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A modern Leeloo?
Temecula, CA – Not sure if I will catch hell for this opinion but with the comments raging against Miley flashing her young breasts to the audience during the week of Burning Man, a clothing optional art event [yes, I've been], it is killer and keeps MTV's VMAs Show at the top of headlines. Living in the world's greatest hypocrisy is awesome.

Back in the day when MTV was young, I worked for COX Cable in the customer service department. Daily we would get a call or two about MTV and the videos they showed when it was music television. It was always mothers, since in those days a man could still work a single job and support a family. The complaint was always the same whine, “Can't you do something about that channel?”

I took pleasure in delivering a planned five minute lesson explaining how each video was a mini play, involving various aspects, some political, some whimsical, and some factual [concert footage], all set to music. I'd remind them that opera is violence and heartbreak set to music since someone always dies by the time the fat lady sings. I'd give hints about making MTV viewing a treat for good grades or chores done, but when all that failed to alleviate their concerns I'd remind them of one thing. The 'off' button.

Today when you see the chem trails almost every day over your heads, where is the outrage? When you see what our government does in other countries to other people, where is the outrage?

If Miley was fourteen, I could see the uproar, but art is art, and music is considered art, whether you like it or not. Don't want to see a naked thinker? Don't go to the museum. Don't want to see casual nudity, don't go to Europe. Don't want to see an artist expose her breasts, don't watch the VMAs where anything can happen and sometimes does. That has always been the nature of the show because it is for the young and the young are spirited. That is their nature.

As far as all the fuss is concerned, no, I didn't watch the awards. I outgrew MTV when the videos went away and the suits took over so these angry comments show that a lot of old farts should have watched 'Father Knows Best' on Nick At Night instead.

What to do with all this angst over the VMAs and Miley's breast action, how about a little grounding by seeing this link. Have a great Monday.

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Temecula, CA – Shopping for the freshest news if I don't have a subject for the day rarely leads me back to the same source twice, especially back to back, but the Huffington Post has done it with back to back eye-opening citizen journalism type front page stories. In these heavy news days it's more than 'breaking news', it's also about stating news because the mainstream outlets spew propaganda like it's 1984 or Metropolis.

You would expect news about Katrina and it's devastation to be reflected on its anniversary but in light of the recent 'open season' which really commenced in Ferguson, MO, and the vitriol expressed in comments concerning recent shootings around the nation, I couldn't believe my eyes when I read the front page of the HuffPost today. There it was, a story that contained truth, not teleprompter content.

America is racist, but racism is everywhere, like sexism. Both of these are emotions and only a step up from involuntary functions like yawning. 'It was God' claimed the Klansman's wife who appeared on Oprah's show twice before returning to explain her heart had been changed during a flight home after her second appearance.

After the jump please follow the link to read some real truth expressed by the people who report the whole story, kinda like here at the Calendar. And that truth starts with this comment:

Before the televised benefit, a contrast of moods

“And as soon as Katrina struck, people in power started seeing dollar signs. Take back the land that was "wasted" on public housing projects, give reconstruction jobs to the people funding your campaigns, all the usual piggy greed, nepotism and opportunism you usually see.”

To whet your appetite, here is the famous or infamous video that spoke the truth about how it was and how it is. And don't miss this journalist's personal view in The Roots and Reason For Memoirs, coming soon here.

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Temecula, CA – Most of the articles appearing here are about food safety, aka GMOs or about a cannabis topic concerning health. The main villains are Monsanto and the Federal Oligarchy they own, Washington, D.C. However the evil elitists who consider the populace as dogs, our loving Congress sans a few, are in bed with more than one eugenic company. Kudos to the Huffington Post for telling the story of another named DuPont and beautiful Parkersburg, West Virginia.

Of course being in the South, you can presume that there is a healthy dose of racism and Christianity or as we used to say at civil rights meetings, “11 o'clock Sunday Morning is the most segregated time in America.” But when you back up to see the bigger picture, it becomes evident that race and prejudice are two cards the real enemy uses to distract people emotionally while the real game of profits over people takes precedent.

After the jump there is a link to story, the first of its kind that I've seen the Huff do, that says a lot about the direction of the online journal that has a 100 me's working there.

However, since this is Hollywood, I will cut to the chase and simply ask, “Is your water contaminated, and not just by Fluoride?” You can go here to find out, hint:Riverside and Orange County, buy bottled water!

Thanks for making the jump, for what you are about to see and read makes you forget about the race angle on the location, unless the evil now being uncovered for all to see is here for a reason. If that's the case, awareness is the answer.

Welcome to beautiful Parkersburg, West Virginia.

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Temecula, CA – Today whenever people gather even at protest activism events, the question is always “What was Occupy about?” when my OLA background comes up. For some, me included, that has always been a difficult question to answer in a concise manner.

My original answer was more on the aspect of 'you just had to be there' because the significance of the political event hadn't made itself known. Indeed, it's possible many of us wondered the same thing. Did we expect the world to change because we decided to set up tents on City Hall lawns?

Yet when you were there, at least at the LA Occupy site, the feeling in the air was one of optimism. Underneath those giant ancient trees in the south side park, you felt in another world outside the 'real world' where buses, cars, and office workers were busy commuting. Of course you heard this activity and it was visible, but inside the campsite the air was different. So what did we expect? As an embed I asked the same question.

At first the expectation was a sit down for a grievance airing, just an airing with the powers that be. Those powers would be the ones the police protect, the property owners. We had assembled peaceably to protest as afforded any citizen of the United States, per The Constitution and Bill of Rights. The first thing that Occupy taught was when the government buys something with public funds, aka taxes, it becomes government property and no longer belongs to the public. Also you now have to get a permit for the right to assemble, which cost you money.

Having made this discovery of stolen citizenship rights, the main goal was still at hand, public communication via the news. After all, all the mayors were having press conferences as if they had been invaded by Martians. Meanwhile the OWS scene in New York was more focused on the money angle. But not LA.

Not being at the heart of the capitalism system, LA's Occupy took on the rest of society's ills but also included money on the debt side; housing mortgage seizures, fraud loans, student loan debt, and the main villain, The Federal Reserve.

