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Temecula, CA – As a new sports season starts for football fans, the Fugitive Commish, fresh from his winter scouting, has released the season’s first sports report for Temecula Calendar sports fans. as usual, this report
is packed with facts and fun memorabilia, all wrapped in the Commish’s dry wit, a carryover from a childhood spent in Iowa.

“Hello Football Fans,
The NFL draft is starting this Thursday night on ESPN.
Check out the attached extraneous minutia heading into the "start" of the season.
I've also included a couple of quiz questions.”

The Fugitive Commissioner of the FFHL

OK, here we go football fans!
The 2013 NFL Draft starts this Thursday night, April 25th.
Here’s the full ESPN viewing schedule:
Round 1: Thursday, April 25 starting at 8PM ET
Rounds 2-3: Friday, April 26 starting at 6:30PM ET
Rounds 4-7: Saturday, April 27 starting at noon ET

This year, 23 players will attend the draft, including (alphabetically):
Brigham Young defensive end Ezekiel Ansah
West Virginia wide receiver Tavon Austin
North Carolina offensive guard Jonathan Cooper
Central Michigan offensive tackle Eric Fisher
Florida defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd
Alabama offensive tackle D.J. Fluker
Texas A&M offensive tackle Luke Joeckel
Oklahoma offensive tackle Lane Johnson
Oregon defensive end Dion Jordan
Alabama running back Eddie Lacy
Florida State quarterback E.J. Manuel
Alabama cornerback Dee Milliner
Louisiana State defensive end Barkevious Mingo
Tennessee wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson
Louisiana State safety Eric Reid
Florida State cornerback Xavier Rhodes
Missouri defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson
West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith
Washington cornerback Desmond Trufant
Texas safety Kenny Vaccaro
Alabama offensive guard Chance Warmack
Florida State offensive tackle Menelik Watson
Florida State defensive end Bjoern Werner

This year’s draft class is projected to be very deep, but with only a mediocre group of quarterbacks (particularly as compared to last year’s QB class, with Andrew Luck and RGIII going #1 and #2).
The pundits are all over the board on which QB’s will be drafted in the first round (if any!), and in which order.  Try your luck – rank these seven quarterbacks in the order you expect them to get drafted (I’ll list these in the order I think they will get drafted – guessing only).
(and if you throw in a QB that gets drafted above any one of these seven, you get extra bonus points):
                    Geno Smith            WVA
                    EJ Manuel              FSU             
                    Ryan Nassib           Syracuse
                    Matt Barkley           USC
                    Mike Glennon         NC State
                    Tyler Bray              Tennessee
                    Tyler Wilson           Arkansas

                    Others potentially: Zac Dysert (MIA.OH), Matt Scott (AZ), Landry Jones (OKL).

Heisman finalist Collin Klein (KSU) is slated to go in the 6th or 7th round (lots of weaknesses with regard to the pro game)

Rather than QBs this year, it appears as if the top of the draft will be dominated by offensive linemen, with maybe 3 of the first 5 or 6 picks being OL, and maybe as many as 6 or 7 OL picked in the Top 20.
Defensive lineman also project as a solid group, both DT’s and DE’s.

What about running backs?

Last year Trent Richardson (ALA) went to Cleveland at #3 overall, and it appeared that all other RB’s would have to wait until at least Round 2.  But Doug Martin (BSU) at #31 by Tampa Bay and David Wilson (VA Tech) at #32 by the NY Football Giants were picked to end the first round.
This year, there may be zero running backs picks in Round 1.  The top rated runner projected for either Round 1 or 2 is Eddie Lacy (ALA), followed by probable 2nd-rounders Giovani Bernard (UNC) and Montee Ball (WISC).  Marcus Lattimore (S.CAR) is the hard-luck, two-time knee injury back that has loads of talent, but is still recovering from last year’s devastating knee dislocation/tear and may not get drafted until the 3rd or 4th round.

Enough of that.  Let’s wait for the actual results, and then wait three years or more to see if these draftees develop into NFL players.


Arguably the best cornerback in football before his late-September ACL tear, Darrelle Revis has agreed to a 6-year, $96MM contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  None of that contract is guaranteed, but he is looking healthy and will at least get his $16MM for 2013 and probably another $16MM in 2014.  He is betting on himself.  The Jets were unwilling to pay Revis this much, so ended up trading him to the Bucs for their 1st round pick in this year’s draft (#13 overall) and a conditional pick (4th or 3rd rounder) next year.

