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Temecula, CA – This just in. A news report, the second part of a wine sampling testing for glyphosate contamination, was pulled after ABC7 aired the first segment. This special TemCal report comes from some of the moms I stand with at honk 'n' waves, and one in particular, Zen Honeycutt, one of the speakers at the Seralini event in SD.

As a shout-out to all the luxurious grape-stomping wine drinking partiers and growers, please take the jump and find out what's in your wine besides alcohol. But even more important, take the jump to find out who is putting the skids on you finding out about your wine. It's not the growers, it's not the drinkers, it's the Truman Show and the people who are poisoning you are happy to treat your affliction and will donate to your 501c3 charity event honoring your sick kid. Folks, that's evil.

Last night I was sent a message saying to watch ABC 7 live at 6pm PT as they aired the second segment of their report on glyphosate contamination in California wine. Like the cannabis cause, the no-GMO John Diaz-Moms Across America is also a cause that's heartfelt. The second segment was going to allow us to "meet a woman who shows farmers how to get rid of the chemicals and embrace the weeds. It does work apparently."

After the jump, the first video segment, who did what, and the things you can do about it. BTW, don't look for this story in the Press-Enterprise, or even in The Patch.Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? Only The Shadow, and the Temecula Calendar.

Zen continued, “We were thrilled. A solution!”

Here is the first segment.

Unfortunately, the second segment did not air. To say we are disappointed is a major understatement.

I heard from ABC during the segment that the report had been pulled. As usual, we have reason to believe that Monsanto exerted pressure on the network. ABC World News, which was scheduled to air the report nationwide today, Saturday, was cancelled. ABC 7 has also removed the piece from their website. Millions of people who are interested in this story, will not have access to important information if things continue as they are.

Censorship of our news destroys the integrity of our country.

In a time of a health crisis, which includes mental illness and violence, our media networks are not sharing the solutions.

In a time of vast disparity between the wealthiest controlling corporations and the struggling mainstream America, corporations are controlling the information given to the public. We cannot let this go unnoticed. This is not freedom. This is not justice. This is not in the best interest of the public, of the reporters, of the network or our country.

We must speak up and let the network know that we want them air the second segment which gives the public solutions. If they hear from thousands of us they may very likely air the piece!

Please join us in sending a respectful but firm email, letter or Facebook message to the KGO/ABC7  network to "Please air the report on growing grapes without chemicals, do not allow Monsanto to censor our news."
Click here:

And send a quick note to ABC World News that glyphosate contamination is a national issue and we ask them to air the report:

Further contact information for ABC7:

900 Front Street
San Francisco, CA 94111

Main Line: (415) 954-7777

Email ABC7 Newsroom
Contact the ABC7 News team

With Love and Gratitude for your support,

Zen Honeycutt and MAA Team

Friday, April 29, 2016



Temecula, CA – Sometimes you just want to step off the merry-go-round of this flat earth, and just catch your breath away from the political corruption, this wave of globalization, and the reality of the Georgia Guidestones. So I kissed Mary Jane lightly on the lips, said 'I'll return with a story' then strolled to hop a bus for the first ever Murrieta Art Walk, having read of the event in the Valley News.

Within the City of Murrieta, with its apartment homes and new ranch tracts on land I once boll weevil'd on in the Park Specialties daze of my bounce around the valley, lies a village with the feel of a small Iowa town, but without the silo. The streets are flat, the area is a contained space surrounded by developer tracts instead of cornfields, but the feeling is the same as it was when I discovered the word 'Murrieta' means place to flee to. For awhile when I worked at Best Buy, I lived down the street along the outer south edge of the village on Los Alamos Rd near the corner of Washington Street.

The Village of Murrieta, or Old Town Murrieta, has undergone some renovation since I lived in those parts. Ray's is gone and Joanie's parking lot is twice the size but the same lonely cowpoke songs on the jukebox still sound the same, much like the old cowpoke standing outside to smoke a cigarette looks the same. The park-like dollhouse look to the Village even seems more quaint with all the gentrification that has happened. No more do the buffalo roam across from the Pop Warner ball park as they once did. However, there remain unspoiled little patches like before, and on one of these, at a SW corner in the center of the village, I followed the sound of singing to a daydream and a meal, sort of.

The newly formed Murrieta Arts Councilheld its free event at the corners of Washington and Juniper streets. A question that had been burning in my mind was where the idea for the art walk came from. My answer came from the second person I talked to in the friendly, sparse late afternoon crowd amongst a gusty breeze which dropped the temps into the chilly 50s. To no surprise, folks were starting to tear down.

