Saturday, March 28, 2015

Palm Desert Food + Wine festival sizzles in the spring sun with good eats and cool drinks

Palm Desert, Ca - The first day of the Palm Desert Food + Wine festival was a huge success, with appearances by celebrity chefs Cat Cora, Brian Malarkey, Chris Mitchum and Andre Carthen. A huge air conditioned tent full of tasty bites supplied the large crowd with samples of food from all over the Lower Desert area. Many wineries were in attendance, including Temecula's very own South Coast Winery and Wilson Creek Winery.

Svedka Vodka
The second day of the event begins tomorrow March 29th at 11am, with the tastings beginning at 12 noon. Get details about the festival and tickets at

Temecula Calendar will be bringing you a full host of articles, interviews, videos and pictures of amazing chefs over the next week, including Cat Cora and Chris Mitchum!

Stay tuned, until then, here are some pictures from today.

The Marriott

Broken Yolk Cafe
Brian Malarkey

Friday, March 27, 2015

Food + Wine Festival in Palm Desert to educate the masses with chef demos and wine seminars

Palm Desert’s annual food festival announces full educational chef demos and wine seminars available for ticket holders March 28th and 29th - featuring Food Network Iron Chef Cat Cora!

***Temecula Calendar will be there on Saturday March 28 to cover the event via photos, tweets, video and posts on A full report will be posted on after the event.

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PALM DESERT, CA —The Food + Wine Festival Palm Desert is this weekend and excitement is building as top culinary experts from across the country—alongside more than 50 restaurants and 80 wineries, breweries, and spirit purveyors—gather in the Coachella Valley, Friday, March 27 through Sunday, March 29.

The three-day festival, a Palm Springs Life event co-produced by Tony Marchese and Dominic Peterson, is proud to once again offer festival attendees educational experiences, from demonstrations to intimate tasting seminars, with epicurean stars representing the national food and wine community. A full schedule of all the weekend’s events is available at
·         Wine & Spirits Seminars
Taking place during the grand tastings on Saturday, March 28 and Sunday, March 29
In addition to nibbling through the grand tasting tents, the Food + Wine Festival Palm Desert also offers guests a chance to expand their wine and spirits knowledge with a series of educational tasting seminars. Tickets are available for an additional $25 per person/per seminar, and include access to an intimate tasting class led by an industry expert. Notable participants from both the Coachella Valley and beyond include:
o   Justin Baldwin, “The Art of Wine Blending”, Justin Winery
o   Nebil “Bilo” Zarif, winemaker for Summerland Winery
o   Jeffrey Farthing, winemaker for Purple Corduroy
o   Thomas Steferak, “Limoncello Seminar”, Cello’s Bistro, Cello’s Pastry
o   Allie DeKock of Moet Hennessy
o   Matthew Young, Wine Specialist for Whole Foods Palm Desert
o   Mark Davidson, Wine Specialist for Wine Australia

·         Chef Demos
Taking place during the grand tastings on Saturday, March 28 and Sunday, March 29
Each year The Food + Wine Festival Palm Desert provides direct access to an array of celebrity chefs through a series of live cooking demonstrations presented on four kitchen stages. Through these interactive cooking lessons, chefs will guide attendees through the creation of signature dishes while offering personal tips and tricks to achieve at home. Highlighted celebrity chefs for the 2015 festival include:
o   Cat Cora, Celebrity chef, TV personality, cookbook author and Food Network Iron Chef
o   Zack Bruell, James Beard-recognized chef and Cleveland restaurateur, Parallax Restaurant and Lounge, Table 45 Restaurant and Bar, L’Albatros Brasserie, Restaurante Chinato, Cowell & Hubbard Restaurant, Dynomite Burgers, Kafeteria
o   Brian Malarkey, Top Chef: Miami, Owner of Searsucker, Herringbone and Green Acre
o   Gale Gand, James Beard Award-Wining Pastry Chef, SprtizBurger Restaurant, Tru
o   Ari Taymor, Executive Chef at Alma Restaurant- named “Best New Restaurant 2014” by Bon Appetit Magazine
o   Lulu Powers, Caterer, “The Entertainologist”, best-selling author and event designer

