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Alton Brown's Mustard Caddy - Brilliant!

As some of you are well aware, I love Alton Brown's wonderful ideas. If you dont know who Alton Brown is, and you are reading my blog, welcome to the Holy Land of kitchen tips and tricks. Here Alton helps Americans one fridge at a time.

 All Hail Alton!




Temecula, CA – Being an American Jewish mutt who has lived in this country for almost three-quarters of a century gives you a long list of memories to draw comparisons to about today’s breaking
news topics. As ‘Lois Lane with a penis’ [LLWAP] some stories are scoops like the inside track to where the ‘missing Malaysian jet’ actually went. Other stories just start and develop a buzz that you, as a writer/reporter just have to respond to. The Blazing Saddles saga of Donald Sterling is one of those stories.

Before we look at the facts and truths of the ongoing saga, let us pause to reflect on having four upcoming eclipses [3 lunar, 1 solar] all happening on Jewish Holy days as a sign to the Jews that the second hand on the clock of destiny has stopped, time’s up. For the Catholics you have the double confirmed prediction [St. Malachy, Nostradamus] that Pope Francis is the last Pope. Islam notes one of the very last minor signs of the last days is the competition of the constructing of tall buildings in the Middle East. Anyone and everyone knows where the world’s tallest structures are now and it ain’t in New York City anymore, Toto. 

As destroyers start to circle like sharks from divers countries and the two ‘kings’ in the north clamor swords over routes of commercial resourcing, you don’t have the same ‘church packing’ the nation saw during the Cuban Missile Standoff. Rather than see the approaching ‘uncut stone’ being prepared for the ‘feet’ of the image in Dan 2, the feet being America, folks are up in arms over an old married white guy hosing a brown-skin hottie because of what he said, looking past why he said what he said. Tis the daze of Noah. Where is Cleavon Little when we really need him?

First, this is LA. You have an abundance of exotic looking women mingled in with drop-dead gorgeous basic ethnic types all in great weather. The culture is young/rich meaning if you are rich, you can have youth, be it by knife or boudoir. Some things are wrong but in LA the rule seems to be, ‘wrong ain’t wrong if done by the right people.’ So let’s look at the wrongs in this case.

Wrong No. 1 – the guy is married. Sure many people play around but in this case there is hardly any mention of this 'married' factoid. Shameful reporting and a ‘if it bleeds, it leads’ mindset.

Wrong no. 2 – Mrs. Sterling’s statement, “I am not a racist.” What the hell does that mean? I’ve banged all colors? Or I don’t care what color the woman my husband fucks, as long as he doesn’t spend too much money on them. Where is the ‘You bastard, fucking around on me with another woman’ rant? At 80 she is not going to be ex-Mrs. Sterling and not be part of the game.

Wrong No. 3 – the LA NAACP. Has there ever been a bunch of ‘educated blacks’ more bourgeoisie outside of Washington? The notion of giving a man with a long history of racial discrimination in business dealings a Lifetime Achievement Award shows why the organization only appeals to a certain ‘upwardly mobile demo’ who don’t see skin color, only wallet thickness.Sterling has a net worth of about $1.9 billion. He was born Donald Tokowitz to Jewishemigrants parents Mickey and Susan Tokowitz. You may notice that there has been NO outburst against Mr. Sterling from any member or from that branch of the National Organization. (Update: The head of the LA NAACP has since resigned - Ed)

Mr. Sterling, though bigoted racially, isn't wrong in feeling certain angst about his [80yrs] less the half his age [31yrs] mistress. In the world of Donald Sterling, his boys [friends, not his team] know he fucks around. It's like owning a boat. When you have other people rubbing on the varnish, smearing the paint's finish, and even posing for pictures beside your boat, your friends come by and said, "Did you see so-and-so with your boat yesterday?" The affair has been going on since 2010 after the two met during the Super Bowl.

The question of ‘what would it take to make this all go away is about to be answered but not in the manner Mr. and Mrs. Sterling might like. There is some ‘magic’ in the corner and there is a lesson.

For Mrs. Sterling – you were the one who precipitated this mess by suing your husband’s last mistress. Perhaps you are not racist but you did underestimate this brown-skinned temptress. You are about to sit on your own dildo. The duplex Dandy Don bought his girlfriend was for his privacy, his away-from-home home. That’s why he wanted himself taped. Owning a franchise team is a 25-hour a day job [I have a mole escort who dated in a football franchise] and you have to keep track of people who are keeping track of people running the show. Instead of writing off the bad behavior,

Sterling has a net worth of about $1.9 billion. He was born Donald Tokowitz to Jewish emigrants parents Mickey and Susan Tokowitz. - See more at: http://fabwags.com/vanessa-perez-v-stiviano-clippers-owner-ronald-sterlings-girlfriend/#sthash.rdbj8YED.dpuf

you have now opened a can of worms.