RB Steven Jackson (STL) signed on with the ATL Falcons.  Even at age 30 (in July) and having carried the load in prior years with the Rams, he still appears to have gas left in the tank.

WR Wes Welker (NE) was signed by Denver to hook up with Peyton Manning.
WR Danny Amendola (STL) signed with New England.
WR Mike Wallace (PIT) signed with Miami.
WR Greg Jennings (GB) skipped over the Mississippi River to play for the Packers’ rival, Minnesota.
WR Percy Harvin (MIN) was traded to Seattle; Vikings get Seahawks #25 overall pick and a 7th-rounder in the 2013 draft and a mid-round pick in 2014.
OT Jake Long (MIA) signed with St. Louis.

S Ed Reed (BAL) signed with Houston.
LB Paul Kruger (BAL) signed with rival Cleveland
DE Elvis Dumervil (DEN) ended up with Baltimore, after a late fax communication caused his contract renewal with the Broncos to not go through.
DE Cliff Avril (DET) signed with Seattle.

I probably missed a few “major” moves, but that will whet your appetite for the upcoming season.

This year broke the record again for most early entrants into the draft, with 73 underclassmen declaring for their NFL opportunity.  [That broke the previous record set last year with 65, over the previous record set in 2011 of 56 underclassmen entering the draft].  32 of the 73 underclassmen (43.8%) come from the SEC (eleven from LSU alone); do you suppose this correlates to graduation rates?  Last year’s #2-ranked Oregon Ducks have zero underclassmen entering the 2013 draft.

Draftmetrics.com has come out with some interesting statistics regarding some projected outcomes for the 2013 draft based on results from the NFL Drafts of 1993 through 2006.
There will be 254 players drafted this year.  Following is a sampling of their numerous projections:

171 players (67.3%) will play at least three seasons
130 players (51.2%) will play at least five seasons
77 players (30.3%) will start for at least three seasons (a “starter” is someone who starts at least 8 games in a season).
58 players (22.8%) will start for at least five seasons.
42 players (16.5%) will start as rookies (based on draft years 1993-2012 rather than 1993-2006).
24 players (10.6%) will be selected for at least 1 Pro Bowl
13 players (5.1%) will be selected at least once as All Pro
10 players (3.9%) will be selected for at least 3 Pro Bowls
Only 3 players (1.2%) will be selected at least three times as All Pro (and to elaborate, two of these
      three players are likely to end up on teams that have one of the Top 13 draft picks this year, while
      the third three-time All Pro will end up with one of the other 19 teams selecting #14 through #32.


This info is old and cold, offered up on February 4th, but the MGM Race and Sports Book came out with 2014 Super Bowl odds almost immediately after Super Bowl XLVII was over.
San Francisco and Denver opened as 5-1 favorites to win next year’s championship game.
New England and Green Bay opened as 7-1 shots.
Defending Champ Baltimore joins Seattle and Houston with 10-1 opening odds.
And the “rebuilding” teams: Jacksonville at 200-1 and Kansas City at 150-1
I’ll update these numbers for all 32 teams just prior to the start of the regular season, but I’m guessing that KC will not be as high as 150-1 and Baltimore will probably go higher than 10-1.


QUESTION #1:  The NFL’s longest-serving active player and the player who has played in more games for one team than any other player in NFL history decided in early April to retire and not lace up the shoes for 2013.  Who is he?
HINT 1: He’s 42 years old.
HINT 2: He played in the “Black and Blue” division.

QUESTION #2:  In 2012, there were eight NFL quarterbacks that did all of the following: passed for over 4000 yards, threw 20 or more TD passes, completed at least 65% of passes thrown, and had a passer rating of at least 85.0.  I’ll give you the “easy” four, and you come up with the other four.
Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, and Aaron Rodgers.
You may be able to get three more, but the eighth one is a shocker.
BONUS: Of these eight QB’s, all have won at least one career playoff game, except one.  Which one?

Jason Hanson, who owns NFL records for most career 50-yard field goals (51) and most games played with one team (327).  He is still hampered by a heel injury that he developed last year, and he doesn’t want to compete at a limited level.  “I lost a little of my desire to play injured.”