The next big bug-a-boo was this entity represented as the kraken on the OLA mural but symbolizing globalization, with the head Darth, Monsanto. Corruption in politics had its most vocal group being the police brutality pre-Black Lives Matter Latino groups over the black groups. Indigenous Rights groups came to ceremonially dance along with other groups too numerous to remember. What I did remember was the cleverness found in the wording of so many different causes by so many various and sundry people.

Touring camp as everyone got ready for the press to arrive, I snapped picture after picture of slick, grass-roots political slogans that I never saw in pictures from any other Occupy site gathering. I was awed at the cleverness of words used to express a point of social contention. Gone is '50 words or less', now it was twitter-sized.

Though we were streaming live, no outside news source picked up our feed, or even announced that it was available as I saw. The news and news photographers seemed to pick out the most Woodstock lookalikes possible to interview, which is not to say that there weren't plenty of people who fit that bill. When I saw the finished news product, the verdict was in. 

Either the people who cover the news are picked just to report the facts because that's what they are paid to do, or they just lack the sixth sense that makes the reporters on the silver screen so romantic. Perhaps as Grampa Simpson would say, “It's a little from column A and a little from column B.”

The news coverage was atrocious. They came looking for a story and it stared them back right in the face. It was the message expressed in the individual signage, not the quirky fashion looks. It was the message of the button, not the leather vest it was pinned to. It was in the petition, it was in the group or coalition, and it was in the name of the various Occupy committees.

There was a committee for everything since everything was volunteer, and even the marches were volunteer. That notion caused the legit press a lot of logistical headaches. But the 'reporters' were looking in the wrong place and thinking inside the box. What Occupy, and especially Occupy LA, was, was a general wildcat strike called by people fed up with the Status quo. The story wasn't a single headline, it was the laundry list of ills that the total camp had signs for. The story was so big that the so-called reporters missed it in their sound-bite 15 second headline news fashion.

All the 'rags' that consider themselves fearless, like Mother Jones, the WSJ, and Rolling Stone were MIA. Beside the Temecula Calendar, only LA WEEKLY and maybe DTLA made a mention beyond the hyped 'Holy Shit, these hippies' exclamation. What Occupy taught was that there is a wide path to perdition, like a parade, and the people shouting about the parade are judged by who they are, not what the message is.

Perhaps people don't really want to know what the message is. I still find people who are unaware of the daily chem-trails and the theory expressed in the underground YouTube film, 'Loose Change'. At Occupy everyone learned the truth to globalism, every social ill is connected by money. It matters not what the problem is, the root rub is getting the buck, always at something or someone else's expense. This is a lesson not yet learned by all the various activist causes, from BLM to Food Democracy Now.

Exclusive LA art diner featuring nude centerpieces while OLA was taking place

What Occupy taught was something Bernie Sanders has been saying in his campaign, there may be more of us than them but it does no good unless we all join the fight and stand together to stop this hollowing out of the middle class in America by the 0ne Percent.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015



Temecula, CA – As predicted, all hell is breaking loose politically upon people's individual freedoms. It isn't just Fast Track and TPP, it isn't just the tobacco science of the 'Monsanto flipflop' that Coke did to deny the HFCS obesity conclusion, now the DARK Act passed by one house of Congress has given to green light for one of the nation's premier food grocers to possibly carry GMO Salmon in a market test run on its customers nationwide.

Though the world is evil and perhaps Monsanto is taking out the trash per God's Will, still despite hearing from more than 300,000 consumers, including petition signers from Organic Consumers Association, Friends of the Earth and other advocacy groups, the big-box chain won’t commit to rejecting GMO salmon. Past stories concerning Frankenfish can be archived at this website. Past GMO lies are available in a two volume set by Brett Wilcox, titled "We're Monsanto" Feeding The World, Lie After Lie, Amazon.

Costco, which is building salesby catering to cost-conscious organic food consumers, likes to promote itself as a purveyor of “sustainable seafood.” We thought that 300,000 signatures and a letter explaining the health and environmental hazards of GMO salmon would win over CEO W. Craig Jelinek.  Unfortunately, it didn’t. So we’re asking consumers all across the country to step up the pressure.

The FDA has not yet approved what would be the first genetically engineered animal destined for grocery stores and restaurants, in part because of accusationsthat the AquaBounty Technologies Inc. has intentionally downplayed the potential of its AquAdvantage salmon to contaminate wild salmon populations.

Michael Hansen, PhD, senior scientist with the Consumers Union, the advocacy and policy arm of Consumer Reports, called the FDA's Environmental Assessment (EA) (released in December 2013) of GE salmon "flawed and inadequate." According to Hansen, the EPA’s assessment states that genetically engineered salmon will be adapted "to feeding on synthetic aquaculture diets." The FDA didn't explain what it meant by "synthetic aquaculture" or make any investigation into what the genetically engineered salmon would eat.  Conventional farmed salmon can be fed byproducts from poultry processing, such as feathers, necks and intestines, and genetically modified soy and canola.

Some of the risks associated with genetically engineered salmon include:

1.    Potential harm to human health. The FDA has allowed this fish to move forward based on tests of allergenicity of only six GE fish. Even with such limited testing, the results showed an increase in allergy-causing potential, according to Hansen. AquAdvantage also contains elevated levels of the growth hormone, IGF-1, which is linked to prostate, breast and colon cancers.

2.    Potential harm to wild salmon population. Only 95% of the AquAdvantage salmon may be sterile, the rest fertile. Plus, the fish at the egg production facility in Prince Edward Island, Canada, will not be sterile. The FDA says the likelihood of the GE salmon escaping into the wild is "extremely remote" but gave little reassuring evidence to support that assumption. According to studies, the frankenfish eat five times more food than wild salmon, and have less fear of predators. All it would take is for some of these frankenfish to escape, and the world's wild salmon population would be at risk.

3.    Less nutritious. GE salmon contains fewer Omega-3 fatty acids than non-GE salmon. Omega-3 fatty acids are the "good" fat which has important health benefits.

Already more than 60 grocery retailers including Safeway, Kroger and Trader Joe’s have said no to GMO Salmon even if FDA approves it. If Costco truly wants to be a leader in sustainable seafood, the company should reject GMO salmon, which is clearly not sustainably raised.

JOIN THE WEEK OF ACTION: Visit your local Costco between August  29 – September 6  and tell them to say NO to GMO salmon!Sign up here, and we’ll send you instructions and materials.