For Mr. Sterling – it is a common urban legend that every bigoted white likes black/non-white tail which is about as common as your most homophobic talking heads being closet homos themselves or that all black men want some white pussy. However, every stereotype is based on reality, not fiction.
My deceased aunt [by marriage], an educated and definitely upwardly mobile person once said to me, “We don’t care about you having ‘white girlfriends’ we just don’t think you should have ‘white’ friends.” It was the last time I sat at her dinner table.

It would seem that Donald Sterling has been eating at the same table, and now public opinion is bringing him the check. It sucks to be you.

The ‘race’ problem isn’t just in America though you would think it is from the news. Discrimination by color, or by tribe in some countries, is and has been going on and will continue. Rent a copy of Blazing Saddles and see how people looked at race here in the swinging 70s before things got politically correct.

(updated from previous wrong age of 38 for Sterling's mistress- Ed)

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San Bernardino County Sheriff candidate PAUL SCHRADER hosted a table at HempCon, a medical marijuana expo that happened in San Bernardino, last weekend from Friday, April 18 to Sunday, April 20, 2014, with personal visits by the candidate from 2pm-4pm on Saturday.

Paul Schrader, a Marine Corps veteranand current Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy, hosts Ask Your Sheriff, an internet radio show every Monday from 6pm to 7pm. On Saturday, Schrader held a special event from 2pm to 4pm at his HempCon booth where attendees quizzed him about his campaign. Questions regarding his platform on medical marijuana and other issues were answered by the candidate.

According to Schrader, “The State of California decided that marijuana is medicine when it passed Prop 215. The people of San Bernardino County deserve a Sheriff who is willing to defend their right to safe access to medicine prescribed by their doctor. It is time we stop treating patients like criminals.”

While Schrader believes that full legalization of marijuana is outside the scope of the County Sheriff, considering a policy of decriminalization is worth looking at. “The War on Drugs has failed the American people. Our prisons are overflowing, and violent offenders are being released early to make room for nonviolent offenders,” said Schrader.

Herbologist C. Va Voom

Schrader also said that encouraging the manufacturing of hemp-based textiles could help a waning economy in the county.

Catering to those who will benefit from the medical use of marijuana, HempConincluded exhibits by medical marijuana dispensaries, collectives, doctors, care givers, legal services, and educational services.

Paul Schrader is running for Sheriff of San Bernardino County as a Constitutional Sheriff. His campaign emphasizes cleaning up rampant corruption in the county; protecting 2nd Amendment rights; replacing DUI/license checkpoints with more effective, constitutionally sound methods; and placing cameras on deputies to reduce the public cost of lawsuits.

For more information regarding Schrader’s campaign, please visit www.SheriffPaul2014.com.

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Malaysia’s former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad has questioned whether flight MH370 crashed 
into the southern Indian Ocean and
has blamed Boeing, the plane’s maker, for its disappearance.

Dr Mahathir, who maintains a powerful influence in his country’s ruling party, also suggested the reason why the passengers and crew never acted to stop whatever was happening on board was because they were “somehow incapacitated".

“Even if the pilot wants to commit suicide, the co-pilot and the cabin crew would not allow him to do so without trying something,” he said.

“But no one, not even the passengers, did anything.”

Writing in an opinion piece, Dr Mahathir questioned why no debris or oil slick from the plane has been found.

“Can it be that the plane remained intact on crashing and sank with no trace and no one launching the lifeboat doors, as we are told all these aircraft are equipped with?” he asked.

“Can one believe this plane quietly floated down into the raging sea and sank conveniently in the deepest part (seven miles deep) of the Indian Ocean?”

Dr Mahathir said it must have taken some effort if the pilot, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, disabled the plane’s communication system.

“The co-pilot would notice and for his own life he would have tried to do something … was he disabled? Were all the crew members and the passengers disabled?”

Dr Mahathir, 88, who was prime minister for 22 years from 1981, said he is upset that Malaysia Airlines staff were taken hostage by angry Chinese relatives of passengers in Beijing last week, “because they are blaming the wrong people".

“The loss of the plane is due to the makers, Boeing. How can Boeing produce a plane that is so easily disabled?” he said.

Dr Mahathir said in an era where passenger planes can be tracked on mobile phone, and spy satellites operated by some countries can photograph and identify a person on the ground, Boeing must explain how all these means of tracking the plane “can be disabled, can fail”.

“Either Boeing technology is poor, or it is not fail-safe,” he said.

“I would not like to fly in a Boeing aircraft unless Boeing can explain how all its system can fail or be disabled.”

Dr Mahathir said Boeing, a multinational corporation based in Chicago, must “demonstrate possible ways for the communication system to be disabled”.

“Boeing must accept responsibility for building an aircraft that can disappear in mid-air so completely,”  he said.

Boeing has sent experts to Kuala Lumpur to work with Malaysian and international aviation experts investigating the disappearance of the Boeing 777 with 239 people on board during a scheduled flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8.

Boeing has not responded to Dr Mahathir's comments which were first published in his personal blog and then republished in several Malaysian news outlets.