Tony Romo, Matt Ryan, and Matt Schuab, and …
Carson Palmer, the eighth QB and answer to the bonus question.  He will be the new starting QB for the Arizona Cardinals this year (unless AZ takes a QB with the #7 pick in the 2013 draft and that guy can beat out the aging 2002 Heisman Trophy winner).
To replace Palmer in Oakland, the Raiders brought in Matt Flynn (SEA) to compete.
Arizona shipped out QB Kevin Kolb, and he ended up in Buffalo.

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Temecula, CA – The internet sites of NBC, HuffPost, and most other major name reporters are claiming 3 dead while the New York Post even in the updated edition states that the dead number 12. So far no one has corrected either tally (see update). Video surveillance (CCTV) is said to have captured a person tossing a backpack behind the crowd at the bomb sites. Video has also shown a man walking the building roofs over the route as or just before the two bombs went off. A Penske box truck that was turned away, supposedly delivering medical supplies, is being investigated. 

A ‘suspect’ has been taken into custody following severe burns from a bomb. He is reported to be cooperative and denies any involvement in the bombings. Finally a Saudi citizen, 20, here on a student visa has had his apartment searched. The scene in graphic pictures after the jump.    

UPDATE - The New York Post has since changed dead total to 3 and removed the 'subject' from their initial story.

Boston, April 15, Patriots Day, 117th running of Boston Marathon





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Temecula, CA – Listening to Whole Heart, the latest and best work from ex-T-town resident Lee Koch
(‘Cook’), I was more and more impressed with the production quality. So I decided to satisfy my curiosity with a little further research and this is what I found.

The entire ‘Whole Heart’ CD project was funded from an investor site called Kickstarter, which says a lot about the hipness of Lee Koch and the out-of-the-box thinking he is demonstrating along his life journey. But I’ll let him tell you about the premise himself, and then you can see Lee in action on two different songs, two different settings, but just two sides of this very uniquely talented Temecula homeboy.

“The long awaited, highly anticipated, nearly abandoned… second Lee Koch album. Yes dear family and friends, the wheels of this machine had almost completely come to a halt not too long ago, but momentum is gaining now and I’m planning on the release of my sophomore album by January 1st, 2013.

That will make it a solid four years from my last album, Same As Blood. Since 2009, I’ve found an amazingly perfect wife, played heaps of shows in all types of settings throughout the country, learned a whole lot about myself and the world around me, and now – now I’m about to discover the wild world of parenthood. Yes, we’re having a baby sometime in February! It’s another awesome change in my life that will inspire heartfelt music and lyrics.

So, with all of this said, I’d like to invite you to come alongside me and get this machine running full speed. I’d love to create for you a collection of recorded songs that is as good, if not better, than the last album. As you know, this is not a cheap task. Consider studio time, production, engineering, guest musicians, manufacturing and travel expenses. These are the necessities.

Fortunately, there are funding platforms like Kickstarter that allow me to provide advanced sales of these things and offer exclusive incentives (vinyl records, t-shirts, stickers, etc.) for those who decide to participate before the album is completed. That’s all it is: simply artist to listener. No record label or management agency to front me money and expect more in return. It’s a beautiful and liberating thing.” – Lee Koch

And now without further ado

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Temecula, CA – A friend is developing a product to go along with the current trend of turning the populace
into unthinking, button-pushing rats in a maze. A big part of the maze, since the people who run the maze are the same size as the lab rats [us], must rely on cameras. We are told one reason or another for them, but around here, every new traffic signal gets a candid camera attached to the signal mast. The people who watch you on the screen get paid, especially if the camera is a ticket camera.
It takes a city council to allow ticket cameras to be used on its citizens. When the citizens don’t like something the overlords [city councils are where the real power starts after PTA presidency, “Join for the kids, Stay for the power!”] enact, citizens can do a voter initiative to rescind their city council's decision, or so the citizens of Murrieta thought.

A judge on Friday, April 5, struck down a ban on red-light cameras that was approved by Murrieta voters this past November.

‘Safe Streets for Murrieta, No on Measure N -- a committee backed by red-light camera companies -- had filed a petition last year arguing that the state legislature has delegated decisions about red light cameras to the City Council. Since traffic regulation is a matter of statewide concern, Safe Streets lawyers said, the local initiative process cannot be used to interfere in the matter.*

Riverside Superior Court Judge Daniel Ottolia agreed.