About Food + Wine Festival Palm Desert
The Food + Wine Festival Palm Desert, a Palm Springs Life event co- produced by Tony Marchese and Dominic Peterson, with sponsorship support in part from Agua Caliente Casino Resort & Spa; Palm Desert; Tequila Alderete; Svedka Vodka; Rum Chata; BuzzBox; Voss; Peroni; Celebrity Cruises; Best Buy Restaurant Supply, Tastemade; Sarabella Tuscan Jars; Grassini Family Vineyards; Just Fabulous; Wine Australia; Whole FoodsPalm Desert; Jensen’s Finest Food; Savory Spice Shop; New Leaf, Catering; Chef Works; CBS Local 2; Desert Radio Group; Gay Desert GuideLIVE Magazine; The Sound 100.3 FM; Clarke & Clarke Fabrics; Egg & Dart, Ltd.; EventScape; Farley Interlocking Pavingstones; My Little Flower Shop; and William Switzer/Charles Pollock. The annual food and wine event aims to gather the brightest and most inspired chefs and culinary personalities from around the country for three extraordinary days of food and wine tasting. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Friends of the James Beard Foundation. For more information or visit us on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter.

For tickets or more information please visit Visit the event on Facebook or follow on Twitter @PDFoodWine.


Temecula, CA – When you've seen the Rolling Stones, AC-DC, and even AWB on their golden years tours after having seen them in their prime, there is only one other legendary band to see on my bucket list. As anyone who has read or listened to Memoirs of Mary Jane & Mr. Peteknows, this band has to be the Spoonbills, argumentatively the best bar band on either side of the Mississippi River between Dubuque and Burlington during the middle and late 80s.
A hobby band, the 'Bills never recorded any studio releases since this was way before Pro Tools and the internet. There were a few limited 'live' recordings made through the years and I was lucky enough to be immortalized on one of them, captured forever, as a guy named 'Steve'. 
Yes, Sports Fans, the night the 'wolf pack' showed up to be a part of the live recording, the band's fill-in front man Woody called me out as 'Steve' because in the heat of the moment, that was the first name that popped into his head. Yours truly blinked but Woody kept the monologue going before I joined him in singing the chorus of “Oh Yeah”.
On Sunday Spoonbills drummer 'Woody' is celebrating his 60thbirthday and this reporter plans on being there as past members of the band's lineup during the years they performed, also planning on attending. One member, Guilio, isn't supposed to make it unfortunately due to family issues with a sick granny.
The band, which played up and down bars on both side of the river, is the college edition of my learning about music, namely from the band's angle of things. Seeing the entertainment side from behind the curtain is an education to the real world, a different world than what the person who pays to get in sees. This is akin to taking up collection in church rather than just attending each week for the service.
That being said, this reporter is on foreign assignment, outside the land of Hollywood to a place over the hills and through the woods. Stay lifted and I will return with tales of my adventures. One Love.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Temecula, CA – As you read this I am again off on a road trip back in the state I spent the most time in as far as Memoirs is concerned, Iowa. Traveling to Iowa is still something of a mixed bag for me as far as cannabis is concerned. Gone are the days talked about in Chapters 8-15.
However, since I am attending a birthday party and a reunion show all tied to a person in the book, I do have a certain aura of coolness to stroll in with, being from Southern California now. For this trip back my plan is to be as cool as a cloud. In fact, I will have my own cloud, the Cloud V Phantom Premium, a very cool flower vape pen that resembles a cool light saber handle. 
During the recent Cannabis Cup I met Aristotle, the account exec for at the Cloud V tent after a demonstration and informative chat with the knowledgeable staff. To coincide with cannabis, the green model was chosen for review. Also the flower/dry herbal model was chosen for review over the slimmer oil/dab model just for the reason of this article, which is what do you do if you come from an advanced MMJ state to one that is not. Your clue Mr. Phelps, Mary Jane as a dried/cured plant is everywhere.
Weighing in at 4.8oz [empty], the Cloud V has a nice heft to it, alluding to its solid construction and sleek design. The color panel placement give a no-nonsense look to the golf club handle-sized Cloud V.
As with any high tech device these days, ease of operation is tantamount. The Cloud V is as simple as it gets without voice command. Inside the single mid black border around the 6 3/4” tall pen is a single button. Pressing this button 3 times in secession turns the button a green color, the first power setting of three available. A couple of taps on the button will turn its color to a deep blue, the second and recommended temperature setting. A final red button temperature button color remains. One button push turns off the unit. The unit will also shout off automatically after 3 minutes.
The temp level/on-off button is placed directly behind the logo, on the far side