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Temecula, CA – In the still unfolding case about Subway's now ex-spokesperson, Jared Fogle, an FBI informant named Rochelle Herman, has stated that this 'surveillance went on for 4 years before the FBI did anything about it. It was during this four years that 14 underage women were sexually used by Fogle and his wingman Filmer. 

Hanging with his homies
That would place the initial start at 2011. However, as far back as 2008 stories about Subway knowing Jared's problem concerning underage minors have surfaced on the web. So why did it take the government seven years total and why didn't Subway react at the start?

With The Pope set for a visit soon and the dismal sexual record concerning the Church and underage youth, it is important to remember that problematic sexual tendencies don't begin or end with the Church. However, it is generally accepted that being in a religious order should have some effect on your moral behavior since organized religion has a foundation built on morality. You would expect a baker to know the difference in taste between wheat bread and rye, just as you would expect a man of the cloth to know what is proper concerning children.

As readers know here, pictures can say a lot, some say a thousand words. I don't know about the count but pictures convey a measure to see the truth or to feel what is just, based on feeling. There is a reason why lawyers dress up their clients. After the jump we get to see scuz bags who used the Good Book for bad. It isn't just the amount of these sexual douche bags, it's that the collage only represents ONE month's total.

Also remember, this is US only; then you start to realize why there weren't more people in Congress to stand against the TPP given it's loophole Human Trafficking section.

Pedophile Priest in Dominican Republic before removal 

Pleading guilty, apologizing, and paying his victims like Steven Collins, unlike sleaze champ, Bill 'Pound Cake' Cosby

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Temecula, CA – Once again the mainstream news seeks to sway the sheeple into their next any size 'buck' Coke or a $5 Footlong that doesn't quite measure up, through beating the drum about former President Jimmy Carter's brain cancer while ignoring his more astute comments concerning the state of America.

Like former President Eisenhower's legendary remarks on the Military Industrial Complex, these remarks were made at the end of a live radio show interview. The radio show host is, like me and my book, Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green, not known to the masses. Also like myself, Thom Hartmann [no kin to Mary who used only 1 'n'] is very knowledgeable in political science and persistent in getting to the crux of the matter.

After the jump catch Mr. Hartmann, who has his thumb on Washington's pulse, as he both does his 'live' Jimmy Carter interview, the one the networks save HuffPost won't touch, and have the system explained historically by said radio host. As a plus for first time readers, a vid from former Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich, offers his view of the coming political revolution, as called forth by Bernie Sanders.

What Jimmy Carter said about America.

Thom explains oligarchy and other forms of government that are owned like our current system.

Former Secretary of Labor, Mr. Robert Reich, gives his 411 on the U no wat.

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Temecula, CA – Here we have Shakespeare In The Vines but somehow it seems fitting knowing of the bard's wit to now shake the 'bluebloods and wine drinkers' with the proven knowledge that old Will was a pothead, as were many people before the government and big business got involved, when anyone was a private citizen, not just the rich.

South African scientists have discovered that 400-year-old tobacco pipes excavated from the garden of William Shakespeare contained cannabis, suggesting the playwright might have written some of his famous works while high. William Shakespeare celebrates his 450th birthday this year.

Residue from early 17th century clay pipes found in the playwright’s garden, and elsewhere in Stratford-Upon-Avon, were analyzed in Pretoria using a sophisticated technique called gas chromatography mass spectrometry, the Independent reports.

Of the 24 fragments of pipe loaned from the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust to University of the Witwatersrand, cannabis was found in eightsamples, four of which came from Shakespeare's property.
There was also evidence of cocaine in two pipes, but neither of them hailed from the playwright's garden.

Shakespeare's sonnets suggest he was familiar with the effects of both drugs.

In Sonnet 76, he writes about “invention in a noted weed", which could be interpreted to mean that Shakespeare was willing to use “weed”, or cannabis, while he was writing.

In the same sonnet it appears that he would prefer not to be associated with “compounds strange”, which can be interpreted, at least potentially, to mean “strange drugs” (possibly cocaine).
Story source - Bonnie Malkin

Tuesday, August 11, 2015



Temecula, CA – Bernie Sanders hit LA last night, filling the Colosseum to capacity but not beating the crowd record set in Portland of 28K. The public reporting about Bernie will show both the conservative status quo and the traditionally racist hue on any articles about him, but Bernie will prevail. I have inside info from my long dead 'magical' grandmother about this but this article isn't about my granny but another woman. There is no bullshit to Bernie Sanders and he proved it with an addition to his team that the mainstream, cough racist, press has yet to spotlight. Here's the inside story for TemCal readers because not everyone is racist but most have inquiring minds.

"My name is Symone Sanders," she said, to applause. "I am joining the campaign this week as the national press secretary." More applause. "I have some good information that says there might be a little disruption tonight. So: I wanna be very clear. This campaign is about bringing people together. If there happens to be a disruption tonight, I want everyone in this stadium to respond with a chant."

Symone Sanders led the crowd in a dry run: "We! Stand! Together!" As more Bernie Sanders (no relation) supporters talked about uniting the left, and about "a climate justice movement that works for racial and global economic justice," Symone Sanders stayed onstage. This was not her first time in a room full of people screaming for a president.

The rise of Symone Sanders is a blessing for an insurgent campaign that keeps getting interrupted by activists crying out for racial justice. Just weeks ago, after protesters disrupted Bernie Sanders's Q&A at the progressive Netroots Nation conference, some mocked the candidate by joking about his civil rights cred with the tag #BerniesSoBlack. Nobody's going to try that with Symone Sanders, who left the Campaign for Juvenile Justice for this role. People who've worked with her describe a smart, ambitious progressive who's been engaged in politics since she was a teenager growing up in Omaha. In 2006, a 16-year-old Sanders learned that Bill Clinton would be addressing a year-end fundraiser for Girls Inc., a nonprofit that trains young women to be confident and skilled. Sanders, a Girls Inc. member, told executive director Roberta Wilhelm that she needed to be the one introducing Clinton onstage.