“I have been to the Art Walk in LA,” said Jessica Large, of the MAC, a ball of energy Go-To person ramrodding the event in acknowledging the idea wellspring. Jessica was starting to feel the chill as the day and crowd both got to be less however. Helping her was fellow MAC and city councilman Reginald Wadlington. This meeting yielded a gift certificate to Anthony's Lounge & Ristorante, a Murrieta landmark from the days I lived there.

Besides a return to the second area I lived in after fleeing* to the area back in '94 from the land of Radar O'Reilly, the back fence charm to the Village of Murrieta area expressed on the honest faces also yielded my first new music CD of the year, from DayDreams**. The solo artist did a set of original music from his debut DIY release title, At A Loss.

The six track 30+ minute CD brings to the audience a sample of the caliber of original talent available here since the 00s, though not so abundantly anymore. A little is better than none at all however, and the tunes contained aren't what you get from American Idol or any of the rest of those canned shows. These hills have long been home to genuine lyrics and talent that's so raw and fresh, it's still got pimples.

As I walked back to the bus stop, appropriately by the senior center on town square from the village park part of Murrieta, I reflected back on the Murrieta verve which is small town in the core village area. It is a different area and vibe from the outer ring of housing tracts that reside along various terrace levels around the valley, in the area I called Cloud City, the fast freeway on-off Jack-In-The-Box city space that surrounds the Village of Murrieta.

Congratulations on your first Art Walk. New original music always is worth seeking out and a plus when you just happen upon some, except, if you knew Murrieta like I know Murrieta, this was no happen-chance. To be continued...

[Editor's note: * - For more of a look at the valley in the early days, pop. 25K Murrieta, see Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green, Chapter 19, Kicked Into Paradise. ** - DayDreams is Jarryd Ramborger, see daydreams78 on these platforms, Soundcloud, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram]

Murrieta: Police arrest 3 men in a stolen car full of burglary tools and drugs

Murrieta, Califonria - On 4/27/16 at approximately 12:31 a.m. a Murrieta Police Officer conducted a traffic stop in the area of Juniper Street and White Leaf Lane.  A records check was conducted on the license plate of the vehicle and it was discovered that the vehicle was reported stolen out of the city of Vista in early April.  

The three occupants, identified as Ronny Melton, Kenneth Alford and Ryan Paschini, were detained and a routine records check was conducted on each.  The search revealed that Melton and Alford each had felony warrants for auto theft, and all three had extensive criminal histories.  

Melton and Alford were arrested for their warrants and Paschini was arrested for being in possession of the stolen vehicle.  During a search of the suspects and the vehicle, narcotics and burglary tools were also located.  All three subjects were booked into the Southwest Detention Center.
Ryan Paschini (44 years)
Resident of Oceanside
Charges: 666.5(a) PC – Auto Theft with Prior Auto Theft Conviction; 10851(a) VC – Take Vehicle Without Owners Consent; 496D(a) PC – Possession of a Stolen Vehicle; 487(d)(1) – Grand Theft Auto; 11377(a) HS – Possession of a Controlled Substance; 466 PC – Possession of Burglary Tools; 22810 PC – Felon in Possession of Tear Gas; 14601.1(a) VC – Driving on a Suspended License
Booking Number: 201616616

Ronny Melton  (27 years)
Resident of Murrieta
Charges: 2 Felony Warrants
Booking Number: 201616609

Kenneth Alford (29 years)
Charges: Felony Warrant
Booking Number: 201616611

Murrieta File Number: 1604M-6236



Temecula, CA – Though publisher Bill Gould has done extensive work with the Temecula city officials in various capacities, he did not call and ask for this endorsement of Chuck Washington from me, PT Rothschild. As a person with a photographic memory, this endorsement will probably come as a surprise to Chuck, for that matter. But it is because of this type of memory, prayed for by me decades ago and granted by the Lord [or whoever handles those things on that level], that I can write this post.

Chuck Washington and I came to the valley around the same time, early 90s or late 80s. The area was so young then, although many newcomers like editor Kim Harris are still bowled over by the area's freshness, and niceness. Twenty years ago it was fresher and nicer. It was also more raw-bone. It was a time when various small groups were solidifying, making connections for the future, and taking their first footprints in the snow, metaphorically speaking [see Memoirs, Chapter 19, 'Kicked Into Paradise'].

Though we came on the scene about the same time, Chuck and I were on different ends of the spectrum. Each having 'white' wives, I was pretty sure that Chuck's didn't have the pedigree of being descended from Little John [her Grandpa told me] or being Wicca [Memoirs, Chapter 18, Season of The Witch*]. Along those lines, Chuck and I would never mingle or rarely cross social paths. So why am I endorsing Chuck, because the only prejudice I have is against stupid people [see story, 'Is Monsanto Taking Out The Trash?' You know the deal, make the jump...