Removal of the mouthpiece tip held in place by an O-ring connection, reveals an interior heating chamber. This is where you place your sifted or sand-boxed leaf, pushing it down but not packing so as to allow air to be drawn through, bringing you the vapors.
Once packed and the button pushed, it will blink off and on until the blinking increases to a solid color light. Now your Cloud V is ready to go. Drawing in that first breath, you are reminded of a volcano hit, even on the exhale. There is no ghost and only a slight vapor can briefly be seen. There is also no smell or odor at all. As with any flower vape, the hits toward the end may bring on some coughing or feel harsh. At any rate the unit shuts down at the end of its 3-minute cycle so unless you're really huffing, the timed rate is perfect.
Charging is also quick and easy with a USB recharge connector for your laptop. When first plugged in, the connected end will display a red signal behind the logo on the bottom of the base. When fully charged this light will show green. Follow all charging instructions per included instructions. A simple care and maintenance bagged kit is included.
Remember also that this item contains a battery and is therefore restricted to your purse or briefcase when traveling by air.
This product is made in the USA, is finely crafted and performs as indicated, simply, quietly, and efficiently.

Saturday, March 21, 2015


Temecula, CA – One thing bothered me after I defended my fellow neighbors' image in my column over the immigrant kid busing notoriety. Granted, it was and is a complex issue, especially given the reasons for a mass migration of youth, and poor youth at that. When animals stampede through a woods, you can bet a fire is coming.
Equally as complex are the reasons for the backlash generated, as my hip scene friends, the ones who are liberal, joined in with the national cry claiming local racism. On the other hand, ratings showed how my conservative, but not redneck friends, felt; the issue wasn't about race just as I had surmised. Still I had that 'splinter in the mind' feeling, until very recently. If the root reason for the border rub wasn't/isn't about race, what was it about?
An old memory came to mind from the Christian Church I was brought up in. It was the church of my grandparents, my parents generation, and where I went to service until I moved away [Memoirs, Chapter 2]. the church still stands there today though it is God's Will it hasn't been made a some commercial property, that plus the ghost of Abby Fife. But I digress.
I was probably 7 or 8 and as a kid sitting on hard wood pews, you tend to look around and notice stuff. You also tend to notice when something changes quicker than an adult, hence 'out of the mouths of babes'.
Though Plymouth [the name of the old line church] never had a packed house except on the national Christian Days of Easter and Christmas, even then the balcony never got used unless someone deliberately went there for a better view. So I was surprised one Sunday to see a lone woman sitting there for the service. The next Sunday and the old after that,she was back again. Same Bat time, same Bat channel, same Bat seat.
By the third Sunday I had reckoned even as a kid, that she hadn't made a mistake or come in out of the cold or wasn't just visiting, this lady truly liked coming out every Sunday and coming over to our church. I was surprised because we didn't get many people in from the surrounding neighborhood. How did I, a kid, know she was from the surrounding neighborhood?
Because of her dress. Bart Simpson is correct when he calls church 'dress-up, no recess' school. This lady wasn't dressed in her finest coat like the rest of us were. I realized that this was her finest. None of the members who went to my church lived close to it and could walk to church. I used to wonder how come churches weren't close to where you lived like the grocery. Anyway, I knew the area around the church was rundown, poor, but the people in the church weren't rich, just middle class, like I saw on TV, only Negroes.
I fidgeted on the pew. I thought it was cool that someone from the area had started to come to our church. She didn't have to get up nearly as early as I did. I wondered how much longer I could sleep if I lived where she lived. It must be great, I thought. Maybe I could get to meet her, so I waited for the ushers to bring her down into the main auditorium.
I waited that Sunday and the next. Then I waited the next and the next. It doesn't take much for a kid to make a game of, and so that became my Sunday game. Would this Sunday be the Sunday the ushers would go up in the balcony and bring the woman down to say, 'Welcome'. Lord knew we could use any new members and so he sent us one, was the way I looked at it.
I had checked the angle of view from where the ushers were to where the woman sat and they couldn't see her. Perhaps there weren't that many kids like me who looked around in church or maybe the adults sitting in the pews just hadn't noticed her. However after a month I wondered why someone in the choir hadn't said something or even the minister.
After three months, I developed an attitude and complained about ruining my Sunday mornings with dressing up and going out in the elements [I didn't grow up in Southern California]. It was crap, though I didn't use that word being more like Calvin in this cartoon. I then told my mother the reason for my case, 'the woman in the balcony'.
My mother being the wiser told me of the 'don't shoot the messenger, it's the message' angle of church and I conceded a valid point.
So you see it wasn't racism in the case of Plymouth, it was the belief that somehow a person's 'poorness' might rub off. The woman at Plymouth wasn't homeless; she didn't smell bad; she wasn't dirty, and she wasn't a different race or a harlot to be shunned. She even came in the door seeking the gospel. I conceded a valid point but I never forgot the lesson.
Also up at Occupy LA, a camp of poor people protesters, there was never an instance when someone official, as in the Mayor or a city councilman, come over to look at the camp, or directly interact with the people in the camp. It wasn't like we were across town either. The feeling of being a village outside a fort wasn't just from the aura of the occupiers. The entitlement of the government to declare anything off limits to the public when everything the government gets is based off the taxpayers' dime is plutocratic.
So who died for them to make us all serfs?
It started with a bang for Abraham, Martin, John, and Bobby.
Alcohol prohibition stopped all automotive fuel research into a clean burning public source.

