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Temecula, CA - Big Pharma has another dirty secret that mainstream media is intentionally keeping from you. Nope, it’s not another pharmaceutical class-action lawsuit for killing and maiming thousands. Nor is it the suppression or intentional sabotage of a natural substance for the treatment of cancer. This is something that is every parent’s horrifying nightmare… especially a parent who is well educated in natural and alternative health.

Imagine, just for a moment, that you get the devastating news that your 10-year-old son has been diagnosed with cancer. As a good parent, you want to learn as much as possible about treatment options and you immediately scour the web for information. In your research, you see that chemotherapy is the standard of care. You also see that chemotherapy is toxic and that it is actually carcinogenic.

You then read some of chemotherapy’s short-term effects: loss of appetite, mouth sores, nausea, vomiting, hair loss, and so on. In addition, you read the potential long term effects of chemotherapy: damage to the heart, reproductive organs, kidneys, bladder, nervous system, lungs, and more. You also see there is about a 20%, five-year survival rate for your child’s cancer using chemotherapy.

Through your investigation, you find that there are many different natural and non-toxic treatment options. Some of them sound promising. You decide to research cancer centers that use these treatments and call a few to ask questions. You choose one and make an appointment for a week from then.

In the meantime, you call the oncologist’s office, tell them you’ve chosen a different route and that you won’t be coming for your son’s appointment. You hang up feeling good about your decision.

The Role of Child Protective Services in Medical Kidnapping

Three days later Child Protective Services (CPS) shows up at your door. They say they need to take custody of your child. As they are leaving with your son, you are in total disbelief, crying and yelling at them as your 10-year-old is screaming your name for help, asking what is happening. Your child has been taken away from you. The state’s CPS has literally kidnapped him to force your son to do conventional chemotherapy against your will.

Absolutely insane… right?

The reality is that this scene is not from a movie and it is not a bad dream. Sadly, this is happening today in the United States of America, and it’s legal. What’s more, it’s intentionally being hidden from you by the U.S. mainstream media – Fox, CNN, CBS, ABC, you name it. Medical kidnapping, as it is called, is another way that Big Pharma exerts their enormous power and is another one of their dirty secrets that the mainstream media doesn’t report.

Tonya Brown was faced with difficult decisions for her son Christopher after he was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia (CML), an extremely rare form of cancer in children. The overseeing physician at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Dr. Jessica Boklan, recommended 12 weeks of oral chemotherapy followed by a bone marrow transplant.

As with many mainstream doctors recommending these treatments, there is often pressure to begin immediately. Tonya agreed to the chemotherapy, but had reservations about the bone marrow transplant due to the fact that the transplant was coming from an unmatched donor and the success rate was less than 20%. In addition to the low success rate, these procedures are excruciatingly painful.

According to Health Impact News:

Christopher responded better than many to the chemo treatments, but still they made him very sick. He begged his mother to stop making him take the chemo.

As the time approached for the bone marrow transplant, Tonya made the decision to have Christopher delay going through the treatment, and what others had described as agonizing pain associated with the procedure, until they tried other, less invasive options first. She wanted the perilous bone marrow transplant to be the last resort.

After 10 weeks of chemotherapy, Tonya stopped the treatment. At home, she began juicing and treating him with a strict diet that has been recommended for cancer. She used nutritional therapies and they prayed and believed God for healing.”

Eighteen months later, Child Protective Services paid an unexpected visit to Brown’s house (reportedly ordered by Dr. Boklan) to find a healthy child with lots of energy. Upon taking Christopher back to Phoenix Children’s Hospital, CPS was waiting. Christopher was ordered to begin another round of chemotherapy that day. Tonya’s request for a second opinion was denied on the spot and, under duress, she reluctantly agreed to another round of chemotherapy for her son.

After 20 days, Tonya was ordered to leave the hospital as her 8-year-old child was taken from her custody. It was at this point that the CPS stepped in, Christopher became a ward of the state, and the bone marrow transplant proceeded against Tonya’s will.

It was later discovered that Dr. Jessica Boklan considers herself (from her own testimony in court), to be the world’s leading authority on chronic myeloid leukemia − Christopher’s type of cancer. She has co-authored and is conducting numerous research studies involving children, cancer, and experimental drugs. The question seems obvious; might Christopher have been one of Dr. Boklan’s  guinea pigs to further her research?

Is Big Pharma Really Allowed to Use Children as Guinea Pigs?

It is a fact that many pharmaceutical companies that make cancer drugs have been given the green light to research experimental therapies aimed at children with rare cancers. However, due to parental concerns, candidates are often hard to come by.

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest, most lucrative, and most powerful in the world; perhaps only dwarfed by the oil industry. This allows for virtually unlimited funding – payola incentives to doctors and agencies to get them trial participants. In the case of medical kidnapping by CPS, when children are removed from their parents, they become wards of the state. Once this designation is made, these children can legally be entered into experimental drug programs and essentially used as guinea pigs.