Welcome back. As I bounced around Murrieta and then Wildomar in those days, I always kept an ear open for the local haps. Chuck had run for city council, I think, and had gotten elected. I kept aware because I was friends with a Lupus patient who needed marijuana to function on the meds she had to take to control the steady-worsening illness. Her name was Dottie and she still had time to be involved in local politics. From the environment that gave us both the recent DUI denial and the Henry Ramos fiasco, Chuck soon moved his fam to the more citified atmosphere of Temecula. He got elected there.

My life moved on as well but I always kept an eye on the sister cities and what they did of interest, after all, though I cover politics and pot circles rather than quilt shows and typical throw-downs, I care about the people I live around. Over the years I have seen and read good things about Temecula's City Council and all the members. Murrieta's City Council has remained more small town 'Twin Peaks'-like from the days when the mayor got a street paved to his daughter's [as owned by] private school at tax-payer expense. Yepper!

The valley has seen fit to keep me out of city politics, since I reside in the county as its wizard, but seeing that the official system gave Chuck some OJT and he is doing fine in that opportunity, I endorse Chuck Washington for Supervisor in the upcoming local election.

Plus as I remember, Randon Lane was proud to endorse Agenda 21's 'Sustainable Living'. This is Agenda 21 in two pictures.

Vote Chuck Washington for Supervisor. My name is PT Rothschild, and I approve of this message.

(*- Title of The Rascals 1st album after they stopped being 'The Young Rascals' in the very late 60s - Ed)

Child Crime: Lake Elsinore man arrested for sexual abuse at local daycare facility

Lake Elsinore Police: detectives looking for other possible victims

Jacob Blas

Lake Elsinore, California - On April 28, 2016, detectives from the Lake Elsinore Police Department began investigating an allegation of sexual abuse on a minor.

The abuse occurred at the Rea Family Daycare, which is a single family residence located on Bella Aliza, in the city of Lake Elsinore. The abuse occurred in 2015 while the minor attended the day care facility.

Jacob Blas, a 20-year-old male, who lives at the residence and is employed by the daycare, was arrested on sexual assault charges and booked into the Southwest Detention Center.

Lake Elsinore detectives are working with Child Protective Services and Department of Social Services since this incident occurred at a licensed daycare facility.

Lake Elsinore detectives are asking for parents to speak to their children if they attended this daycare facility within the last few years. Anyone with information is encouraged to call and speak with Detective David Schell if they have any questions or suspect their child may be a victim.

Detective Schell can be reached at 951-245-3300. If anyone prefers to remain anonymous, the Sheriff’s tip line can be reached at 1-800-950-2444.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Breaking News - Temecula: One man found dead, one man in custody on homicide charges archive photo
Temecula, California - On Tuesday, April 26, 2016, at 10:12pm, officers from the Temecula Police Department responded to a reported assault at a vacant field near the Mobil / Circle K Gas Station on the 44000 block of Bedford Court, Temecula. Officers arrived within minutes and found a deceased adult male on the ground with apparent stab wounds. 

A trail of evidence from the scene led officers to a group of restaurants and lodging businesses located on the 29000 block of Old Town Front Street.  While searching the complex, officers located a male adult and his female companion and both were detained. Based on the circumstances, investigators from Temecula Police Department and the Riverside Sheriff’s Central Homicide Unit responded to the scene and assumed the investigation.  

The adult male detained earlier on Front Street was arrested for homicide and transported to the Southwest Detention Center where he is currently held on $1,000,000 bail. This investigation is on-going and his identity will be withheld until addition statements are obtained. The victim’s identity is being withheld pending notification to family.  

Anyone with information regarding this case can contact Investigator Dean of the Central Homicide Unit at (951) 955-2777 or Investigator Mejia at the Temecula Police Department at (951) 696-3000.

Citizens may also submit a tip using the Sheriff's Homicide Tipline online form.

Temecula Crime: 26 year old woman arrested for stolen mail, credit card fraud, fake checks, meth and more

Brittany Ball
Temecula, California - During the months of March and April 2016, officers assigned to the Temecula Police Department’s Special Enforcement Team (SET), were conducting follow-up investigations regarding mail theft, and fraud cases in the city of Temecula.  

Officers authored a search warrant for an address in the 31000 Block of Gabriel Metsu, an unincorporated area of Murrieta.  On April 26, 2016, SET officers contacted a person of interest, Brittany Ball (26 years old) while she was driving away from her house in a stolen vehicle.

Officers served the search warrant at the address, where they found an extensive amount of stolen mail, credit cards, fictitious checks, items used in fraud, and methamphetamine. Ball was arrested for multiple charges including Credit Card Fraud, Possession of Fictitious Checks, Possession of a Stolen Vehicle, and Possession of Methamphetamine for sale. Officers will be contacting the victims as the investigation unfolds.  Ball was booked into the Southwest Detention Center.