“The court has a tremendous amount of respect for the initiative process and the will of the voters,” Ottolia said.

But in this case, he said, the ban was beyond the power of the voters to enact.*

The Safe Streets committee was funded by two Arizona-based red light camera companies – Murrieta’s traffic camera provider, American Traffic Solutions, and Redflex Traffic Systems – according to campaign finance reports.

During the campaign, the camera companies jointly contributed $105,000 to Safe Streets for Murrieta to fight the camera ban, known as Measure N. The initiative passedwith 57 percent voter approval.

A Redflex spokeswoman said recently that company is no longer involved in the case. Murrieta’s red-light cameras have been turned off since December. It's unclear, in light of Friday’s ruling, what will become of them.

That’s for the City Council to decide,” Murrieta Assistant City Attorney Jeff Morris said after the hearing.
Now that Measure N has been invalidated, the council has the discretion to turn the cameras back on if it chooses, he said.

Before the vote, the majorityof the council supported keeping the cameras. The city coffers receive a portion of the revenue made off the traffic tickets issued from the camera stills. The cameras replace traffic officers who can then be placed at other intersections thereby facilitating more city revenue from motorists.

Murrieta has had red light cameras since 2006. The cameras are at three intersections: Murrieta Hot Springs and Whitewood roads; Murrieta Hot Springs and Margarita roads; and Clinton Keith Road and Nutmeg Street. The police department said the cameras made those crossways safer, reducing broadsideaccidents and red-light runners.
Anti-camera activistspointed to an uptick in rear-end collisions at those same intersections. Resident Diana Serafin spearheaded Measure N by collecting signatures to get the ban on the ballot.

Before votes could be cast, another resident, Steve Flynn, sued to block the camera ban. Flynn’s lawsuit was controversial: he said a Sacramento law firm approached him to be a part of the suit and he had ‘no idea who was paying’ the legal fees.
That suit also won in Riverside County Superior Court, but the ruling was overturned by the appeals court, which said the measure could move forward but did not tackle its legality. A three-judge panel said only that the challenge had been filed too late, and that it was more proper to review the case after the election, if Measure N passed.’ – Sarah Burge, Press-Enterprise

A sample of comments to this developing story are posted below:

“More out of control judges. City council better pay attention to the votes against the red light cameras or we should get rid of the councilmen. The voters said NO to cameras. The opposition was paid for by the company making the money. Go figure.”

“Yet another example of legislating from the bench. Hopefully the City Council of Murrieta will take into account the results of the vote on Prop. N and act accordingly. If not, then those Council members who vote to restart the cameras should be recalled.”

“The initiative process was put in place because of fears about tyranny by elected officials. We are finding elected officials will take money from red light companies and impose red light programs upon their constituents. When put to a vote of the people, red light programs are defeated 60-70%.”

Editor’s Aside: Most people missed the significance of Occupy LA and the other Occupy sites around the world. As stated in Chapter 20, Memoirs, Jack Herer was a prophet in naming his magnum opus, The Emperor Wears No Clothes. There was a ‘revolution’ that wasn’t televised; but it wasn’t the one Gil Scott Herron envisioned. We found that out at Occupy; California voters found that out with Prop 37; and now the second Murrieta citizen activist who was successful at the ballot box, has been disenfranchised by the empire.
*However, this legal argument, if it stands, provides a legal precedence to overturn all city council bans on medical marijuana storefronts, collectives, and dispensaries. The ‘magic’ of Mary Jane Green isa laughing matter.
Also edited for content and, all emphasis, you know who.

TemeculaCalendar.com 'Gonzo Press' tent [green]; the 'Gadhafi' tent, [red/tan] press sleeping quarters

Stay tuned for this is a developing local story…

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Temecula, CA – During my occupation at Occupy LA, a Filipino friend asked me with a slight attitude, “Well, are you going to move to LA?” 

Lee Koch
She, as well as my readers know, detected my growing infatuation with the city of LA. But I told her “No,” because the ‘magic’ read creative energy here is unique in swerve from what you feel in LA. Friday night at the Temecula Theater in Old Town, Lee Koch (‘Cook’), echoed that sentiment in his radio friendly, country-flavored, fiddle-strung song, ‘Celebrities’.