Dr Mahathir’s comments will fuel scepticism among Malaysians that the plane crashed into the Indian Ocean 1500 kilometres west of Perth, where an Australian-led hunt has so far failed to find any trace of the airliner.

Malaysia plans this week to release a preliminary report into the disappearance - but, according to officials, it will shed little light on what happened.

(Story source - Lindsay Murdoch)

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The Trails Eatery, after Restaurant Impossible

As a big fan of Robert Irvine's Restaurant Impossible show on Food Network, we have always wanted to visit one of the renovations after it was done. Good fortune had it that our band Keenwild was booked to play the Encinitas street fair today. After our set we were hungry, so we took a trip across town to The Trails Eatery in San Diego to see what it is really like after the renovation occurred.

Upon entering the restaurant it looked very similar to how it appeared on the episode. We were quickly greeted and taken to a table by a polite employee. We got our water quickly, as asked. The waitress came over and properly explained every possible question we had - and it was quite a few. It was clear the owner, Stacey, ran a tight ship.

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Temecula, CA – Today we continue our look at the passage of SB 1381, the bill to label GMOs in California recently introduced into the Senate. The Calendar notes that this series of stories detailing the attempt to pass such a bill are reported more to illustrate just where the oligarchic corruption first occurs and by who, not as a rah-rah moment. Here’s our latest report from our inside moles Jim and Pamm, per James Brown, gentlemen first:

‘Great news, we passed another hurdle today, successfully getting SB1381 voted out of the Judiciary Committee!!!!   5 of the 6 senators voted yes, a very strong showing of support!   Jackson, Lara, Monning, Leno and Corbett all voted yes, not sure if Vidak* was a no vote, abstained or wasn't present.  I am certain our phone calls were a big part in this.  

It sounds like we will be going to the Senate Agriculture Committee next (probably 4/29), so we will need to make more phone calls. All of our efforts with Senator Lieu take even greater importance as he is one of the 5 members on this committee.   I suspect this will be a more difficult committee to get out of.  

The good news is that Wolk is on this committee and she already voted yes when it came before her on the Health Committee.  I think Lieu is pretty certain to vote yes, especially if we keep requesting it.  The last 3 I do not know much about, look for an update here on the next steps as to when to call.’

And now our second correspondent, 

‘WooT!!  We made it out of Judiciary with a few miracles!

We went into the hearing thinking Lara would vote no or not at all...and he voted YES!  Miracle #2- We had a very vocal supporter in Hannahbeth Jackson who assured opposition that their fears were unfounded, that this was clearly about right to know, not lawsuits, that she wanted to know what was in the food her daughter is feeding her granddaughter.  Rock ON!!

Next Steps-

Although we are making one more plea to the AG Committee to not be heard there, at this point it looks like we will have to be heard at the Ag Committee next.  And that hearing would probably be April 29 or 31...that's right... NEXT week!  Our biggest hurdle and not much time to influence.

Thanks for all the calls and all you guys have done.  It's noticed.

Pamm Larry, LabelGMOs
LabelGMOs California's Grassroots · United States

(*- Meanwhile, we will be looking into that absentee/no-vote and report back.)

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Hello Football Fans,

Thought you might want some NFL draft info before the event taking place on May 8th through the 10th this year.

Lots of detailed info/minutia for you draftniks.


The Fugitive Commissioner of the FFHL

(Welcome back, Commish – Ed)


The 2014 NFL Draft will be held at Radio City Music Hall in New York City on May 8th through May 10th.  The first round will be televised on Thursday, May 8th and begins at 8 pm ET.  The 2nd and 3rd rounds will be held on Friday and the 4th through 7th rounds on Saturday will wrap up the festivities.  

The draft's traditional time frame in late April will not be available in 2014 due to a scheduling conflict at Radio City Music Hall (bull…..sneeze), and the NFL plans to continue holding the draft in May in future years as part of a permanent offseason calendar change.
The last time the entire draft took place in May was 1984.
Editorial Comment: The NFL brain trust is up to something, and it is probably a play to try to make more money in the future.  They had better watch out and not get greedy and not ruin the great situation the league finds itself in right now.  “Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered.” (just ask Dallas Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban).

Overall, this draft class is projected to be the deepest in the last decade (i.e., loaded with talent into the later rounds).  Of course, this is to be expected since there were 98 underclassmen who declared for the draft this year, obliterating the previous all-time record of 73 underclassmen set last year.


Each year there seems to be an emphasis on the QB position, which especially makes sense these days as the NFL is becoming a “quarterback-driven” league.  That is, the rules have changed in the last decade to make the passing game more dominant over running attacks.

Anyway, the pundits pretty much put three players at the top of the QB draft board, with no consensus as to which one is best: Teddy Bridgewater (Louisville), Blake Bortles (UCF), and Johnny Manziel (TXAM).  There is also no consensus as to when they will be drafted.  They all could be picked in the top 4 picks, since Houston at #1,  Jacksonville at #3, Cleveland at #4 are all looking to upgrade the QB position.  And then Oakland at #5 (but the Raiders picked up Matt Schaub in free agency and have labeled him their starter) and Minnesota at #8 may pick up a QB in the first round.  On the other hand, some pundits have speculated that one or all of these three QB’s may drop out of the Top 10 or even out of the first round (Mel Kiper has Bridgewater slipping to the 2nd round – see below).