Anyone with information regarding this investigation is encouraged to contact Officer Punzalan at the Temecula Police Department (951) 696-3000. We would like to encourage residents, and business owners to partner with the Department to help prevent crimes of theft by reducing the opportunity.  There are certain practices and behaviors that are deterrents to many crimes of opportunity.
  • Please remember to securely lock doors and windows to homes and vehicles to prevent easy access by unauthorized persons.
  • Consider installing motion-detector lighting systems for the exterior of homes and businesses.
  • Do not leave keys, purses, wallets, or other valuables exposed in unoccupied or parked vehicles.
  • Report suspicious persons and vehicles you observe in your neighborhood.
  • Handle your personal and financial information and/or documents with security in mind.
Report any crimes to the police department as soon as you reasonably can. 

Citizens may also submit a tip using the Sheriff's CrimeTips online form.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Vista Murrieta High School student arrested for shooting threat

Murrieta, California - On Monday, 4-25-16 at approximately 1827 hours the Murrieta Police Department received information from Vista Murrieta High School (VMHS) administration regarding a threat of a school shooting planned for the following day at VMHS. The investigation was immediately assigned to the Murrieta Police Department detective bureau—working in conjunction with school resource officers. Witnesses were contacted, and a VMHS student was identified as the one who made the threat. The student was later identified as a 16-year-old male, and a 10th grade student at VMHS. 

Detectives contacted the student in question, who admitted to making statements of shooting another student. According to the student, the statement was intended to be a “prank” towards the other student—the statement was clearly not taken that way. The student was ultimately arrested for the following charges and was transported to Southwest Juvenile Hall for processing: 

• PC 148.3(a) – Reporting/causing a false emergency 
• PC 21510 – Possession of a gravity knife. 

The Murrieta Police Department takes any threats of violence towards students and district staff very seriously. Those who choose to make threats of any sort, whether intended as a legitimate threat or a prank will be investigated by the Murrieta Police Department and charged accordingly. The Murrieta Police Department works daily and diligently with district personnel to provide a safe educational environment for the youth in our city. 

If you have any information regarding this investigation, please contact the Murrieta Police Department Juvenile Investigations Unit at 951-461-6361. You can also provide information anonymously through “We Tip” at 1-800-78-CRIME. 

The end of April weekend music line up!

For the last weekend in April 2016 we have 3 different events going on a two different venues - see you there: 

The Lighthouse

22200 Canyon Club Drive
Canyon Lake, CA 92587

Tasty food for everyone, great drinks for adults 21+
Music 7pm till 11pm - unless otherwise noted

Saturday - 4/30 – Rum Soaked Raisins -

Bear Creek Golf Club
22640 Bear Creek Dr N 
Murrieta, CA 92562

Excellent food and service in a beautiful golf area. 5-8pm, 21+

Saturday - 4/30 - Mary Loyd

21700 Temescal Canyon Rd.
Corona, CA 92883

21+, no cover and great drinks - music 8pm till midnight

Saturday - 4/30 - Keenwild (playing on the outdoor stage) w/ Pet Rock Boys (80's cover band, indoor stage)

Video Recipe: Roasted sweet peppers stuffed with feta and cream cheese

This is a very simple and quick video recipe for making stuffed sweet peppers. A wonderful appetizer for graduation parties and other summer fun, this is sure to please most everyone at your shindig. This is a gluten free and vegetarian recipe, but most folks will never know the difference because each bite is packed with cheesy good flavor! 

Don't hesitate to share this video with friends and family who you think would like it.

-Bill and Jeney

Friday, April 22, 2016



Temecula, CA – It's official. The 80s are now dead. With the death of Prince, I feel that decade has now wrapped. Though a fan of live music since seeing Ramsey Lewis [with family] and James Brown [with gf/1st wife Yvonne], and capping off a stellar 80s live music season decade, I was never fan enough to see the Purple Rain wonder in person, though I did have a promo cable TV Purple Rain [movie] t-shirt. During that period I was more into Rick James than Prince for the obvious reason [see Memoirs].

Being into music means more than just following the bands you like, it means knowing about music and the artists making headlines, especially the artists your relatives like. Having the 'hipster label' in the fam, I kept up with the artist whose lyrics were so sensual but a little too TMI for me. From an artist standpoint like The Beatles, Prince argued with the powers that be, won a reprieve, but then went back. This was before the advent of the internet when the majors controlled all distribution of music.

