Tuesday, January 12, 2016

My opposition letter to the Temecula City Council - RE: Public Hearing for LR15-1619

This is my letter to the Mayor and City Council, some of you had asked to see a copy. -Bill


Dear Temecula Mayor Naggar and City Councilpersons,

I write to you today in opposition to tonight's agenda item number 17, the public hearing for LR15-1619. I am not able to speak in person tonight, so I submit this in writing. 

I believe this proposed ordinance goes over the line to invading the lives, personal space and private property rights of Temecula's citizens who seek to grow their own state legal medicine. Prop 215 and SB420 allow our states citizens access to safe and often less addictive alternatives than many pharmaceuticals counterparts. By passing this ordinance you will not stop the use of or growing of medical marijuana - you will only criminalize everyday average residents of this beautiful city. Please do not pass this ordinance!

In addition, I think it is short sighted to not allow city registered medical marijuana dispensaries in Temecula. As a council you should consider repealing Ord 06-05 and pass a new modern ordinance allowing for the registering and taxation of dispensaries. I urge Mayor Naggar, the City Council and city staff to look to our friends in the desert, Palm Springs, who have medical marijuana dispensaries registered in their city with out the dreaded 'destruction of moral society' occurring as some people had predicted. Instead of 'druggie chaos', Palm Springs enjoys an increase in tax dollars and safe, clean, regulated marijuana facilities for the use of people in need. 

Keeping dispensaries banned permanently in Temecula and passing this new anti-medical marijuana ordinance does nothing to stop the use of marijuana, it only creates more criminals out of the common person here in town looking for medical relief. This truly goes against the recent marketing plan floating around facebook of: 'Temecula Has Heart'. 

Again, I urge you all - look for a well thought better plan and please DO NOT pass LR15-1619 tonight.

Thank you for your time,

William 'Bill' Gould Jr