Too Much Power and Forced Gag Orders

The case of Tonya Brown’s son Christopher is one of many that revolves around children with rare forms of cancer being removed from their parents, only to begin experimental treatment against the parents’ wishes. It is important to also understand that children’s courts do not operate like normal courts. In fact, former Georgia State Senator, Nancy Shaffer described the Child Protective Services reach as “unlimited power.” Charges can be based on simple, unfounded statements, and documents are sealed from public scrutiny.

Along with losing custody of their children, it is customary for parents to be served with gag orders against making any of the information about the case public. It is because of those brave parents and journalists that go public against court orders that we are even able to hear about these cases at all. It is therefore impossible to truly know how widespread this situation has become. Judging by the heightened coverage of alternative media, and increasingly the mainstream media, what we are seeing may only be the tip of the iceberg.

Fortunately, Congress is listening and has enacted H.R. 4989, which states:

To prohibit Federal funding of any treatment or research in which a ward of the State is subjected to greater than minimal risk to the individual’s health with no or minimal prospect of direct benefit.”

Even with this enacted bill that limits Federal funding, the anti-freedom trend of medical kidnapping is increasing and it’s essential that this insanity be exposed in order for it to be stopped! When a parent’s autonomy over treatments they decide to give their sick child is forcefully removed by government, it is time for the entire country to ask itself… “what kind of future are we allowing to emerge and how do we stop it stat?”

For the conclusion to this story, please follow the story source link.

(Story source – Justin Reynolds)

Saturday, March 26, 2016



Temecula, CA – At Easter you have the supreme gesture of compassion, the story of a guy who took a bullet, er, cross for the team. The team in question wasn't just his fam or friends, it wasn't Team home-state or Team home-country. It wasn't even Team World. So it's hard to think of anyone else, including myself, who would volunteer to replace Jesus if God offered a new person the shot at being the one to come back from death on the cross. To do that, Jesus was a hell of a guy, because a number of people he died for are going to hell obviously.

Though none of us are Jesus, we can still do our individual part to show compassion to the other person. In fact, the Bible says that when we do this for total strangers with no hint or want of reward, we get the max in godly brownie points.

Recently Temecula's City Council voted NOT to ban medical marijuana cultivation within city limits after years of opposing it. One of the main voices for this change was Maryann Edwards, who even more recently was named Woman of The Year by Assemblymember Marie Waldron. After the jump we look at another city council also struggling with the marijuana question. As you watch and listen to the rationals used in various points, look for common sense and compassionate regard because this is why we have the America we do.

The vid that follows is par for the course for the various other cities throughout the surrounding valley.

The following reply is one I authored to rebut a circular logic argument on MSN earlier today.

'Allow me to answer that for you. First, it isn't marijuana, that is the name they used to make it illegal a little over a hundred years ago. The plant's real name is cannabis, long recognized in homeopathic medicine. Cannabis is actually two plants, as in male and female. It is also the only plant, possibly besides mandrake, to have genitalia. This is so amazing that, like the moon, if there were no God it couldn't exist. The two genders offer varying benefits and cover the gambit of everything needed to survive living on this planet, from medical, to food, to ink, to clothes, to being a lung full of fun. It's even in the Bible [Gen 1:11, 29, 30, among other places]. However, people who don't like it, shouldn't be allowed it, and the people it can help should be. America used to be about choice. Here are three books that will tell you all you need to know about cannabis, ISBN-13: 978-1878125026, ISBN 0-9629872-2-0, and ISBN 9781478318217.'

Thursday, March 24, 2016



Temecula, CA – Although other states may have a more robust cannabis legalization scene going on, California and Los Angeles in particular, will always be the coolest and most progressive cannabis scene. The cannabis slang name of Mary Jane or marijuana, comes from California. Jack Herer, though born in New York and dying in Oregon, was a California activist for cannabis and hemp, almost single-handedly keeping the door from closing on the history of cannabis. It was also in California that Jack Herer blessed the Christian last name of Green being given to Mary Jane, in 2009, San Benardino's Purple Haze Fest.

So it should come as no surprise that Los Angeles is putting on a stigma-busting event to help rid the general impression that people who use marijuana are lazy, slacker, hippie stoners only. While every group has their stereotypes exaggerated [Amos 'n' Andy, Oh Brother Where Art Thou?, The Wild Bunch], both Maynard G. Krebs [who didn't seem to ever be high as a character] and Cheech & Chong, who did in and out of character, cemented the stoner slacker image in many people's minds whose heads now have gray hair.

On Saturday morning, those folks who are at both the Santa Monica Pier down to Venice Beach will have a chance to see people who use marijuana that don't fit the above image, and really never did. Thanks to Prop 215, pot isn't just for hippies anymore. If you think that you might like to enter the 420Games yourself, take the jump and see a special offer available to Calendarreaders here. It's a long weekend and a day at the beach is always fun.

Starting Saturday morning at 9:30am, we will take a trip from the North lot at The Santa Monica Pier heading South along Ocean Front Walk to VENICE BEACH, turn around, and walk, jog, or run back to the SM Pier for 4.20 miles of exercise in the beach sun. Temps look to be in the low 70s for highs so dress appropriately for the beach. And remember, there is no smoking of any kind on the Santa Monica Pier. Being respectful is also part of the image change to those unaware of the real cannabis market.