"She lobbied me like a pit bull -- I say that with all due respect," remembered Wilhelm. "She got that coveted spot on the stage and she blew everybody away." A contemporary report from the Omaha World-Herald quoted Clinton's praise: "Symone, you spoke so well, I kind of hate to follow you." A year later, Clinton published an inoffensive book about giving to charity, called Giving. He singled out Sanders as a woman who'd "come a long way and is going a lot further."

At that time in 2006, Sanders told people that she wanted to be a judge. At Omaha's Creighton University, and in jobs after college, she switched gears and started working in electoral and movement politics.
"She's since sort of changed her career trajectory," said Wilhelm. "You can see how that's working. People respond to what she does because she's awesome."

Sanders helped the doomed, progressive 2014 gubernatorial campaign of Chuck Hassebrook, a Democrat given no chance to beat Ameritrade dynast Pete Ricketts. "She is strong and makes her own path," said Jane Fleming Kleeb, a leading activist against the Keystone XL pipeline. "Omaha has a big black population, and she was there, working at community forums, working on education issues and economic justice. She also ensured Chuck didn't back down from No KXL. I've seen a lot of progressives go to work for candidates, who then become Republican-lite. And that didn't happen. That's what I'm most proud of watching her do."

Symone Sanders got into the Bernie Sanders campaign the same way: Refusing to paper over the candidate's issues. She was one of the activists Sanders sought out after Netroots as he analyzed why the Netroots forum had gone so awry. In a weekend interview with Buzzfeed's Evan McMorris-Santoro, Symone Sanders said she told the candidate that he had to make a contemporary pitch, and "not just, ‘Oh, I fought for civil rights and I protested and I sat at the lunch counters.’"

Symone Sanders sits at far left (no pun intended)

He offered her a job after one hour-long conversation. The importance of her role was felt immediately, at her first rally appearances in Seattle and Portland. At both rallies, Symone Sanders got considerable onstage time to walk the crowd through the Bernie Sanders criminal justice pitch. In Portland, another speaker accidentally introduced the candidate -- Symone Sanders took back the mic, because her speech was meant to precede his. Just that morning, a "racial justice" page on had finally gone live.

"A year ago today, Officer Darren Wilson shot and killed Michael Brown and left his body lying in the street for four and a half hours," she said in Portland. "Following Michael Brown’s death, protesters and activists took to the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, and they stayed in the streets for 365 days, galvanizing young people to do the same. A year ago today, young people in America today were galvanized to say that these killings must end." (1000 have been killed since Ferguson – Ed note)

She read the names of black people killed in encounters with police officers -- then came then turn. "It is important that we say Black Lives Matter, but it is also important that we have people in political offices who will turn those words into action," she said. Racial justice meant not just sitting at the same table as power, but "owning the establishment," as Martin Luther King had said. Quotes that could set off protesters when Bernie Sanders used them were pure applause lines when coming out of the mouth of Symone Sanders.

"When you look into your hearts, deep into your hearts, you know which candidate for president will shut down the private prison industry, mandatory minimums, the death penalty," said Symone Sanders.
"You know which candidate will have alternatives to incarceration for nonviolent offenders, and which candidate will really use his justice department to protect black lives."

She closed with a call for "multi-racial political revolution." Only then did the crowd hear from Bernie Sanders, candidate for president.

Monday, August 10, 2015



Temecula, CA – If you haven't read my story or Jeff Wise's article, you may want to as they are both still as valid in light of the run-around once again by the Malaysian authorities. It would seem some horseplay is possibly at work in an attempt to turn the national spotlight [in Malaysia] away from a current corruption.

Presented here this time is a detailed account of the MH370 events as deduced by Yoichi Shimatsu, former editor with The Japan Times group and Pacific News Service, a science journalist focused on the Southeast Asia region and an expert on the Fukushima nuclear crisis.

Let us be delighted that a Boeing flaperon mysteriously swept ashore on the French territory of Reunion island, near the African continent, exposing further the villainy of those who ordered the hijacking of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. Let us, in the same breath, silently appeal for mercy to someday be bestowed on the captives and justice rendered for the distraught families, that the hour of deliverance might arrive sooner than later.

The survival of an intact flaperon undamaged, without even a single dent, after the impact of that large plane onto the sea surface, would be incredible to the point of no credibility at all. The tilt-able part is located on the inner wing, near its joint with the hull, and the movable flap, and therefore is strongly held in place by steel rods. The news media repeats the claim that the flaperon could only have come from MH370. Yet these sorts of used plane parts are available at various maintenance hangars and aircraft graveyards around the world, so obtaining a flaperon to deposit on shore poses no insurmountable difficulty.

The more astounding find on the Reunion shore was reported by IBT(International Business Times) online news: a Malay language Koran inside a waterproof plastic container. If this miraculous find is not a divine act, it would have to be alternatively the blasphemous crime of planting false evidence. Much therefore rides on forensic analysis of the physical evidence. A “conclusive” determination will come from a France-based research team, but its verdict should come with a warning that the French cannot be trusted on an matter so relevant to their own national interests and allied Israeli military strategy.

A more critical look at all aspects of this case is required to avoid a headlong rush to judgment. In this occasional series of articles on the hijacking of Malaysian Airlines 370, key facts have so far been withheld from our readers, to spare the next of kin of passengers and crew members from further anxiety. Now, at the risk of upsetting some folks with disturbing facts, lesser-known details of the hijacking and ongoing cover-up are herewith disclosed. [THE ADVANCED OPINIONS AND CONCLUSIONS ARE THE SOLE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OF Y. SHIMATSU - ed]

False Leads Abound

In regard to the “discoveries” on the beach at Reunion, as every family member knows in her or his gut, the flaperon claim is yet another big lieatop a huge heap of falsification. The aim of this independent investigation is to identify the perpetrators and their motives, and then to bring them to the justice they so well deserve.

Since time is precious, let’s immediately name the culprits behind this clever and cruel game of misdirection at Reunion island: Etienne Uzac, publisher of Newsweek and IBT (International Business Times) online news, and his hidden masters with the Rothschild dynasty; and Jonathan Davis, IBT editor under the control of his Doomsday guru David Jang, a descendant of Japanese psychological-warfare operations in occupied Korea and wartime Manchuria.

