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Temecula, CA – Listening to the mainstream news, you would think that every white person reacts to racism/blacks the same and to other whites also the same. But this is a false notion pushed by the Establishment to keep the country divided and conquered, supporting a system through our money [taxes] that is an oligarchy. The following story is presented to counter that view and is a gonzo journalism view of 'breaking news'.

The story by Gabriel San Roman. 'Saturday's Ku Klux Klan rally at Anaheim's Pearson Park turned to chaos before it even started. With no visible police presence at the scene, a black SUV carrying around five Klukkers pulled up by the park shortly after noon. They tried getting Confederate flags and "White Lives Matter" signs down from the back, when protesters swarmed them. After trading insults at each other, the counter-protesters started pummeling the Invisible Empire. One Klansman confronted the crowd with an American flag.

"He was using the American flag as a spear," says Tyler Valdez, who was at the park.  "One [counter-protester] got hit on the side and started bleeding," says Israel Carrasco, another witness. Another protester got slashed reportedly with a knife behind the SUV and bled profusely all over the sidewalk. The Klan stabbed three people in all, one with critical injuries. In the pandemonium, protesters smashed the front window of the Klan Klown Kar and slashed its rear tires.

The Klan Klown Kar sped off down Cypress Street and turned left on Lemon Street. The Klukker with the flag sporting a "Grand Dragon" shirt got left behind—could it have been Bill Quigg, the head of the Loyal White Knights of the KKK who whined we were mean to him? "He ended up falling on the ground getting kicked and punched by protesters," Valdez added. "People started jumping in to try to break it up." The Klansman's flag laid crumpled in the middle of the street with blood stains all over it.

The Pearson Park melee now joins the Street Dogs kicking neo-Nazi ass at their Anaheim House of Blues show last year and, of course, the famed Slater Slums Smackdown six years ago when Mexis racked up neo-Nazis in Huntington Beach!

Only after all the mayhem at the park ended did Anaheim police patrol cars roll up to take control of the scene. They arrested five KKKers and hauled seven protesters off in cuffs. The Klan Klown Kar stopped on the north side of the park by Lemon and Sycamore Street with cops questioning Klukkers there. When the public information officer Sgt. Daron Wyatt spotted me, he asked if I had seen anything. 

I later tracked him down for any interview. He couldn't give me details on the number of arrests and stabbings at the time, but I did ask where the visible police presence had been since I got to Pearson Park at 10 a.m. 

"We've been here all day," Wyatt said." You know, Gabriel, we don't talk about our staffing and deployment, but we were here." 

I didn't see any uniformed police, even with children playing at the park on a sunny Saturday. And then the Klan came to town.'

(Photos by Gabriel San Roman and Eric Hood/OC Weekly)

Monday, February 22, 2016

Lunchtime at Giada in The Cromwell Las Vegas

Giada at The Cromwell Las Vegas

Right in the heart of the Las Vegas strip lies newly remodeled and renamed, The Cromwell Hotel and Casino.  Beautiful and contemporary, this boutique hotel and casino is a classy step above its more garish neighbors.  The Cromwell also plays host to Giada De Laurentiis’ first sin city restaurant simply titled, Giada.

Giada takes up most of the street side second floor with enormous open air windows with views to the busy street life below.  The dining room is light and airy, decorated in creams and whites with pops of red and orange.  In the bar, the television is set to classic films produced by none other than Giada’s father.  Classic, "King Kong" was running during our visit.

Also in the bar, a bartender by the name Gio who made my husband and I the most amazing drinks!  We originally ordered Bloody Marys, but they were out of mix, so we asked him to surprise us. Not only did the drinks taste amazing, but they looked beautiful too.  Mine was frothy and slightly sweet, garnished with a twisted lemon peel, the other was cool and clear topped with a perfect basil leaf.

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New website

You can get the most up to date info on our concert series at The Lighthouse in Canyon Lake by visiting 'The Lighthouse' tab on this site.



Temecula, CA – Covering the news about the recent 7 Days In May can wear you down so I usually pick up other free news sources, especially local print like the Valley News and the newest, Echo and Buzz, to see what's shaking in the valley of the grapes. Lately a lot of hometown talent has been featured like TemCal Publishers Bill and Jeney Gould [KEENWILD], four talents making it in American Idol [later reduced to two], and youth shows Rock The Oaks and spots at The Shamrock.

While reading this news, it struck me that writers like Pam Bowen or editor Kim Harris may think 'Wow' without knowing the origins of a music scene that seems organic without knowing its roots. There once was a time when the only music heard outside the silver dollar circle of The Stampede at the end of Old Town was the jukebox at Joanie's in Murrieta. That choke-hold was broken by a tall leprechaun named Jeff who started Local Punks, the true beginning of the music scene here.

Learning how to do everything the right way by seeing it all done the wrong way, Full Value Entertainmentand later the duo KEENWILD came from that period. And if it can be said that was the start, then the song Fat Bitches is the first song on the soundtrack for more reasons then can fit this small space. To understand that birth period, let the lead-in picture speaks its magic because one of the faces there co-wrote that punk rap cult classic.