The second tier of QB draftees, projected as 1stor 2nd round selections, are:
Derek Carr (Fresno, brother of David who was drafted #1 overall out of Fresno State by Houston in 2002), and
Jimmy Garoppolo (Eastern Illinois, an FCS team; alma mater of Tony Romo).

The next tier is generally expected to be drafted in the 2ndto 5th rounds:
            The “sleeper” supposedly rising up draft boards: Tom Savage (PITT)
            AJ McCarron (ALA)
            Zach Mettenberger (LSU)
            Logan Thomas (VA Tech)
            Tajh Boyd (Clemson)
            And then Brett Smith (WYO), Aaron Murray (UGA), David Fales (SJ.St)

Running Backs

The RB position has not been a major focus early in the draft in recent years.  Last year, no running back was selected in the first round.  2013 Offensive Rookie of the Year Eddie Lacy (ALA) was the fourth RB selected in the 2nd round by the GB Packers.
This year, the pundits generally think the same thing will happen again this year.  The first RB to be selected may come out of this group: Carlos Hyde (Ohio St.), Lache Seastrunk (Baylor), Jeremy Hill (LSU).

Statistically, the productivity of running backs steadily declines after age 27.  Of the 177 RB’s under contract with NFL teams right now, 72% are age 26 or younger.  Only 8 of the 177 (4.5%) are age 30 or older.  So it makes sense that few running backs get big contracts after turning 27.  The free agent signings by RB’s this year for the best available players were all in the range of 3 years, $10.5 million (see below).
If you look at the statistics for wide receivers, the same is not true.  WR’s generally remain productive into their early 30’s.

Wide Receivers

Some pundits, including Mel Kiper, are projecting an all-time record for number of WR’s selected in the first round.  Seven wide receivers were selected in the first round of the 2004 NFL Draft.  Mel is predicting eight in his Mock Draft 4.0 (see below).

The consensus #1 WR is Sammy Watkins (Clemson), and he most likely will be picked in the Top 5.  After that, each receiver has a different skill set that may benefit one specific team more than the others, depending on a team’s offensive scheme:
            Mike Evans (TXAM)             Tall at 6’5” and skilled, but not a blazer
            Marqise Lee (USC)                Fluid & quick; durability concerns
            Kelvin Benjamin (FSU)           At 6’5”, a smallish TE; not great route runner
            Brandin Cooks (OR.St)          Little guy, speedy with separation skills
            Odell Beckham Jr (LSU)
            Jordan Matthews (Vandy)
            Cody Latimer (Indiana)          Sleeper moving up the draft board

Not in first round projections for Mel Kiper, but still highly touted:
            Jarvis Landry (LSU)
            Allen Robinson (Penn State)
            Paul Richardson (Colorado)
            Donte Moncrief (Ole Miss)
            Davante Adams (Fresno)

Tight Ends

Eric Ebron (UNC) should be picked in the Top 20, and Jace Amaro (Texas Tech) may also get selected in the first round.  It is not a deep TE class this year.  Others expected to be drafted are: Austin Seferian-Jenkins (UW), C.J. Fiedorowicz (Iowa), Troy Niklas (ND), and Xavier Grimble (USC).
Offensive Linemen

Last year, three of the top four picks in the first round were offensive tackles (#1 Eric Fisher, C. Mich to KC, #2 Luke Joeckel, TX A&M, to JAX, and #4 Lane Johnson, OKL, to PHI).

This year, there are two and maybe three OT’s that may get picked in the Top 10.  The consensus top two are:
Greg Robinson (AUB) and Jake Matthews (TX A&M), and both will be selected before #10 Detroit selects, unless there is a huge run on QB picks at the top of the draft.
After that, consensus third best is OT Taylor Lewan (Michigan), followed closely by Zach Martin (ND), probable OG or center in the NFL.

The next tier that are projected to be drafted in the late 1stor 2nd round:
            Morgan Moses (UVA)          Left or right tackle
            Cyrus Kouandijo (ALA)       Probably right tackle
            David Yankey (Stanford)     Probably guard
            Xavier Su’a-Filo (UCLA)     Probably guard

Defensive Linemen

Last year, seven DL were selected in the first round, including Sheldon Richardson out of Missouri.  He became the 2013 Defensive Rookie of the Year for the NY Jets, who selected him #13 overall.
This year, DE Jadeveon Clowney (S.CAR) is the consensus best defensive player to come out of the college ranks in the last five years.  Most pundits project him to be selected #1 overall.  After that, up to seven additional defensive linemen could be selected in the first round, with each player having specific strong points that a particular team may like:
            DT Aaron Donald (PITT)
            NT Louis Nix III (ND)
            DT Timmy Jernigan (FSU)
            DE Kony Ealy (Missouri)
            DE Scott Crichton (Oregon State)
            DT Ra’Shede Hageman (Minnesota)
            DE Stephon Tuitt (ND)


Outside LB Khalil Mack (Buffalo) is the consensus 2nd best defensive NFL prospect behind DE Clowney, and will be drafted in the Top 10, and maybe as early as #2 overall.  He is a pass-rushing marvel, having forced 16 fumbles (mainly strip-sacks of QB) in his 48-game college career.