Thursday, March 19, 2015


*Editors Note - We are very exited to be covering this upcoming event in Palm Desert. Here is some detailed info straight from the source! We will be on site at the event taking pictures and interviewing attendees, stay tuned for updates - or join us and pick up tickets here:


WHAT:           On Friday, March 27thFood + Wine Festival Palm Desert presented by Agua Caliente Casino Resort and Spa, a Palm Springs Life event co-produced by Tony Marchese and Dominic Peterson, opens its festival doors with the annual James Beard Luncheon. New to this year’s popular mid-day affair is a strong message for the culinary industry of “A Salute to Women”.
Over a 4-course menu, the female culinary powerhouse line up of Cat Cora, Gale Gand, Lulu Powers, and Brooke Williamson is set to join together in presentation of the meal expertly paired by returning guest Mark Davidson of Wine Australia. Adding additional spark to the luncheon are the interactive cooking demos by all chefs presented while attendees dine on the featured dish. Proceeds of the kick-off culinary lunch experience benefit The Friends of James Beard Foundation.

 MENU:           First Course
Brooke Williamson
Cucumber-Tomato Water, Dungeness Crab and Green Apple Salad, Watermelon and Sorrel Gelée Cold Soup
Voyager Estate Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2013 – Margaret River

Second Course
Lulu Powers
Kale and Sweet Potato Hummus with Burrata wrapped in Persian Cucumbers adorned with Tomatoes, Dates, Kumquats and Fresh Basil
Yalumba Organic Viognier 2014 – Riverland

Third Course (ENTRÉE)
Cat Cora
Halibut with Pepitas, Capers, Cherry Tomatoes and Basil
Dairymple Estate Pinot Noir 2012 – Tasmania

Fourth Course (DESSERT)
Gale Gand
Passion Fruit Soup served with Pistachio Meringue Sticks
Innocent Bystander Moscato 2014 – Victoria

WHEN:           Friday, March 27, 2015
11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Located at the Grand Tasting tent at the Food + Wine Palm Desert campus on Larkspur Lane at El Paseo
 COST:            $125 per person – General Seating
$150 per person – Reserved Seating
*Guests must be 21 to attend
For more information and to purchase tickets visit 

About Food + Wine Festival Palm Desert
The Food + Wine Festival Palm Desert is a Palm Springs Life event co- produced by Tony Marchese and Dominic Peterson with sponsorship support in part from Agua Caliente Casino Resort & Spa; Palm Desert; Tequila Alderete; Svedka Vodka; Rum Chata; BuzzBox; Voss; Peroni; Celebrity Cruises; Best Buy Restaurant Supply, Tastemade; Sarabella Tuscan Jars; Grassini Family Vineyards; Just Fabulous; Wine Australia; Whole Foods Palm Desert; Jensen’s Finest Food; Savory Spice Shop; New Leaf, Catering; Chef Works; CBS Local 2; Desert Radio Group; Gay Desert GuideLIVE Magazine; The Sound 100.3 FM; Clarke & Clarke Fabrics; Egg & Dart, Ltd.; EventScape; Farley Interlocking Pavingstones; My Little Flower Shop; and William Switzer/Charles Pollock. The annual food and wine event aims to gather the brightest and most inspired chefs and culinary personalities from around the country for three extraordinary days of food and wine tasting. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Friends of the James Beard Foundation. For more information visit or visit us on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Temecula, CA – As she looked over the music list sent her, she had a few comments for me that I thought would go a long way in explaining the scope behind T-Town Tunes before the official launch is rolled out for the valley. 