What secret connects these two seemingly disparate spymasters, French and English Jews with an apocalyptic Christian Korean pastor? Virtually unknown to the public, both of the guilty parties are linked to a dark past, the “black hole” of fascist Turanism and its master-race theory. Their design for world conquest is discussed further along in this essay. The devil’s in the details, so let’s first closely examine the intricacies of their diabolical plot.

Onward the Anti-Christ

In August 2013, two chums from the London School of Economics (LSE) took ownership of the venerable Newsweek magazine from the estate of the late Sidney Harman, boss of Harmon Kardon consumer electronics, who bought the publication for a symbolic $1 from the debt-straddled Washington Post group.

That two zealous young Christians purchased a global news magazine was at first greeted with elation by the online media community for the novelty, at long last, of a leading mainstream magazine not being under the control of Jewish-Zionist press magnates.

That silly elation just goes to show how much your average online journalist knows about the real world. Are Nathan’s hot dogs Christian or kosher? When someone reads the label of ingredients on an 8-pack of sausage, “all beef” might just be a clue, but the hechster (kosher symbol) says it all: Pareve.

So don’t make the sign of the cross, as if a hot dog is a communion wafer. And don’t mix up the hechster with the halal stamp of certification. Historically, hechster and halal are basically the same set of dietary restrictions passed down from the original founder Moses, who darned well knew what’s fatally wrong with breakfast pork patties inside an English muffin. Christians, for some unhealthy reason, are permitted to dine on ham and bacon. So the long and short of it is: What’s the connection between these evangelicals and Jewish billionaires? Well, for one thing, their avid support for Israel.

Jingo Jango

An expose in Mother Jones magazine attributed the rise of these evangelical upstarts to a Korean pastor in San Francisco named David Jang, founder of Olivet University, which is located next door to the Moscone Convention Center.

Jang is a man of mystery, known for his avoidance of media attention, in sharp contrast with his brethren like those extrovert televangelists Jimbo and Tammy Faye Bakker. In response to his many critics probing his murky background, the Korean pastor has filed dozens of libel suits. His vehement reaction against doubters recalls the saying, “If you’re paranoiac, there are good reasons for it.”

One of his libel cases filed in a Japanese court of law was against a Salvation Armyleader who disclosed that Jang is a minion of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, boss of the Unification Church, who his followers say is not really dead but just kept in a jar somewhere like a pet lizard. Another critic remembers Jang’s marriage at a Moonie mass wedding in Japan. What could peeving Reverend Jang about his past in Korea and Japan? Be patient, we’ll get around to it soon.

The Devil’s Disciples

It turns out that Jang’s underling Jonathan Davis, now IBT editor, ran the journalism department at Olivet University, where his cub reporters spend most of their class hours translating articles from the English- and Japanese-language online media into other languages, notably Chinese and Arabic. This slave driver was the ideal chief content editor for IBT, the evangelical equivalent of Falun Gong’s Epoch Times.

Etienne Uzac had a much more important role in the Jang organization as treasurer for Olivet University and all-round business manager. Quoting from the Mother Jonespiece: Uzac sat on Olivet’s board of trustees until last year, and his wife, Marion, who has also worked at IBT Media, was previously the press secretary for the World Evangelical Alliance. Olivet is a member of the alliance and Jang sits on the alliance’s North American council.”

The MJ article indicates that Olivet University was hard-pressed for cash to pay overdue rent, so its monthly pay for student interns was a measly $150 per month., barely enough to purchase two dozen box lunches in expensive San Francisco. So where did Uzac find the funds to take over Newsweek and funnel money back to Olivet University?

Now comes the chicken-or-egg riddle: If Jang’s pet project, Olivet University, was so strapped for cash, how could the pastor have purchased and started up Newsweek and IBT? Well, he didn’t. By all accounts, the flow of funds moved in the reverse direction: from Newsweek to Olivet. So how does a media company that was not credit-worthy enough to raise cash on the markets manage to donate money to a religious-based college? There had to have been a slush fund. So who is the shadow financier of Newsweek and Olivet University?

Rothschild Weapons Industries

Etienne Uzac attended the Lycee Stanislas, an elite Catholic preparatory school and college on the Left Bank in central Paris, near the famous cafes frequented by Jean-Paul Sartre. Its prominent alums include President Gen. Charles de Gaulle, Christian Diorand social theorist Jacques Lacan. Between his prep-school years and MBA program, according to French sources, Etienne returned home to Johannesburg, South Africa, and worked for a travel agency, specializing in the destinations of Beirut, Mauritius(off the coast of Madagascar, just north of Reunion) and Reunion, the department (state of France) closest in distance to southern Africa. Reunion? Now does that ring a bell?

His father, a former commercial officer at the French Embassy to Pretoria, is the corporate representative of the ERAMET office in southern Africa. The mining and metallurgy company, listed on Euronext exchange as ERA, invests in and operates large-scale extraction of strategic mineral ores including manganese, nickel, cobalt and tungsten, metals that are needed for steel alloys used in the weaponsindustry and aircraft manufacturing. French Africa and Indonesia, its primary zones of mining operations, are the scene of brutal counterinsurgency offensives against indigenous peoples and grinding exploitation of survivors, as exemplified in the “coltan wars”.

One of the rare sources on the Rothschild’s secretive mineral-extraction dealings, the Cambridge History of the Pacific Islanders, states: The ERAMET company was founded with the funding of the Rothschild family(although they were careful to avoid being listed as founders of the company) in 1880. With discretion, the family took full control of the company in 1890.” ERAMET is listed at the stock exchange as a “societe anonyme”, or an anonymous corporation. Hmm, that sounds a bit dubious.

These “principled Christians” were controlled all along by that conniving Jewish family. So much for hasty celebrations of non-Jewish control of the American media! The Zionist evangelical movement, with their “machine-gun pastors” running paramilitary operations in Ugandaand Iraq, and spouting pro-Israeli drivel on Fox News, are paid-for mercenaries of the Rothschilds.

So the answer to the riddle is: the kosher chicken laid the evangelical egg, of course. The Rothschilds financed the takeover of Newsweek and creation of IBT, which are since involved in the MH cover-up and other disinformation campaigns. Would it be any surprise if the Rothschilds are behind the depositing of a barnacle-encrusted Boeing flaperon in their personal domain of Reunion, along with the waterlogged Koran to add insult to injury to the battered Malaysians?