After Mack, several other LB’s will likely be drafted in the first round:
            OLB Anthony Barr (UCLA)
            ILB C.J. Mosley (ALA)

Followed closely as projected 1st or 2ndround picks:
            OLB Ryan Shazier (Ohio State)
            OLB Dee Ford (Auburn)
            OLB Kyle Van Noy (BYU)

I’m probably missing a few 2nd rounders, since there were a total of 10 LB’s selected in the first two rounds last year.
Secondary – Cornerbacks and Safeties

There are two cornerbacks and two safeties that stand out above the rest this year, and all four will be drafted in the first round:
            CB Darqueze Dennard (Michigan State)
            CB Justin Gilbert (Oklahoma State)
            S  Calvin Pryor (Louisville)
            S  Ha Ha Clinton-Dix (ALA)

After that, Mel Kiper has two other cornerbacks projected as 1st rounders:
            CB Bradley Roby (Ohio State)
            CB Jason Verrett (TCU)

Last year, twelve defensive backs were picked in the first two rounds of the draft, so I’m missing some players that will be selected in the 2nd round.

Special Teamers

Iowa State’s Kirby Van Der Kamp is the top-ranked punter in the draft, and should get drafted in the late rounds on Saturday, May 10th.

There are no “phenom” place kickers this year.  A couple of possible draftees are: Chris Boswell (Rice) and Anthony Fera (Texas).

(approx order by contract amount in millions (MM); “G” represents guaranteed money, if known)

                                                NEW     OLD   
PLAYER                                   Team     Team     CONTRACT/COMMENTS

S Jairus BYRD                          NOR       BUF      6 years, $56MM ($28MM G);
                                                                          big deal and instant upgrade on “D”
OT Branden ALBERT                MIA        KC        5 YR, $46MM ($25MM G)
DE Michael JOHNSON              TB         CIN       5 YR, $44MM ($24MM G)
                                               NYG       DEN      5 YR, $39MM max ($15MM G)
CB Vontae DAVIS                      IND        IND      re-signed 4 YR, $39MM
OT Eugene MONROE                BAL        BAL      re-signed 5 YR, $37.5MM ($19MM G)
WR Eric Decker                        NYJ        DEN     5 YR, $36MM ($15MM G); too much?!?
OLT Jared VELDHEER              AZ          OAK     5 YR, $35MM
DE Lamarr HOUSTON              CHI         OAK     5 YR, $35MM

DE Arthur JONES                     IND        BAL      5 YR, $33MM ($10MM G)
OT Rodger SAFFOLD               STL        STL      5 YR, $32MM ($20 G); signed by Raiders,
                                                                          then “failed physical” kicked him back to Rams
DE Jared ALLEN                      CHI        MIN      4 YR, $32MM ($15.5MM G)
DT Linval JOSEPH                   MIN       NYG      5 YR, $31.5MM
WR Golden TATE                     DET       SEA       5 YR, $31MM ($13+ G)
DE DeMarcus WARE                DEN       DAL      3 YR, $30MM ($20 G); any gas left in tank?
OT Austin HOWARD                OAK       NYJ       5 YR, $30MM ($15 G);
OL Zane BEADLES                  JAX        DEN      5 YR, $30MM
OLT Anthony COLLINS           TB          CIN       5 YEARS, $30MM ($15MM G)
DE Julius PEPPERS                 GB          CHI       3 YR, max $30MM ($7.5MM G)

S Donte WHITNER                 CLE         SF         4 YR, $28MM
CB Aqib TALIB                       DEN        NE         3 YR, $27MM ($12MM G) + incentives
CB Alterraun VERNER             TB          TEN       4 YR, $26.5MM
S Mike MITCHELL                 PIT         CAR       5 YR, $25MM
WR DeSean JACKSON           WSH        PHI        3 YR, $24MM ($16MM G)
LB Karlos DANSBY                CLE         AZ          4 YR, $24MM
S T.J. WARD                         DEN        CLE         4 YR, $23MM ($14MM G)
LB D’Qwell JACKSON           IND         CLE         4 YR, $22MM ($11MM G)
O(L/R)T Michael OHER          TEN        BAL         4 YR, $20MM ($9.5MM G);
                                                                          May not be blocking the “Blind Side”

DE Chris CLEMONS              JAX         SEA         4 YR, $18MM + incentives
WR Emmanuel SANDERS      DEN         PIT          3 YR, $15MM+incentives ($6MM G)
WR Andrew HAWKINS          CLE         CIN          4 YR, $13.6MM (front-loaded)
CB Darrelle REVIS                 NE           TB            1 YR, $12MM; or 2-yr, $32MM if extended

