year term. Ms. Herman was re-elected in 1993 and 1997, and was subsequently appointed to the board in 2001 to fill the remaining two years of a four-year term. Ms. Herman was once again re-elected in 2003, 2007, and 2011. Her current term expires in December 2015. Ms. Herman served as senior vice president of the board in 1995, 2001, and 2009. She served as president in 1996, 2002, and 2010.
Having served on various ad hoc and standing policy committees of the board since 1991, Ms. Herman currently serves on the Engineering and Operations Committee, Finance and Audit Committee, and is an alternate on the Governmental Affairs Committee.
Married with two children, Ms. Herman has resided in the Temecula area since 1986. Ms. Herman worked as an in-house regional counsel for Kaiser Development Company and its successors, Bedford DevelopmentCompany and Kemper DevelopmentCompany, until 1996 when she retired.

The Wildomar mayor, after all the grandstanding, did manage to secure a meeting with the DTSC. The meeting the mayor negotiated was closed to the public, AND closed to the people who brought the original call for testing. That’s right, Sports Fans, the meeting was closed to the people afflicted and dying, their lawyers, any advocates, and the press. The government closed ranks just like the cops did with Dorner. Two residents of the neighborhood, both women in their 30s, have each died suddenly after gardening in their backyards.
The Riverside Countycoroner's office concluded that the most recent death, in August, 2012, was from ‘naturally’ occurring pneumonia. Lab tests determined that the body of Fatima Atencio, 36, contained elevated levels of barium, but coroner officials told her husband, Thomas Ciccarelli, that the barium wasn't a factor in her death. And this is the little twerp of a city, Wildomar, CA.
When the tests were finally done by South Coast Air Quality Management District on outside/ambient* air, the area in Xonia’s backyard was found to be 77 times higher in uranium than the entire Western United States. In the 300 page report [your tax dollars at work] which is written somewhat misleading*, it can be found that a banned industrial solvent used for manufacturing plastic registered in tests. It was shown that 29 different volatile chemical compounds were vaporizing in Xonia’s kitchen island. Other houses showed 40 or higher.
Penny Newman, hosted a call to the DTSC. The phone interview lasted over 4 hours due to many awkward pauses of silence brought on by direct questions about protocol and procedure from Xonia that the DTSC wouldn’t or couldn’t answer about certain values being above the ‘chisel’ level where even a ‘1’ is concerning. The number represents the cumulative effect level due to long term exposure.  The chisel level numbers in the Autumnwood houses tested were 40, 53, 80, and 153 for the house containing the retired couple who have a 23-year old daughter living/dying with them mentioned at the start of this story. They refuse to leave for financial/credit report reasons. Poor stupid people, pray for them. What is your life worth?

Since the house loan is tied to a dollar amount and not the actual structure, the bank was planning on re-selling the deathtrap house to another unsuspecting family, whether the bank knew of the troubles or not. But I think we all know how it is in a small town.

 Completely blindsided by the system that they had always (and somewhat still are) a part of by reaching the typical ‘We salute the flag’ middle class lifestyle called The American Dream, the family sought assistance from Liza Tucker of Consumer Watchdog. A new lawyer was also brought aboard.
A 6-month report has been issued from the Watchdog advocate group about the Dept. of Toxic Substances Control which states that the DTSC has ‘signed a death warrant’ for Wildomar Autumnwood, an opinion backed up by the enforcement arm of the DTSC who have been ham-stringed by their own head of the DTSC. The group's report describes an ineffective and dysfunctional regulatory agency.

"The DTSC is a troubled agency with a long-standing culture of mission fatigue, pro-business bias, and fearof political criticism," the report states. "Reform at the department is long overdue."

The report is based on publicrecords, anonymous comments from current and former toxic substances department staff members, mediareports and accounts by citizensaffected by contamination. The full report can be read here

Department spokeswoman Charlotte Fadipe said department officials haven't the seen the report, which was scheduled to be made public Thursday, Feb. 21. But she said that agency representatives have met with the Consumer Watchdog people and "understand their concerns."

"We take our mission of protecting the public from hazardous waste seriously..." she said."Standards for hazardous waste management in California are the most stringent in the country, offering the highest levels of protection for Californians." ["but the weakest enforcement" - Liza Tucker, CWD.]

Now having read this news report so far, you might be thinking that the homeowners’ plight is obvious, but like the opinion of the Prop 37 proponents in knowing that 90% of the people favor GMO labeling, here is how Wildomar Magazine, aka ‘the home crowd’, weighs in (unedited):

‘The [Press-Enterprise] article provides several important facts that should be considered:

1) This is a matter of litigation being pursued by some, but not all, of the homeowners in the Autumnwood tract.

“Government officials have reviewed tests commissioned by the attorney representing the four families and said they see nothing that would cause serious illness.”

”Four families, including one on a neighboring street in the same development, have joined in a personal injury lawsuit against the tract’s Pismo Beach-based developer and several subcontractors, alleging the ground beneath the homes is contaminated with industrial chemicals brought in with fill dirt. More than dozen had won settlements from the builder because of mold in the homes.

…The Beverly Hills attorney representing the residents, said the toxic substances department is failing to take into account the synergistic and cumulative effects of chemicals detected on the properties.” (Editors note; That is the “legal theory” that the plaintiff’s attorney must prove in court!)

“About a dozen Autumnwood homeowners, including some on Amaryllis Court, received settlements for varying amounts – one family received $15,000 and another $60,000, for example – after filing a separate construction defects lawsuit“

2) Systematic examination needed

“Dr. Russell V. Luepker is a Harvard-educated epidemiologist and a professor at the University of Minnesota’s School of Public Health. He said epidemiologists have methods to determine whether an environmental problem is responsible for an illness cluster in a community.

“You need to weed out the hysteria …“ he said. “What you need is a systematic examination that gets you as many facts as you can lay your hands on.”

After reading the aforementioned Press Enterprise article, and having attended one of the recent meetings between homeowners and the various county agencies, facilitated by the City of Wildomar, it appears, in my opinion, the palpable frustration of the homeowners is being exploited in an attempt to force government agencies to “make their case,” spending large amounts of taxpayer dollars in the process.’ – Wildomar Magazine.

When I had finished my interview with Xonia, I shared some knowledge and some suggestions.

·       Tell any and all families getting sick in their homes to leave ASAP, your possessions are contaminated also. To stay inside is forced suicide.
·       Be aware and take responsibility for your own safety, do not rely on the government, lawyers, HOAs, and neighbors’ opinions to goad you into staying inside your house. They don’t live there and aren’t getting sick.
·       Read Psalm 37, among other things.

In the end perhaps the most important information shared to Xonia was that she and her family ARE NOT alone, in their ordeal, or in their seeing that The Emperor Wears No Clothes. Allof us at Occupy, Prop 37 – Label GMOs, and your average man-on-the-street also know the deal.

“Our American Dream turned into a nightmare, but I’m awake now!” - Xonia

(Story sources - Consumer Watchdog, PE, RCWD, Wildomar Magazine, Xonia Villanueva; all emphasis – Ed)