There was no doubt that Prince was a standout talent who displayed more than just music ability. Much like Bipsy, the artistic streak wound through the fabric of the person then poured out in style and accoutrements. Also Prince's physical looks, which were Latino much more that Africanized, made him attractive to many beyond his racial culture but yielded identity issues for the rising star. At first. Fame in the spotlight tended to blend away any wondering as life in the moment gave more reflection to where he had come from.

Prince would not be a stingy artist either, spreading the fame around to others in his talented posse, particularly the women, something not seen since Sly and The Family Stone. The androgynous posturing of Prince also gave the emerging gender fluid market a talent to rally around beside David Bowie. Like Bowie, both sides of the aisle were left panting little whimsical imaginary hearts of fandom over the music and lyrics.

So far, 2016 has been the year of great artist departures as more artists of music renown seem to have left us this year than any remembered years past. And the year isn't even half over yet. I shudder to think what I might remember when I look back at the end of this year, provided I too have made it that far in life.

As it stands now, another talented and well-known personality joins the freshman ranks of the newly departed, sans any Beetlejuice, with front row seats for the open mic jamboree featuring some of the greats who passed before them. Imagine being free of your human ego and having a chance to see live [sort of] talented artists you may have only heard about, or perhaps were inspired by, even your contemporaries.

So tonight as I light a candle to you, Prince, as I am sure my first ex-wife did, being one of your biggest fans, I can only ask that if you go on a night [or eternal day] when Stevie Ray Vaughan is playing, say 'hello' to his keyboard player for me. Her name is Bipsy. Tell her there are those who miss them both still, but couldn't be happier how things turned out way over yonder.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

55 year old man arrested for exposing himself near Murrieta Valley High School

Murrieta, California - On Monday, 4-18-16 at 117pm officers responded to the area of Washington Avenue and Davenport Way regarding a suspicious male and vehicle.  The reporting party was a 17-year-old female and a Murrieta Valley High School student.  

As the female was walking home from school, a newer model silver Ford Focus pulled alongside her and the driver began talking to the female.  The female noticed that the male had exposed himself to her and was performing a sex act while he was seated in the car.  The male subject left the area and the female called the police department.  Officers checked the area for the vehicle and male with negative results.

On Tuesday, 4-19-16 at 258pm hours dispatch received a call from an off-duty law enforcement officer who saw a suspicious male, seated in a vehicle and attempting to talk with teenaged girls as they walked by.  The off-duty officer contacted the subject in the area of Washington Avenue and Nighthawk Way and detained him until Murrieta Police officers arrived.  As Murrieta officers were conversing with the subject, the subject became uncooperative and a brief struggle ensued.  

The subject was taken into custody without further incident and was found to be intoxicated.  The subject was later identified by the female as the same subject that she saw the day before.  The subject was identified as David Charles Fruge—a 55-year-old Murrieta resident.  

Fruge was arrested for the following charges and was booked at the Southwest Detention Center:
  • PC 314.1 – Indecent Exposure.                  
  • PC 647.6 – Child Annoyance.
  • VC 23152(a) – Driving while under the influence of drugs/alcohol.

  • PC 148(a)(1) – Delay/resist a peace officer.If have any additional information regarding this investigation, please call the on duty Watch Commander at 951-696-3615.  You can also provide information anonymously through “We Tip” at 1-800-78-CRIME. 
  • Tuesday, April 19, 2016

    Man arrested after robbing Wells Fargo Bank in Temecula

    On April 13th, 2016, at approximately 12:12pm, officers from the Temecula Police Department responded to the Wells Fargo Bank at the 27600 Block of Ynez Road in the City of Temecula, regarding a bank robbery that had just occurred. The suspect reportedly entered the bank and demanded money using a demand note. 

    After obtaining an undisclosed amount of U.S. currency, the suspect fled the area on foot. Temecula Police arrived at the bank and interviewed both bank employees and witnesses. More than one eyewitness reported observing the suspect enter a nearby apartment complex.

    Temecula Police Detectives responded and assisted with the investigation. During the investigation, eyewitnesses positively identified the robbery suspect as Kevin Santos, 28 years, from Temecula. Detectives later located and arrested Santos at a nearby apartment complex. Evidence connecting Santos to the robbery was located and recovered. 

    Santos was later determined to be on active CDC parole. Santos will be booked into the Southwest Detention Center for the following charges: Bank Robbery and Violating his Parole.
    This is an ongoing investigation, anyone with information related to this crime is asked to contact Detective Jeff Fisher at the Temecula Police Department (951) 696-3000.

    Sunday, April 17, 2016

    Great weekend of music coming up!

    This coming weekend at The Lighthouse in Canyon Lake we have two wonderful acts - Friday night, 4/22 – Harmony Road and on Saturday night 4/23 – Mary Loyd. Music starts at 7pm, there is wonderful food and drinks available with no cover charge!