RB Dexter McCLUSTER        TEN         KC            3 YR, max $12MM
OLB Lamarr WOODLEY        OAK        PIT            2 YR, max $12MM
WR Steve SMITH                  BAL        CAR           3 YR, max $12MM ($3.5MM signing
                                                                            bonus, and $3MM stilled owed by CAR)
WR Jacoby JONES                BAL        BAL            re-signed to 4-year deal, $12MM
WR James JONES                 OAK       GB              3 YR, $11.3MM
DE Justin TUCK                    OAK       NYG           2 YR, $11MM (Giants offered about ½)
RB Toby GERHART               JAX       MIN            3 YR, $10.5MM
RB Donald BROWN               SD         IND             3 YR, $10.5MM
RB Darren SPROLES             PHI        NOR            3 YR, $10.5MM ($5.5 G);
                                                                             traded for 5th round pick
QB Josh McCOWN               TB          CHI              2 YR, $10MM
OLT Donald PENN                OAK       TB                2 YR, $9.6MM
DE Antonio SMITH               OAK       HOU             2 YR, $9MM
RB Chris JOHNSON              NYJ       TEN              2 YR, $9MM
KR Devin HESTER                ATL        CHI              3 YR, $9MM
QB Matt SCHAUB                 OAK       HOU              1 YR, $8MM + $3MM incentives;
                                                                              traded for 2014 sixth round draft pick
WR Branden LaFELL             NE         CAR              3 YR, $9MM ($3MM signing bonus)

RB Maurice JONES-DREW    OAK       JAX              3 YR, $7.5MM ($1.2MM G)
RB Ben TATE                        CLE        HOU             2 YR, max $7MM
CB Champ BAILEY                NOR      DEN              2 YR, $7MM max
DE Shaun PHILLIPS             TEN        DEN              2 YR, $6MM
CB Brandon BROWNER         NE          SEA              3 YR; $16.8MM ($1MM G);
                                                                               four-game suspension to start 2014
WR Mike WILLIAMS            BUF         TB                Signed 6-yr, $40MM contract last year;
                                                                               Bills on hook for only $1.8MM this yr.
                                                                               Traded for 2014 sixth round pick
WR Hakeem NICKS              IND          NYG             1 YR, $3.5MM to $5.5MM
RB Darren McFADDEN         OAK         OAK              re-signed for 1 YR, $4MM
S Roman HARPER                CAR          NOR             2 YR, $4.5MM
DT Henry MELTON              DAL          CHI              1 YR, $2.25MM plus 3-year option &
                                                                                Incentive-laden; could earn $29MM
CB Antonio CROMARTIE       AZ             NYJ             1 YR, $3+MM
QB Michael VICK                  NYJ           PHI              1 YR, $4MM (Mark Sanchez was cut)
QB Mark SANCHEZ               PHI           NYJ              1 YR, $4MM max
RB LeGarrette BLOUNT         PIT            NE               2 YR, $3.85MM
RB Knowshon MORENO       MIA           DEN             1 YR, $3MM max
WR Kenny BRITT                 STL           TEN              1 YR, $1.4MM to $2.9MM
CB Carlos ROGERS               OAK           SF                1 YR, $2.5MM ($1MM G)

OT Jonathan MARTIN            SF             MIA              traded for conditional 7th rounder 2015
OG John JERRY                    NYG           MIA              accessory to bullying of J. Martin
QB Blaine GABBERT               SF             JAX               traded for 2014 sixth round draft pick
QB Brandon WEEDON           DAL           CLE               2 YR, $1.2MM; still owed $2.1MM by CLE
QB Josh FREEMAN               NYG          MIN               1 YR
QB Terrelle PRYOR                SEA           OAK               1 YR, $700K; traded for conditional 2015