Indian Ocean Tax Havens
The archipelago of Mauritius, the nearest neighbor of the French department of Reunion, is the financial fiefdom of Benjamin Rothschild’s investment bank named after his father, Banque Privee Edmond de Rothschild. His tentacles reach into that island-nation’s central bankand the many tax-haven operatorsin that outlaw territory, which cater to corruptChinese officials on the lam,drug traffickersfrom Southeast Asia and African warlords. Here is the welcome mat for tax-dodgers and crooks from one of the Rothschild financial speakeasies:
AAMIL Asset Management regulated by the Financial Services Commission of the Republic of Mauritius. (ha, ha, ha, ho, ho!)It delivers a quality service by ‘hand-picking’ fund advisers based on their skills, performance, risk strategy and investment style so in order to offer portfolios with optimum returns. It also assists clients in opening bank accounts anywhere in the world; favored jurisdictions currently are Singapore, Switzerland and Luxembourg.”
Whoever believes that the fabled snobbish dynasty is a “class act” and not a bunch of money-laundering sleaze bags has drunk too many glasses of Mouton Rothschild. A Mauritius shipping company called Velogic was one of the African companies tapped by the Edmond de Rothschild’s $530 million Amethis investment fund. For those travelers in need of rest and relaxation, after hauling suitcases of black money, they can find five-star beach adventures with Rothschild Safaris at the Mauritius Four Seasons resort.
Make no mistake, the Rothschild managers are not on holiday. The group’s investments in Africa are focused on the mining sector with share positions in major players including: Anglo American, Anglo Platinum and Anglo Coal of the Oppenheimerfortune and Xstrata-Glencore, founded by legendary Jewish South African tycoon Mick Davis.
Closer to India, the Rothschild Group also has a lock on the Maldives, the islands where locals spotted MH370in descent toward Diego Garcia. Here is a news item from March 2010: “The Government of the Maldives and La Compagnie Benjamin de Rothschild (CTBR) have agreed a strategic partnership to take forward the country’s pledge to become carbon neutral by 2020, an e-mail announcement by the Maldivian Presidential Secretariat said.Under the agreement, CTBR will be mandated to secure international finance to fund a carbon footprint audit and master plan for Maldives.Scams, Inc.

In the middle of this financial cyclone is idyllic rural La Reunion, and its Roland Garros Airport, named after a favorite son, the daring World War I pilot and namesake of the world-level tennis match, whose fame is now eclipsed by a Boeing flaperon.

Israel Was Birthed in Manchuria

For a few patient moments, a diversion from the MH affair is requested to learn about how the world’s wealthiest family became secretly allied with a Korean-Japanese Doomsday cult. While serving as editor of The Japan Times Weekly, I interviewed the personal secretary of Yosuke Matsuoka, wartime Japan’s foreign minister and top official in the puppet government of Manchukuo, an artificial state renowned for its Last Emperor, known as Puyi. The purpose of our visit was to inquire about Japan’s “Oscar Schindler”, the diplomat named Chiune Sugihara.

The aging secretary explained that Ambassador Sugihara did not act alone out of personal consideration for Jewish refugees, but that his issuance of travel papers to Jews from Poland and Lithuania was a key part of the Japanese military regime’s war plans to establish a Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere extending from Indonesia to Palestine.

The smuggling of Jews out of German-held Europe was essential to a deal struck between Japan’s militarist authority and the World Jewish Congress based in Canada and New York. Leading Zionist leaders, including the Bronfman family, which controlled the Seagram’s fortunes; Roosevelt’s Treasury Secretary Hans Morgenthau; and the Rothschild dynasty sought Tokyo’s aid in the evacuation of Hassidic scholars from Lithuania as well as other Jewish assets from Europe. In exchange, the Zionist movement promised to keep America out of the war in event of a Japanese military assault against British possessions across Asia, a pledge that was repeatedly broken, precipitating the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Sugihara’s role as a spy has since been conclusively confirmed by a top Polish scholar, who studied his letters to the Free Polish Movement, which provided translators for his offices in Lithuania and later Berlin. So much for the Japanese Schindler myth, to the chagrin of American Jews who remain blissfully ignorant of their European and Canadian co-religionists’ partnership with Old World fascism.

A passageway was established through the Soviet Union, with Josef Stalin’s personal approval, based on his need to guarantee the truce with Japan. In complete secrecy, the passengers were sent via the Trans-Siberian Railway to the border post at Manchouli, Manchuria, where they were greeted by Japanese military liaison officers and then sent to Harbin, Shanghai or Kobe, Japan, to prepare for the planned assault against the Palestine Mandate.

The younger Jews of fighting age were trained in gunnery, explosives and false-flag tactics, before enlistment into Betar, a pro-fascist Jewish defense corps. The Japanese-mentored militiamen were instructed in the doctrines of Zeev Jabotinsky, the leader of Revisionist Zionism. The Revisionists opposed the liberal Haganah militia’s policy of gradualist cooperation with the British military in Palestine. The first armed terrorists supporting the creation of a State of Israel were sent to the Middle East from East Asian ports aboard neutral ships headed for Aden. In June 1941, six months before Pearl Harbor, right-wing Jewish terrorists launched their armed rebellion, their war of liberation and co-prosperity, against British policemen in Palestine.

In their typical hedge position of “playing both sides,” the Rothschilds offered the cooperation of the Haganah to the British, while supporting in secrecy the Japanese plans to established a temporary Israel in Manchuria. In the operation to smuggle Jews out of Europe, multilingual Korean subordinates of the Japanese military police performed a key role in dealing with Chinese, Manchurians, Mongols and Russians.

David Jang, who was born after the war, is a product of Japan’s fascist legacy in Korea. For his undergraduate degree, he attended Hanshin University, which was established in 1940 under the Japanese occupation. The school’s emblem is writ in Hebrew, indicating its affiliation with Turanism.
Readers familiar with Zecaria Sitchin will recognize the narrative.

Turan theory asserts that the master race, the biological ruling class, began with the union of off-planet space travelers of exceeding intelligence and a benighted species of ape-like humans. Their mating resulted in a race of kings who eventually spread over the land of Sumeria after the liftoff of the departing “gods”. The Sumerians, it is claimed, did not belong to the Semitic racial line, as propagandized in Genesis, but were Turanians, like their offspring the powerful Akkadians and the fearsome Scythians.