Angela was chosen for the intern position because, like the foreign talent judges at the TVMA who were all from behind the Orange Curtain, she had no knowledge of the artists prior to taint her selection of music to be played. Me, on the other hand, well I know 95% of the music groups played, having met them either locally or on the road in my So Cali adventure story trips.
One other facet of Angela caught my eye. Being a model [420, of course] we talked about her view on the subject. From the outlook and subtleties expressed in her vision of things I could tell she possessed the eye/ear to comprehend between genres and styles of music played. Plus Angela is young, and as Dr. Martin Luther King said to me, “The kids are the future,.”
Angela, as a valley outsider, had a few questions for me as well.
Angela: You seem to have something for everybody's musical taste, except opera lovers.
PTR: Yeah, that and death metal. I don't like my music with violence.
Angela: There are a lot of artists too. The music scene in your area must have been huge.
PTR: Oh it was. At it's height there were 2000 bands in a 25-mile radius of Temecula. Plus this was before the banks collapsed the bubble so you had bands stopping through in their vans headed for LA. FVE was the first to utilize that feature. That and we got on MySpace when it only had 3 Million. It was the end of the beginning at the social media site, the first of its kind.
Angela: FVE?
PTR: Full Value Entertainment, or Bill Gould. He is the owner/promoter/musician and he is the publisher here. He was starting out and throwing shows at the coffeehouse called Madlins. After one sold out show there I asked him how he had heard of the bands, Limbeck and Steel Train, I believe? He said, “Dude. My Space!”
Angela: I see some names that aren't MySpace, like the Rolling Stones.
PTR: Right, but the stuff used from bands like that is rare and not what you hear on 95.5 or the other oldie stations. Same thing with the Stevie Ray Vaughan selections. I wanted to have something folks my age would recognize but not be some played-to-death oldie. My aim is to expose these listeners to the quality of talent that was behind those hits as well as the talent of today's artists, like a War Stories, and vica-versa. Plenty of people here read or remember the band eras of Java Joz, Cuppys, and The Vault. I have all that music.
Angela: Is there anyone you left out?
PTR: Heavens to Murgatroyd, yes. The selections used only represent a portion of my collection from the music scene days. And of course, the scene isn't dead, just pruned way back. I have included two selections from a band I heard at the relaunch of FVE just days ago. Fresh is the key.
There were other factors in this first group of music used also. One thing was ease of CD track identification and ease of selection. There are groups that were too hard to track down or convert their files into the platform requirements. Others are just buried and there is a certain time constraint.
Angela: Alright, PT. I'll set this up and let you know as soon as it is ready! Stay lifted. 

PTR: You too, Angela. Keep logging those trees.

Friday, March 13, 2015



Temecula, CA – In the twisted attempt at quackery by legislators nationwide who seem oblivious to tampering with a patient’s life enhancing medication for their own profit and social standing, California’s pot scene has been given the title of being the ‘Wild West of Weed’ because what isn’t understood is ridiculed. But then the Bible calls for this to happen.

Though most people outside the medical cannabis culture think of smoking pot whenever the subject weed comes up, whether a contemporary topic or a requested hookup [‘score’ for you old schoolers], those inside the ‘unregulated’ medicated edible field know when patients cook for patients the results are sensuous to look at and heavenly to grub on.

From the recent High Times Cannabis Cup where I was a political embed I was able to gather some medible samples. After the jump, my results. Remember however, as with any sweet treat, you have to use common sense when indulging no matter how good it looks to ya.

I love sweets and luckily they like me. On top of my list of samples to try was a Dark Chocolate square by IRIS Chocolates. Packaged and foil-wrapped like anything you would see from Hershey’s, the ingredients are organic cocoa and cane sugar, both non-sanctioned by our GMO-controlled state government. 30mg THC per square. Delicious. I felt comfortable and at ease.

Captain Tuesday tried the IRIS Gummies, 3 small Sativa squares with 8 mg THC each. “I ate a halfa one, waited about an hour then ate the other half. Waited about half an hour then eat a whole square. Twenty minutes later I couldn’t walk. It was great and very good.”  [Tuesday represents the control group with low tolerance to cannabis - Ed] IRIS products are made in the USA.

Irish Jay’s offered two samples of their treats. One was peanut brittle that was tested, receiving a two thumbs up from Tuesday’s test panel [roommates].  The sample I kept is the 27mg Watermelon Hard Candy with 5 pieces per pack. Each piece is 27mg so one piece equals one dose. What does one dose do?

This is the query that follows the path of one’s tolerance and ailment. In other words, treats seem to me to work the best with people with physical ailments though all the medibles I tried were delicious with none of the old school outdoor weed taste experienced back in the day.