Let’s compare Mel Kiper’s 1st round mock draft from February to his revised mock draft just last week in mid-April.  Column #2 is Mel Kiper’s February mock draft (from #1 to #32), and in Column #1 are his current mock draft rankings for those 32 players as of mid-April.  Column #3 is Daniel Jeremiah of NFL Network projections in February, just for another perspective.
                                                           APRIL                 February               February
                                                            Mel                       Mel                    Jeremiah
PLAYER/SCHOOL/POSITION              KIPER                   KIPER                   NFL Net                                
Johnny MANZIEL/TXAM/QB               #4 CLE                 #1 HOU                #4 CLE                      
Jake MATTHEWS/TXAM/OT               #9 BUF                 #2 STL                #11TEN
Jadeveon CLOWNEY/S.CAR/DE           #1 HOU                #3 JAX                 #1 HOU         
Blake BORTLES/UCF/QB                      #8 MIN                #4 CLE                 #8 MIN
Sammy WATKINS/CLEM/WR               #3 JAX                 #5 OAK                #2 STL
Anthony BARR/UCLA/LB                    #25 SD                   #6 ATL                 #3 JAX          
Khalil MACK/Buffalo/OLB                     #5 OAK                #7 TB                   #7 TB             
Teddy BRIDGEWATER/LOU/QB          OUT!!!!!               #8 MIN                 #5 OAK         
Greg ROBINSON/AUB/OT                    #2 STL                #9 BUF                  #6 ATL          
Justin GILBERT/OKL.ST/CB                #11TEN               #10 DET               #12 NYG       
Taylor LEWAN/MICH/OT                     #6 ATL                #11TEN                #13 STL        
C.J. MOSLEY/ALA/LB                       #19 MIA               #12 NYG                 #9 BUF         
Mike EVANS/TXAM/WR                     #7 TB                  #13 STL                #10 DET       
Timmy JERNIGAN/FSU/DT                  OUT!                #14 CHI                 #14 CHI                    
Louis NIX III/ND/DT                            OUT!                #15 PIT                 #30 SF                      
Eric EBRON/UNC/TE                        #12 NYG               #16 BAL                #18 NYJ        
Ha Ha CLINTON-DIX/ALA/S            #10 DET                #17 DAL                #21 GB          
Marqise LEE/USC/WR                       #23 KC                  #18 NYJ                #16 BAL                    
Cyrus KOUANDIJO/ALA/OT                OUT!                 #19 MIA                #20 AZ          
Zack MARTIN/ND/OT                      #16 DAL               #20 AZ                   #19 MIA                    
Calvin PRYOR/LOUIS/FS                  #17 BAL               #21 GB                   #17 DAL       
Kelvin BENJAMIN/FSU/WR              #22 PHI                #22 PHI                  #15 PIT         
Stephon TUITT/ND/DE                    #32 SEA                #23 KC                 not 1st Rd      
Darqueze DENNARD/MI.ST/CB        #13 STL               #24 CIN                  #22 PHI         
Bradley ROBY/OH.ST/CB                 #24 CIN                #25 SD                  not 1st Rd      
Carlos HYDE/OH.ST/RB                     OUT                   #26 CLE                 #26 CLE       
Antonio RICHARDSON/TENN/OT      OUT                   #27 NOR                not 1st Rd      
Brandin COOKS/OR.ST/WR             #18 NYJ                #28 CAR                not 1st Rd      
Jace AMARO/TX.TK/TE                    OUT!                  #29 NE                   #29 NE                      
Odell BECKHAM JR./LSU/WR          #15 PIT                 #30 SF                   not 1st Rd      
Scott CRICHTON/OR.ST/DE             OUT                    #31 DEN                not 1st Rd      
Allen ROBINSON/FSU/WR                OUT                    #32 SEA                 not 1st Rd                  
New entries into Mel’s 1st round:
Aaron DONALD/Pitt/DT                  #14 CHI               not 1st Rd                 not 1st Rd
Derek CARR/Fresno/QB                  #20 AZ                 not 1st Rd                 not 1st Rd
Ryan SHAZIER/OH.ST/OLB            #21 GB                 not 1st Rd                 not 1st Rd
Kyle FULLER/VA Tech/CB              #26 CLE                not 1st Rd                 not 1st Rd
Cody LATIMER/IND/WR               #27 NOR               not 1st Rd                  not 1st Rd
Morgan MOSES/Virginia/OT           #28 CAR                not 1st Rd                 #31 DEN
Ra’Shede HAGEMAN/MINN/DT    #29 NE                   not 1st Rd                 #24 CIN
Jordan MATTHEWS/Vandy/WR      #30 SF                    not 1st Rd                not 1st Rd
Jason VARRETT/TCU/CB              #31 DEN                 not 1st Rd                not 1st Rd

All of these guys are out of Mel’s first round as well:
Kony EALY/MIZZU/DE                      not 1st Rd       not 1st Rd       #27 NOR
Paul RICHARDSON/COL/WR            not 1st Rd       not 1st Rd       #23 KC
Lamarcus JOYNER/FSU/CB               not 1st Rd       not 1st Rd       #25 SD          
Jarvis LANDRY/LSU/WR                   not 1st Rd       not 1st Rd       #28 CAR       
Davante ADAMS/Fresno/WR             not 1st Rd       not 1st Rd       #32 SEA       
Kyle VAN NOY/BYU/OLB                  not 1st Rd       not 1st Rd       not 1st Rd      
Billy TURNER/ND.St/OT                   not 1st Rd       not 1st Rd       not 1st Rd      
David YANKEY/STAN/OG                 not 1st Rd       not 1st Rd       not 1st Rd      
Xavier Su’a-Filo/UCLA/OG                not 1st Rd       not 1st Rd       not 1st Rd      

QB Teddy Bridgewater had a bad workout on his Pro Day and has dropped significantly in some of the pundits’ mock drafts (including Mel Kiper’s, as you can see above; Mel has Teddy being drafted by Houston with the first pick of the 2nd round).
And Mel now has nine different players projected as 1strounders, as compared to when he “mocked” in February; this is obviously not an exact science.
Mel bumped up the top two cornerback prospects in the draft, which brought other CB’s into the picture in the first round.
Mel is projecting 8 wide receivers to be picked in the first round; that would be an all-time record.