Today, the Sukyo Mahikari sect is the only Japanese group that dares to discuss this mythology in private; their co-conspirators in the Unification Church remain tight-lipped about this dangerous ideology, even if their leaders pride themselves in their aristocratic equestrianism. The Rothschild clan had a fatal attraction to the Turanism theory that prevailed in Hungary and Austria, and which claimed the Turkik linguistic and racial commonality of Khazar Jews and the Japanese, along with the Hungarians, Finns, Koreans and Mongols, or those elites of the “horse-riding master race.” The Nazis were looked down upon as arrogant late-comers barely emerged out of forested barbarism.

While the Nazi Party bore the onus of World War II at the Nuremberg Tribunal, the adherents of Turan theory in Hungary, Romania and Turkey continued their battle against the victorious Soviet Union and China. The Turanian movement remains proud of the wartime Hungarian Parliament for its resolution to establish a clearly drawn “Hungarian-Japanese” border in the center of the Euro-Asian landmass. 
For anyone who can comprehend that Attilla the Hun, the Blue Turks and their Jewish-converted Khazar kinsmen, Genghis Khan and his Mongols, and the vast Hunnish Confederation once dominated the interior, this geopolitical vision is no joking matter. It is serious madness.

Absurd at it may seem today, an American publication founded in 1933 is controlled by anti-democratic lunatics with the Rothschild dynasty and neo-fascist Korean evangelicals. Now back to the flight of MH370.

Micro-Robot Warfare

Benjamin Rothschild owns the Edmond de Rothschild company and is a board member of the Paris-based Rothschild Group. The latter group is the principle investor in the Israeli Advanced Technology Industries (IATI), whose member-companies develop microchip production systems for military systems in partnership with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

Mini-robotic weapons-delivery systems, self-guided by artificial intelligence (AI), have been the top priority for Israeli weapons designers. Hordes of these tiny robots, as small as dragonflies, are able to pass undetected through radar and other security systems to reconnoiter and attack enemy command-and-control bunkers and switching stations, hack off-line computers and plant lethal viruses. The IDF has already predicted the soon-to-arrive robot capability, under the field command of Shaldag, to attack Hamas tunnel networks and the Iranian nuclear complex.

On the night of its midair capture, MH370 was transporting the complete technology set - chip foundry, software and 20 design engineers - from Freescale Semiconductors, the inventor of the KL-01 and KL-02 chips, the world’s smallest microprocessor built for AI-piloted mini-robotics. The designation KL stands for Freescale’s Kuala Lumpur lab.

MidAir Capture and the First Flight Turn

This writer has so far withheld key information on the MH370 in good faith and with the vain hope that the Israelis and the U.S. government might reconsider their folly and abide by international laws against piracy and comply with the right of freedom of passage. Ample time for remorse and recompense has long passed, and now with this new offense against civilized behavior in the Reunion caper, these details can no longer be held back.

The MH hijacking occurred on the night of March 8, 2014. Only three weeks earlier, Israeli Aircraft Industries (IAI) unveiled its Super Heron HF droneaircraft at the Singapore Airshow. The long-range surveillance drone can stay aloft for 46 hours at altitudes of over 30,000 feet with a suite of electronic-warfare gear.

Following the air show at the Israeli-allied city-state, the Heron drone was transferred to Vietnam for test flights at the Vung Tau military helicopter base, which monitors naval activity in the nearby Spratley Islands. On the night of MH370’s passage, two unexpected events occurred in that airspace.

First, an unidentifiable small jet aircraft tailed and then flew parallel with the Malaysian airliner in order to identify MH370 through its video lenses and then establish an electronic signals link with the Boeing’s cockpit computer. The jolt of a sudden link-up threw MH370into an erratic climb followed by a sharp descent, ending in a controlled turn toward the west. The electronic signal was then uplinked from the drone to an Israeli satellite overhead, which took over by remote control. Anyone who has flown a mini-drone can readily follow the steps in this operation. In IDF jargon, midair hijacking is a part of “network-centric warfare operations”, which involve the ELW-2000-plus series of inter-operational data transmission and commands between the aircraft and satellite. Distance-pilots in a faraway satellite-monitoring station can thereby fly the captured aircraft with a cockpit simulator.

The sudden climb and nose-dive of MH370 was picked up by a Vietnamese military radar unit at Phu Quoc Island (Kho Tral in Khmer), just offshore from the Cambodian naval port of Riem. From its “civilian” runway, Sukhoi jets were scrambled to the presumed crash site but no signs of wreckage could be spotted.

While MH370proceeded westward, steered by satellite remote control, the Herondrone had to speed back to its base at Vung Tau, and took an eastward-to-northward arc to disguise its movement from Vietnamese radar operators because its stealth outline would become slightly visible as it flew closer toward land.

Fireball over the Spratleys

The second event of the night involved an unidentified naval ship, passing through the Spratleys. Its air-defense radar spotted the low-flying drone descending straight toward it. The radar operators easily confused the incoming blips for an anti-ship cruise missile, and the captain opened fire with radar-guided rapid cannon volleys into the darkness of night. The drone, its fuel tank still relatively full from extra loading for the secret mission, caught fire. The fireball crashed into the sea, leaving an oil slick.
The Heron drone is the aerial vehicle seen by the foreign oil-rig worker on an Idemitsu-Japan oil rig off the coast of Vung Tau. His account of an explosion and fireball crashing into the sea was accurate, but the object happened to be a drone not MH370.

Vietnam has remained mum about this disturbing series of events because of its quiet defense pact with Israel, which has traditionally been an arms supplier to rival China. Since 2011, the IDF and IAI have been ramping up Vietnam’s air, air-defense and naval weapons systems, with the transfer of radar units, missiles, avionics (electronic systems for aircraft) and surveillance drones. These transfers enabled Israel to gain permission to base its surveillance drones at Vung Tau. The effort to win the confidence of Vietnamese officials took three years in the making, a time-span that means Israeli intelligence had been monitoring Freescale operations in Kuala Lumpur and Fort Worth, Texas, for even longer. The hijacking of the century requires professionalism, patience, planning, deception and chutzpah, along with hasty reactions when things go awry.