    Saturday, April 16, 2016



    Temecula, CA – Final arrangements to attend my second High Time Cannabis Cup weren't really finalized until I was out of the shower and ready to start off, but I've learned to relax and leave the worrying to the Universe. As I climbed into my temporary ride and started her up, the cell rang and it was the two other members of my media crew, Brad and Shawn. After getting directions and taking the back way up, we got to the NOS Center in plenty of time.

    The next hour was an hour in West World, with robot employees and ending right back up where we started from, but with all the early miss-steps, following the jump you can see how the Calendar's first day went at The Cup. It must be remarked that very shortly after we arrived on site, word rippled through the early bird crowd that LA was staging a free event in competition and the crew called a quick powwow to mull over a possible change of venue coverage. Staying in SB, I did have the feeling that up in LA, there were probably some young dabbers I know who can really throw down. But this is Life During Wartime – Talking Heads.

    Arriving early, we found that our first bit of reported info to be incorrect, but we're a crack team so there was a Plan B. After that we entered the maze-like area that seemed more vast and confusing then past events. I didn't worry though, Mary Jane Green was large and in charge, from dawn to dusk. There were many happy faces.
    We got a great parking place.

    Brad and Shawn covered navigation and stuffing packets. Here they get ready to start the outreach.

    We brought John, of course.

    It was a lively early afternoon crowd in gorgeous, very windy weather. The crowd was folksy,

    While under crystal clear skies, the vendors too were cheerful, and also as young as the day.

    Some had a message,

    Some were the message.

     Others offered some relief, which was everywhere you wanted to be.

    And some places that you were glad your weren't, unless your name was Larry Leatherlungs.

    We even met the King and Queen,

    But as the night began to pop, 

    I met clandestinely with a man in makeup this time. It was Deep Throat, again...

    to be continued...

    Wednesday, April 13, 2016



    Temecula, CA – The Temecula Calendar has looked at the AUMA Protest people, the tie-in to MMRSA [the way the state government wants to get paid], the financial structurebehind the PAC and the past on Sean Parker is available in various media interviews. So we know who doing it in and out of government but we only know why the government is involved. Today we look at the Private Sector.

    Tis said, 'The love of money is the root of all Evil.”

    On pages 290-2, Memoirs, the message of this video is validated, except Memoirs predates the video just as the re-worded heartfelt sounding cowpie malarkey that follows is predated by what cannabis does naturally. If AUMA gets in, not only will Sean Parker get richer off you, the patient, and you, the stoner, but he will have taken credit for something cannabis does naturally. Can you effing believe that?

    Read on McDuff...

     Billionaire tech entrepreneur Sean Parker announced today that he is giving $250 million through his foundation to launch the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy, a collaboration between some of the nation’s top cancer research institutes that aims to accelerate the development of breakthrough immune therapies.

    “About half of all cancers, if you catch them early enough are readily treatable with chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. The other 50% are likely going to kill you,” Parker told Fortunein advance of the announcement. “Immunotherapy is the firstbreakthrough in recent memory that doesn’t just offer some incremental three to six months average life extension. It offers the possibility to beat cancer.”

    Immunotherapy is one of the major advances in cancer treatments in recent decades. It harnesses the body’s own immune system and mobilizes its disease-fighting abilitiesto attack cancer cells. Cancer cells are adept at “hiding” from the body’s disease-fighting immune system, allowing it to elude detection. Immunotherapies are able to overcome those evasive strategies by either turning off the immune system’s brakes—through so-called “checkpoint inhibitor” drugs—so it can work in overdrive to attack the cancer cells or by rejiggering the body’s T-cells to specifically recognize cancer cells, a strategy that includes what are known as CAR-T therapies.

    “Immunotherapy represents a fundamentally new, breakthrough treatment paradigm in the fight against cancer,” Jeff Bluestone, CEO and president of the Parker Institute and one of the two original discoverers of checkpoint inhibitors, said in a statement. “Our scientists are leaders in the field and will now work together to make discoveries to treat and potentially cure cancer.”

    The Parker Institute wants to accelerate research into these areas as well as new tumor antigen targets to ultimately turn cancer into a manageable and even curable disease. It plans to do that by coordinating research [dollars] across the field’s top laboratories and pushing those findings quickly into clinical trials. The Parker Institute will not only provide comprehensive funding, clinical resources, and technology to each location, it will also create a central repository for intellectual property. This will allow researchers across the six cancer centers to quickly access a broad swath of core discoveries, further speeding other research avenues.

    The initiative is a personal one for Parker, who has donated on his own and through the Parker Foundation to life science research for years. Parker has suffered from asthma and anaphylactic allergies his whole life and multiple family members have autoimmune* disorders. That spurred his interest in immunology, initially.