DE Michael Sam (Missouri) finished his 4-year career with the Tigers and is eligible for the 2014 NFL Draft.  He “came out”, and if drafted, will the first openly gay player in the NFL.
He is projected as a 4th or 5th round pick.  According to www.bovada.lv, you can bet on when he will be drafted.  The over/under was 125.5 (back in February), meaning that if he is drafted within the first 125 picks (middle of 4th round), the winning bet is “under”; if he is drafted #126 or later, the winning bet is “over”.

Johnny “Football” Manziel doesn’t fit into a normal draft evaluation process, as his skills are so unique and may or may not translate to being successful as an NFL quarterback.  He could be drafted #1 overall, or maybe even drop into the second round (not likely; some team will take a chance on him).  He is only 5’11-3/4”, but he has big hands at 9-3/4” (same size as 6’5” Cam Newton’s hands), supposedly a great asset as a QB (and according to the legendary myth about extremities, this may be why he smiles a lot).

OT Greg Robinson could be drafted #1, but if not the top pick, most likely will get picked within the Top 9.  He is 6’5” and 320 lbs. (plus), but still ran the 40 yard dash in under 5 seconds.
The best 40-yard time at the 2014 NFL Combine was turned in by RB Dri Archer (Kent State) at 4.26 seconds (next best was 4.33).  That is the second-fastest all-time since the electronic clock was implemented in the year 2000.  #1 is RB Chris Johnson (in 2008 at 4.24), who recently signed with the NY Jets.  Bo Jackson holds the all-time hand-timed record at 4.12 seconds.
Did you know?  The origin of the 40-yard dash as an NFL measure comes from the average distance of a punt being 40 yards.

More on the NFL Combine:
Center Russell Bodine (no relation to Jethro) out of North Carolina (310 lbs.) bench-pressed 225 pounds 42 times to beat all other participants by at least six reps.  Plus, he had a 29” vertical jump.  His physical “weakness” is his short arms at 32.5”, which helps for the bench press but is generally detrimental for blocking.

One more on the NFL Combine:
The best overall performance at any position based on raw athletic ability was Georgia Southern QB Jerick McKinnon, who worked out with the RB’s at the Combine.  He is 5’9” and 209 lbs..  He ran the 40 in 4.41 seconds, his vertical jump was 40.5”, his standing long jump was 11 feet, and he benched 225 lbs. thirty-two times. 

Back on March 10th, I just happened to note the current odds for how many games each NFL team was projected to win in 2014.  Of course the odds change all the time, and I’ll be updating the numbers before the season starts, but here’s what I picked up from CG (formerly Cantor Gaming).  These are over/unders – bet that the team will win more or less than this total:

At 11 wins:     SF, DEN, SEA
At 10 wins:     GB, NE
At 9.5 wins:    NOR
At 9 wins:       CIN, IND, PIT
At 8.5 wins:    CHI, PHI, CAR, BAL, HOU
At 8 wins:       SD, KC, DAL, ATL, DET
At 7.5 wins:    MIA
At 7 wins:       AZ, NYG, WSH
At 6.5 wins:    BUF, CLE, TB, NYJ, STL, TEN, MIN
At 5 wins:       OAK
At 4.5 wins:    JAX

You may have noticed that three teams are projected to win at least 3 games less than last year (2013 season) – AZ, KC, CAR.


I’ll be sending out rule changes for both NFL and college in August, as well as another summary of the coaching changes at both levels.  Plus, if I remember, we’ll take a look at how the new replay system in Major League Baseball is working out.


This is a question (as revised below) from my previous newsletter after the Super Bowl in February.  I butchered the question (left out the winners in the 1970’s), as pointed out by FFHL’er MOORE MONEY.  Let me give it another try.

QUESTION:  Seattle LB Malcolm Smith was named the MVP of the Super Bowl.  For the other 47 Super Bowls, there were eight defensive players named Super Bowl MVP.  Name them.
HINT: The years (based on regular season, not year in which Super Bowl was played) and teams were: 2002 (TB), 2000 (BAL), 1995 (DAL), 1985 (CHI), 1977 (DAL; Co-MVP’s), 1972 (DAL), 1970 (DAL).

In the last 30 years (my previous answer):
1985 --  DE Richard Dent (Chicago)
1995 --  CB Larry Brown (Dallas)
2000 --  LB Ray Lewis (Baltimore)
2002 --  Safety Dexter Jackson (Tampa Bay)
Before that (excluded previously):
1977 – DT Randy White and DE Harvey Martin (Dallas)
1972 – S Jake Scott (MIA)
1970 – LB Chuck Howley (Dallas)
And for the 1996 season, Desmond Howard won the Super Bowl XXXI MVP as a kick/punt returner for Green Bay.