Murder in Diego Garcia

MH370 was guided to the U.S. military-controlled Diego Garcia island in the Chagos group south of the Maldives, where it was spotted by local boatmen. As it entered military airspace, the airliner was escorted by U.S. Air Force jets, according to a text message from the American security expert [Phillip Wood], who was the only passenger to awake from sleeping gas inside the cabin. (Defense Intelligence agents are trained to resist drugs during torture.) Permission for the landing was granted after the Israelis claimed that two passengers were Iranian terrorists, a clever ruse since the Iranians were asylum-seekers who purchased stolen passport from Israeli criminals based in Thailand. The “terrorists” were handed over to interrogators with the American garrison on the island.

The “foreign military personnel”, as the American security agent described the hijackers, took the blindfolded passengers on buses to an abandoned NSA-NASAsatellite relay station in the isolated corner of the ring-shaped island opposite the military base. The American was spotted trying to organize resistance, and was locked inside the nearby satellite-dish maintenance shed, from where he sent his last SMS message and a photo to his fiancee, a businesswoman connected with the U.S. Commerce Department office in Beijing.

When the Shaldag special operations troops concluded that the resistant American was a U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) security expert, who had used IBM Malaysia as cover for his assignment of protecting the Freescale group, they apparently killed him. While debriefing the two Iranians, the U.S. garrison give clearance to the Israelis to fly the Malaysian plane to western Australia, where the passengers and crew members could be debriefed by ASIS and CIA officers to maintain continuity in the cover story or official scenario.

The remaining passengers were re-boarded. and Israeli air force pilots then flew the refueled Malaysian plane toward the ally-agreed destination in Perth, western Australia. Then, the U.S. Embassy, State Department and Pentagon learned of the detention of the DIA agent from the Beijing-based fiancee. The Pentagon issued an emergency order preventing anybody on Diego Garcia, military personnel or civilians, to leave the island. During the lockdown, DIA crews combed the area for the body of their colleague, which was never found probably because it was removed inside an Israeli Dolphin submarine and buried at sea.

Demons of Dimona

Once again MH took a dive, this time on purpose, to fake a fatal accident. That nose-dive was the false radar reading that led to the futile yearlong search for the wreckage. The Israeli pilots instead steered the plane toward and up the Red Sea into the Gulf of Aqaba. There are in Israel only three 4,000-meter runways capable of a big Boeing 777 landing: Eilat on the Gulf of Aqaba, Ben-Gurion Tel Aviv, and Nevatim Air Base in the Negev Desert.

Nevatim Air Base was purpose-built for nuclear warfare with extra-large underground hardened bunkers, which are called “Belgrades” after the big hangers built by Serbian engineers in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. This same air base served as the hub for F-16 airstrikes against Gaza.

The prisoners were off-loaded there at an airfield, which is near the Dimona nuclear facility. For years, plutonium extraction had to be suspended at Dimona due to a lack of human labor to remove the tons of high-level radioactive waste from its facilities. Presumably, the labor shortage was solved with the arrival of a workforce aboard MH370.

The Freescale engineersare without doubt still alive and well, being valuable assets for the IDF robotics program, which has made astonishingly rapid progress over the past 17 months. The butterfly-shaped mini-robots are a wonder to behold, fluttering like living creatures inside the narrowest indoor spaces, and so it seems such a waste that these dazzling prototypes of mimicry will be destroyed by blast waves and radioactivity inside Iran’s underground nuclear complex.

Attack of the Machines

Israel is inching closer to the much-anticipated attacks against Hamas and, of course, Iran’s nuclear reactors. Benjamin Netanyahu’s stern denunciation of the Iranian nuclear deal is a signal for the coming assault. The movie Antman is a reference to the emerging era of military miniaturization and the decisive step beyond human-programmed automation to flexible war-making by artificial intelligence.

As for the many accusations against politicians, related to their corruption and moral dilemmas in this sordid hijacking affair, these are of little concern to this writer, whose primary preoccupation is with the science and technology behind news events. Crooks should be arrested, no matter what high positions they hold, or we suffer the vices of a lawless society.

Meanwhile, miniaturized warfare is drawing closer by the hour, and this will have lasting consequences once the Gollum with artificial intelligence is unloosed on this planet in a killing spree against humans. The Clone Wars and the Terminator series are no longer science fiction, the Rise of the Machines has already starting. The only burning question relevant today is: When will the human resistance begin?” - Yoichi Shimatsu

Sunday, August 9, 2015



Temecula, CA – Given the turd in the punchbowl incident at Bernie Sanders' speaking engagement in Seattle by Black Lives Matter, leaving the stage rather than engage like a gentleman, he now has one-upped the distraction by hiring a black, female, national PR spokesperson. Bernie kicks ass!!

The presidential campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) announced Saturday it had tapped a young, black criminal justice advocate to serve as its national press secretary.

Symone Sanders, who is of no relation to the junior senator, serves as the national youth chair of the Coalition on Juvenile Justice, a nonprofit that focuses on appropriate care of American youth in the justice system.

She introduced the presidential contender at a rally in Seattle on Saturday that drew 12,000 people -- the largest crowd to attend a Sanders event yet -- with remarks about racial inequality.

"You know which candidate for president will shut down the private prison industry," she said, according to CNN. "You know which candidate will have the courage to fight unjust mandatory minimums and the death penalty."

Though Simone Sanders began to interview for the position several weeks ago, her hiring suggests the campaign is working to attune itself more closely with the cause of Black Lives Matter protesters, who interrupted the candidate for a second time at a different Seattle rally on Saturday. Both the senator and his fellow Democratic presidential hopeful Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley were interrupted by Black Lives Matters protesters at a Netroots Nation event in Phoenix last month

The new press secretary told BuzzFeed that Sanders had already incorporated some of her suggestions on addressing racial issues into his campaign.

“One of my suggestions, he took it and ran with it on 'Meet the Press,' is that racial inequality and economic inequality are parallel issues,” she said. “I [told him,] you know, economic equality is an issue. It’s something we need to address. But for some people it doesn’t matter how much money you make, it doesn’t matter where you went to school, it doesn’t matter what your parents do. It doesn’t matter that Sandra Bland had a job and was on her way to teach for her alma mater. It doesn’t matter. None of that matters.”

Story source - Igor Bobic