    “I was always fascinated by the immune system, which is this incredibly dense interlocking series of checks and balances,” said Parker. “It’s an incredibly complex intellectual puzzle, and at some point along the way, I began to wonder whether or not the immune system might play some role in regulating cancer. And, that in some ways, actually seemed like a more accessible problem than the problem of solving autoimmunity.”

    Parker dove into the world of immunotherapy research and learned about the latest breakthroughs from such luminaries as Jim Allison, who discovered checkpoint inhibitors at the same time as Bluestone. (Allison, the executive director of the immunotherapy platform at MD Anderson, also nowserves on the Institute’s leadership board.) Parker was inspired by the research but also saw a need to connect the patchwork of discovery happening across the top cancer centers. He spent nearly three years negotiating to launch the Institute, working to convince leaders at each institute to sign onto a program that had never been done before, he said.

    Parker’s $250 million donation is the largest single contribution ever made to the field of immunotherapy, and he hopes that it can take discoveries from bench to clinical trials to bedside more quickly than the siloed models to date. The Institute has appointed a series of advisors to help govern the institution to make that happen. It includes a Board of Directorsthat will set the overall goals, a scientific steering committeethat will develop the research project portfolio, and a strategic advisory group to provide counsel on a range of issues that affect the clinical research and cancer patient communities. It has also established relationships with more than 30 strategic partners, including pharmaceutical companies, nonprofit cancer groups, and academia.

    “My belief, my sincere belief, is that this is very early days for cancer immunotherapy, and that most of the breakthroughs are still to come,” said Parker. “We have a proof of concept that this works in certain cancers, and now the hard work of expanding immunotherapy to many cancers begins.”

    The unprecedented cancer research effort collates in a central location the work being done at six leading cancer centers: Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Stanford Medicine, the University of California, Los Angeles, the University of California, San Francisco, the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, and University of Pennsylvania. That totals some 40 laboratories and more than 300 researchers all devoted to the field of immunotherapy.

    The first rule for Tobacco Science is actually two. If you can't baffle them with your bullshit, then you buffalo them with your brilliance. New made-up words attached to old words [Cancer Immunotherapy], new purposes with the same old faces [six leading cancer centers, including pharmaceutical companies, nonprofit cancer groups, and academia], psuedo-scientists, a money man, an offical sounding Institiute, altruistic babble, added bloat for your cronies [Board of Directors, scientific steering committee, strategic advisory group- this would be the rung for the Lanny Swerdlows and his ilk]. This would also include people waiting to get paid [40 laboratories and more than 300 researchers all devoted to the field of immunotherapy], because they will VOTE forAUMA.

    Never let it be said that a small group of people can't affect change. In fact, it is the only thing that has. Just ask Julius Caesar, Adolf Hitler, Al Capone, Idi Amin, and Joseph Kony. Remember they changed the name of cannabis to marijuana just so they could make it illegal, don't forget.

    (*- Actually shown to be caused by GMO products and glyphosate, MOMS; story source -

    Tuesday, April 12, 2016


    Supplement to the California Cannabis Coalition 

    Jack Herer warned us about AUMA.
    File photo

    '2003, Topanga Canyon, Midday, and a small crowd of activists, hippie types, patients, hipsters, and editor, PT Rothschild are gathered at a lodge with an outdoor balcony for a Hempseed Pancake Festival featuring Jack Herer, author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes.

    After meeting the authors and buying a copy of Green Gold [ISBN 0-9629872-2-0], PT greeted and met Jack Herer, a personal friend of attendees, The Victorsof whom he was a guest.

    The conversation was some bullet point questions followed by thoughtful, insightful answers. As conversation and two quickly smoked Jack Herer joints were cashed [roaches saved], the bomb under the table went off, so to speak. Wrapping things up and readying to dance away on the good foot, PT said:

    “The way Bush is going, we're lucky to have medical marijuana as a way to keep the door open for legalization.”

    Jack Herer:
    Medical marijuana is the worst thing that ever happened to pot!”

    PT blinked.*

    Hello, my name is PT Rothschild. Besides writing a book that predicted this present day dilemma, as the journalist who has been covering this story since before the AB266 group was interviewed at The State of Marijuana conference in Santa Monica, asked me to explain WTF is AUMA about in simple terms. Let me preface this by saying, the following description will illustrate AUMA at two levels. This is the base level:

    California in 2016 faces a two-headed Hydra. MMRSA [Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act], the unconstitutional trinity of AB266, AB243, and SB643 signed into law to dismantle Prop 215 for profit off of patients is Head One. This head is not our immediate concern.