After the 4.20 mile course, join us in the Northwest Lot of The Santa Monica Pier, where we will have 2 hours of Beer Tasting sponsored by Lagunitas from 11am to 1pm, enlightening music, educational speeches, some comedy stand-up, and industry sponsors and exhibitors! The Event at The Santa Monica Pier ends at 2pm, making way for the AFTER PARTY.

Now, this is where the fun begins!

After The Santa Monica Pier portion of the event, around 2pm, we will head over to The V Lounge where we will meet up with INTERNATIONAL REGGAE SUPERSTAR PATO BANTON with opening performance by THE KYLE TURLEY BAND from 3PM - 8PM!

The After Party will play host to medical sampling for those with valid Prop 215 Recommendations, meetings with industry reps, and an amazing concert!

Shuttles will be available to take participants from The Pier to The V Lounge from 2pm-3pm
After Party ends at 8pm.


And now the link for our readers. Enjoy! Happy Easter Weekend!

Sunday, March 20, 2016



Temecula, CA – From now until the end of March, Indiebound.org is having a 99Cents Only sale on shipping for copies of Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green. That's right, Sports Fans, until March 31, Memoirs of Mr. Pete ships for 99¢. One would guess that any title, like Peter Mathews' Dollar Democracy, Judy Frankel's P.O.T.U.S., both We're Monsanto – Lie After Lie volumes by Brett Wilcox, Susan Patterson's 15 Minute Healthy, Organic Meals for Less Than $10 Dollars a Day, and Jeffrey Smith's Genetic Roulette, would also ship during this shipping sale period for 99Cents.

Remember to order any of these available titles from Indiebound.org on or before March 31 for 99Cents shipping and catch up on those books you wanted but missed getting at an event you attended.

See you at the next activist gathering, the Good Lord willing and they haven't rounded us up yet.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016



Temecula, CA – Anyone who has seen the vid on the cancer industry knows the idiopathic machination has tried to disenfranchise the real medicine practitioners of the world just as Monsanto has tried to gloom up all the heritage seed banks. Though the prognosis for humanity appears dim with the Establishment-minded running things at present, the info of the EHS two day event presented rosy hopes, hence the title wordplay. And no, though the name would certainly fit her, the lead-in model pic is a volunteer, one of the usual suspects.

The two day event actually had a number of rooms for staging. There were rooms for press interviews though the only major news unit to show was RT, Russia Today. Few people realize that the regime change in the Ukraine was brought about by Monsanto's boy Barry, overseen by Ole White Joe, and Queen Hilly waits in the wings to finish the job. Mitt's along for the Adrenalin and the memories. While the mainstream news spun our food sanctions as punishment, Putin outlawed American food for its GMO ingredients and NO labeling. Take that MidWest farm bureaus on the dole from Big Agra.

A separate building held the EHS homeopathic product vendors and the main ballroom held the cause organizations, some products, author signings, books to sell, and a meet and greet for some of the speakers. So make the jump for your usual Calendar photo coverage to see who was there. If you were, you just might find yourself in a shot. After the jump we start at the front door for the Rosey Hope Show, cause that's what we in this fight all have, rosy hopes for tomorrow.

The long connecting lobby held the base camp. Registration.

While outside Barry's boys chem-trailed heavily as per uosh

Back inside just along the wall was the Institute for Responsible Technology, from the Heartland.

The RT team led by Alexey Brazhnikov was the only media news source there, besides the Calendar and GMO Free News.

Interviews were done in the spacious thoroughfare, like the one for Jeffrey Smith, author, filmmaker

So grab your swag bag,

 Pick up your lanyard badge from the other registration table,

 and let's get outta the lobby, let's outta the lobby, let's get outta the lobby, and get ourselves some hope.

Our closest neighbor was promoting a solution for Peter Matthews' Dollar Democracy quandary. 

When you walked inside the ballroom, to your right the sample products awaited you.

On your left you could try your own personal dry sauna, helped by a very cool sales team.

Jimbo's was there with a rosy hope crew and fresh non-GMO, organic fruit.

Down from Jimbo's was Moms Across America, manned by moms.

Then the books about various related topics started. We had some readers.

And those who wanted to be pictured with authors, 

Even a certain 'memoirs' that predicted the cannabis threat from Monsanto was on display. Holy Moly!

Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green, 9 o'clock left, stands out in the crowd
Speaking of Monsanto, March Against Monsanto had a table set up.

In the center of the huge room there was staging for, 

An L-shaped area available for consultation

Other areas of the middle floor held impromptu interviews and planning sessions

While BulletProof served up sample collagen protein bars in chocolate and vanilla flavors,

And Tulsi offered a free box of their latest flavor, Jasmine Green Tea [very delicious - Ed]

But mostly like secular Deacons in Gaia's Church, we all worked to spread the message to the flock.

Leaving happy faces,

Happy vendors,

And two new Memoirs readers, all of us breathing boxed air.

I got to shake hands with Dr. Seralini, a bookend moment to meeting Dr. King when in the 10th grade.

It was a great place to be if you weren't a dog. For me, that would come later.