Walking down through Old Town, which one day could be even cooler than it is at present, you can lull wine in the moment of music at various places and not be aware that it was the youth who foot-loosed this Christian Johnsonville [Blazing Saddles] first through a coffee shop in Temecula on the downlow. Though this Golden Age of the local scene ended with the closing of The Vault, the zenith of the music scene was at the venue I nicknamed, The Mullet Room, business in the front, party in the back. It was owned and run by a Rasta named Johnny Blaze. It was reality tv without the tv.

The Mullet Room came into being on a cool downlow and left almost as quietly, a victim of the Twin Peaks Murrieta mindset that sought imaginary charges against Henry Ramos. But in the space of period, beginning to end, a rich texture of youth, talent, music, drama, art, and community existed. That period was truly 'a scene' in every George Plimpton aspect of the Studio 54 definition. When you stepped into The Mullet Room, it stepped into you.

At the heart of the Room was a Rasta named Blaze, and he did. He was from a better side of town, out of town, and had done well enough to entertain the idea of opening something he always wanted to; a location that offered great coffee, food, and local music for free [open mike]. The stage sat just behind the tall front window glass; a french style art scene provided the backdrop of what was to come.

A tour of the soon-to-be-opened, state of the art 'cafe' venue produced a magical surprise, one that would give the place its cool, edgy, tribe-like vibe. Through a hallway darkly lurked a secret, as in unseen, door out the rear of the building like a hidden passage, or the train station Platform 9 ¾. Finally the song question of 'Wonder what's behind the Green Door' was answered. It was the 'Green Room.'

“Well, what do you think?” Asked Mr. Blaze to the promoter and myself as he fished out a fatty from between his fingers, strangely reminisent to me on Page 139, Memoirs.

I turned to my friend, blinked, and smiled. The Mullet Room was born with a party in the back.

Over the years that followed, the rich vein of original music then made by teens and 20-somethings was augmented by the shutting of the outside cafe of the mall's Barnes & Noble [the area's core group of intellectuals, activists, and techies] and Temecula/Murrieta being just a freeway stop off the road to LA.

The touring bands were always supported from a local pool of 2000 bands in a 25mile radius of The Mullet Room. Although all the bands weren't performance level and a number of other come-and-go venues plus church music shows were popping, the shows that were being talked about, were happening at the Mullet. Like the music shows of today, the talent had to be seen to be believed. As a guy who saw the best of the 80s live, I know a thing or two about talent, and thanks to the Spoonbills [Memoirs], I knew band gymnastics.

Over the next few years, new music aka All-Ages unsigned bands and performers dazzled both underground and indie music fans. Long-time Full Value Review readers were treated to some of the purest music art moments as writing them down made my eyes wet. Perhaps the finest example of all that was available in this music mirage for the many who heard about the shows from others shown through in the noble wake of artist and musician, Elizabeth “Bipsy” Amirian.

Bipsy had relocated to the valley from North Carolina and burst on the scene by sweeping the first place prize in the high school talent contest away from the local talent frontrunner. From there Bipsy never looked back artistically. As the scene's only Messianic Jewess, Bipsy served two audiences but only one Master being such a unique scene magnet that the elctrician who did the venue wiring wound up doing stand-up when The Mullet Room debuted. Bipsy's two audiences met the first time at her funeral and the last story to run about her here in 2009, a Top 10 topper, continues to appear periodically in the current Top 7 like a sighting. St. Bipsy, Patron of our scene. Her CD, BattleCry, is a classic example of artistry via synesthesia.

It's good to see things like The School of Rock, The Shamrock, and other spots open for the youth of today covered by those who now follow that beat. Break a leg, Valley News, Echo and Buzz

Wednesday, February 17, 2016



Temecula, CA – We live at an historic time today. It is a day forecast by the Bible and Nostradamus. It is a day when the world is being taken over in a corporate coup. It is a day when this country's people are being demoted to third world UNstandards. It is a day when Americans are being Internationalized. And it is a day when more people know who won the Super Bowl than the treason at 1600 Penn Ave. More people but not ALL people.

Two days ago a protest took place in the desert. In Part 1 of this report we looked at the ideas behind that hot desert event, this time we look at the people, the International Press that was there, and the patriotism of people protesting a President over no racial element, only the reality of a policy carried down since Nixon was VP; that is America supporting their bad guy, aka dictator, for profitability while touting human rights abuses.

Patriotism, represented through flags and second only to clothes, shown everywhere proudly and passionately.
Flags were everywhere.

 Flags, flags, flags...

Big flags,

And flags to welcome International Press and Dignitaries.

Lots of Press and dignitaries, all International, save for two,

Including social media

Recorded by the people, for the people...

People who chanted 'Hey hey ho ho, TPP has got to go!' as one of the five chants on the flyer handout.

People helping one another...

Whole families of people braving the sun and the heat of the desert...

Whether coming to America,

Or down from LA,

To join up with my usual suspects...

Repping the American side of Good Policy...

Which is even in tune with,

All because of a shared Dream, a Promised dream.

All photos herein, Temecula Calendar/PTRothschild credit 2016

To be continued...