    Hydra Head number Two is the government pushed 'dark act' for cannabis, AUMA or the Adult Use Marijuana Act, their 'legalization' for the general public. This will be California's try to steal cannabis, hemp, any creative industry ideas, all Ma&Pa start-ups, caretaker friendly shops, and convenient home delivery away from the poor, the shut-in, the reason for Prop 215 in the first place.

    The unstated objective of AUMA, the Adult Use Marijuana Act, is to cement the unholy trinity of state laws, AB266, AB243, and SB643 [also known as MMRSA] into public law by the will of 'tricked' voters following the carrot toward legal weed. AUMA is a Prop 19 on GMO steroids – and that can't be good for you.

    Let's take a quick glance at AUMA to see the down-side for us [hint: the up-side for them].

    AUMA charges its own surtax of 15%, cause The Man gets paid first. After that you have the usual state sales & local use taxes. Canna-Ca-Cing!

    The 15% surtax off the top, like a mob cut, goes to pay for the sellouts that have helped the Establishment by creating a self-perpetuatingbureaucracy of appointed officials with their bloated crony staffs with pension plans. This new board can vote to increase or add new taxes at will. Think of the 5 people who control gasoline prices for the State of California or the two appointed officials who dump millions of excess runoff water into the Pacific every day to keep Federal dollars coming to Sacramento, instead of sending that needed water downstream to Southern California for wine growers and farmers.

    AUMAtalks 'legal weed' but in fact, being for the prison-for-profit Establishment, creates new marijuana felonies. But don't worry, these new felonies won't affect you, just your younger brother and sister. You have to feed the prison-for-profit system same as before.

    AUMA takes away the individual right to grow or cultivate your personal stash and gives the right over to those who control commerce for the 'state stores' dealing pot, legal or medical.

    AUMA makes use of The Regulators, a new para-military style TSA who are all 6'8” tall, white, dress in black suits and wear sunshades. Ask Letitia Pepper**, she ran across them at the state Democratic caucus in bringing this story to awareness.

    AUMA makes cannabis and all nutriceuticals [herbal supplements at Natural food markets like Jimbo's, Mother's, Spouts, Roots, and Trader Joe's] subject to FDA and DEA guidelines under idiopathic lockdown.

    Though they call it the Adult Marijuana Use Act or AUMA, because cannabis, the real name, is a plant and an herb, this heinous act seeks to be the precedent for patenting and licensing ALL plant life on earth as a commodity, subject to commerce. This is the second highest level hidden in the deception of AUMA.

    (*- Condensed from this story. ** - Meet Letitia Pepper, Dir. Legal & Legislative Analysis, Crusaders for Patients' Rights, in person at Friday's Cannabis Cup day. See booth in NGO seminar inside area for details concerning meet 'n' greet.)


    Monday, April 11, 2016



    Temecula, CA – Though waved off by me when the weather forecast showed 60-80% chance of rain earlier in the week, Demeter, Mother Nature to the public, decided to cooperate, so the first team went out again. This proved to be a wise choice because new team members were added in this fight for cannabis against the AUMA, Adult Use Marijuana Act. A new collective was found that offered the cheese, and for those keeping track of the esoteric side of this contest, two more people cards were added to our deck. These were the cards of luck/prediction and weather, in the form of rain.

    Under cloudy skies and still damp pavement, Letitia made the call and this time a different set of warrior knights set out to charge an Establishment windmill. After plans were set, three different groups, sort of, would start out from Riverside HQ and roll out to West Hollywood on the I-10. In one car a woman who lived in a senior citizen area and a survivor of illness exacerbated by prescription meds, lived in a pot ban zoned city. She handmade edibles [see picture as end of story] and had become totally cured.

    In another, several dogs including a medium to large dog traveled with his two owners and Letitia, I think. Around that time the pot fairy puffed his magic dragon so I left with who brung me, as they say in Kentucky. On the ride back home later in the day, I would find that the car I was in contained all first-time protestors. I was a word pimp politico in a car full of protests virgins, or 'free-wheelers.' It was going to be a good day.
    Letitia was in usual form under cloudy skies on Santa Monica Blvd and Sweetzer.

    And our honk 'n wave did stir some sidewalk interest.

    But LA is LA, even in West Hollywood

    We turned some heads on to the real skinny.

    While we added some old faces to new [ones for me]

    And remembered our first martyr, John Stone, R.I.P. 

    We also saw Bern marks along a wall,

    Plus tasted the Heart of Yucaipa. 

    Days end, it was to the BARC collective for some Blue Cheese, a very aromatic hybrid, while leaving behind a silver bullet through the AUMA turd pile. They were very interested. Twas was a very good day.

    Now the smoking lamp is lit [pun intended].