As I sat there in the darkened TV studio-sized playhouse, a perfect place to showcase the type of talent I cut my teeth on in becoming the local ‘scene historian’, I looked around at the newly exposed older patrons to gauge their reaction. The standing ovation given Lee, his fellow musician band mates, and the songs that were all proceeded by a heartfelt introduction before the evening’s encore, said it all.

I could flashback here and give you a background story, but I’ll cut to the chase. The music scene that I cover, the underground music scene, exhibits songs made by artists for listening to by people who appreciate music and talent, not to be confused with people who like to be entertained by music and stars.
With that said, the music field in this valley has been and still is, vibrant in talent. A few of the very talented musicians also share a gift for attracting other stars who compliment them with their talent. This is the case with Lee’s long time friend/fellow live-music fan, Jesse Olema, the lanky musician who plays his fiddle sometimes like a fiddle and other times picks the fiddle like a lead guitar. The licks he hit during his standout solos melted the faces of the ‘snow tops’ like a heat ray applied through the ears.

The show started promptly on time with The Brewer Boys (The X Factor) warming up the crowd as a duo with an added djembe player (Tom Wiker) providing a beat for the range of genres, from new country to bluegrass with pop and folk rock songs mixed in, that mark the wider appeal geared toward the T-town music market who attend community sponsored events and fundraisers. The current combination of acoustic guitar and mandolin, as seen on the popular Geico commercials, is just as appealing, maybe even more so, when the two musicians are 18 and 15, respectively.

After a short set-up break of maybe seven minutes, Lee, a Temecula Music Festalum, and his current band cast, Jesse, the aforementioned fiddler, another Jesse [Siebenberg], drums/percussion, plus a newly added bass player who doubled on synth to cover organ and sax parts, seemed a member longer than 3 weeks. After that, the talent of like attracting like shown out for all to hear and see in song, as intros ran from poignant to humor to insightful, followed by the tuneful examples written* by self-taught singer/songwriter/harmonica/guitarist, Lee Koch. Holy Shades of Bipsy!

Jesse on fiddle (far right), TMF organizer Bill Gould, left from Lee, center, with guest drummer Phil Locash
 Accustomed to a more relaxed environment, the group took a perceived break to give the audience a chance to stretch their legs mid-set. Upon return, the majority of the row in front of me did not return, which was a pity. A story would later be told by Lee’s mother about the spontaneous connection baby Lee made to his father Bob and the sound of his Martin guitar almost at birth. Lee did My Father’s House, a song his father wrote* as he played his father’s Martin onstage for his old hometown.

Fresh from a break and heartened by the old hometown reception/applause, Lee and company returned ‘warmed up’ and the fiddle solos commenced with some song jam breakdowns in what was clearly a looser, ‘tent show revival’ second half. That brought the encore, always a plus at anymusic show.

Lee Koch, onstage, Temecula Music Fest

A Lee Koch show features original songs that run from blues, jazzy blues, country, new bluegrass, new Christian, and new Americana, each done to a beat spin appropriate for its genre (as in, duh, fresh!). Lee’s voice has a timbre that is unique for capturing a song’s essence and then resonate that soul into a sound.
The latest CD, Whole Heart, is being promoted on 2013's diy Free From Misery Tour, which commenced after an all-too-brief appearance on TV’s The Voiceseen on one of the corporate networks. This release records Lee’s journey after he left T-town, moved to Ventura, a surf community that wouldn’t let the promising songwriter/story teller swap singing for baking, and got married. The journey for this CD to your heart starts to unfold with the very first track and winds up, not down, with a rousing 'settlement house' rocker that rides in on a standup piano with a choir called, Keepin’ On, and it's done live!
Though the song topics occupy the typical range of subjects facing a person today, especially one newly married (3yrs) having a 2 month old baby girl (the ‘honeymoon’ stage of having kids), the poetic lyrics and vocal styling’s of Lee’s genuine unprogramed tones are what sell every song like a great B&W still. The additional ensemble of talented band member friends, as you could tell they are, just turn that still into a color movie of motion, which was effectively showcased in the theater’s stage lighting.

In loving memory to Siskel & Ebert, who are once again sharing the aisle seats, the personal journey CD release, Whole Heart, gets ‘two thumbs up’ from me. Get your copy and then catch the Free From Misery Lee Koch Tour. Next tour stops close by are today at the River Walk in Fallbrook and tomorrow in O-side at the Black Sheep Yoga Studio.