One treat that puts you in a happy gratification stupor is Honey Pot’s honey straws made with coconut oil, wildflower honey, and cannabis. The B12 and the quarter gram Indica combine for a buzz that is energetic lip-lock while your eyes and mind dart from thing to thing. It’s a pick-me-up for your afternoon pick-me-up.

Speaking of pick-me-ups, what about your morning coffee? Make your next pot of coffee, Pot-O-Coffee, handcrafted THC infused Arabica Coffee.

Companies like this and Pirate Candy, Hashman Edibles [medicated Cheetos make wanting munchies even more enjoyable], The Cannasseur, Auntie Dolores everyday edibles, even Kush Kakery’s Kush Cake Pops, modeled for us in the opening picture, will be driven extinct by bureaucratic fees to support the boards to approve such existing products or through favoritism. Both of these real life results have gentrified in regulated legal stages.

In the meantime, enjoy the ‘wild west’ of cannabis for treats. Talk to the folks who make them as they are happy to chat back.

Monday, March 9, 2015



Temecula, CA – Now I have two things to remind me of 3-8-08, the day Shaun Vilan was gunned down by inebriated but toting off duty, out of county cop Dibble, then left to bleed out assuring no questions would ever be answered until God has His Day. But hey, that’s at least two blood moons away, so meh.

A year ago on another 3-8, a jet plane flew away from this cuckoos’ nest that would have had trouble fitting on the 105. The map to your right is how the experts view the world as far as open news and press stands. As a citizen journalist, someone who lives on both sides of the mirror, I can say that the map you see is bogus, otherwise we would all know that Hitler died in 1965 rather than 1945 and the reason for the Pope’s blessing on Hitler’s Final Solution was the promised advancement for idiopathic medicine.

To believe in anything official as gospel, anywhere, is cuckoo and people reacted negatively to CNN’s milking of this Elsie news cow with pinched noses. In reality, the real story is about how the public, the relatives, and the press were handled, leaving the question of why, further fortifying the luxury of government involvement. As with the two dissident views, TemCal brings you the real deal of what happened on the ground, or did you think Ferguson was only about race?

“Beijing (AFP) - Chinese relatives of passengers on board the missing flight MH370 gathered under a heavy police presence Sunday to mark one year since the plane disappeared.

About two thirds of those on board the Malaysia Airlines flight were Chinese, but relatives say they have faced harassment from authorities in their own country as they seek answers on the world's biggest aviation mystery.

China's ruling Communist Party commonly clamps down in organised gatherings or collective expressions of anger as it seeks to enforce stability.

Chinese relatives had planned to commemorate the disappearance of the Boeing 777 at a number of sites in Beijing, including the Malaysian embassy, the airport and the Lama Temple, a popular Tibetan Buddhist place of worship and tourist site.

Dozens of uniformed security sealed the street around the diplomatic mission, an AFP reporter saw, while relatives said they had opted to avoid the airport as police were out in force.

About 30 visited the Lama Temple, with around 10 entering the site in groups of two or three to pay their personal respects, as if attempting to keep a low profile.

The remainder waited outside the temple in a group, wearing T-shirts saying "Pray for MH370", and waving placards to photographers reading "Keep searching for MH370".

But most media had been moved on from the area by police, with one officer telling AFP that it was a regulation enforced by the temple.

"The ones wearing the clothes with the words 'Pray for MH370' would find it hard to get in (to the temple)," relatives' leader Steven Wang told AFP.

"We were originally planning to go the embassy or the airport, but I heard they are tons of police officers in the two places, especially the embassy. The police have enforced martial law in the area surrounding it," added Wang, whose mother was on the plane.

Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi told a press conference on the sidelines of the National People's Congress, China's Communist-controlled parliament, that the search effort for MH370 would continue.

"Today will be a tough day for the next of kin of passengers on board the flight, our hearts are with you," he said, telling the relatives Beijing would "help safeguard your legitimate and lawful requests and interests".

After waiting for about 90 minutes outside the temple, the relatives walked away to a nearby restaurant, under the close watch of police.” – [AFP story source]

If you thought Ferguson, the brutal shootings of blacks and homeless, or Barry, GMOs, and the Republicans were just a local thing, please read Matt 24:21. For the forecast of things to come, please read, Daniel, Chapter 2. For Barry’s tie-in read ‘Dreams of My Father’ then cross-reference his dream with Nebuchadnezzar’s in Chapter 2. For how this all ties together, please read rear cover [Amazon], Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green, also available on audiobook everywhere.