Friday, June 24, 2016

8 Bit Brewing is a Good Bet

Murrieta - The best part about summer break is getting to sleep in and drink beer for breakfast.  This is exactly what I did today.  With no plans or appointments, I slept late and made lunch plans with my husband at 8 Bit Brewing in Murrieta, Ca. 

Though my husband and many friends had been here before, this was my first time to the newish brewery located in the industrial district of southwest Murrieta.  I was very impressed with the vibe and d├ęcor, modern gray tones mixed with warm wood accents.  The unique distressed metal slab bar top was a favorite of mine.  As were the Pacman inspired beer labels and brewery logo.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016



Temecula, CA – This esoteric report is sandwiched between our Dr. Steven Greer bookends of cosmic discovery because of two reasons. The first reason is something that Arthur C. Clarke said a long time ago that gave me pause when I stopped to really analyze what he said, which was after he had worked on 2001, A Space Odyssey, possibly.

The second reason was something that Jack Herer wrote also a while back.

“As you will see the Book of Revelation is a story of the transformation of the world from a world of oppression fueled by religious prohibition* (the curse) and driven to the brink of destruction before there is a great leap of understanding that frees the world, releases the curse, and heals mankind. The Tree of Life and the Fountain of Living Watersare the cores of the new world. Plants are the true source of healing and this is made clear. The great spirit of evil and oppression is the spirit of prohibition and the minions of evil are those who accept the mark and attempt to vanquish freedom forever under the guise of truth and law.

The WAR ON DRUGS is the great battle waging between truth and the great lie. Those who are on the side of oppression will find themselves as those who have accepted the mark of the beast.” - Jack Herer, pages 268-9, Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green.

The above quotation was taken from the foreword of the last book Jack was working on, and appears in Chapter 20, occurring after the last time I talked with Jack in 2009 at the Purple Haze Fest in San Bernardino. When I stumbled upon it, I was surprised because Jack certainly wasn't an example of a Calvary Baptist Christian. However, as can be seen from the Bible and the Qur'an, rarely are those deeded religious authority chosen by God to be prophets, don'tcha know? Ever wonder why?

Let's examine the statement Jack wrote. You should know that the Book of Revelation promises a blessing to whomever reads the book aloud** whether they understand it or not when they first read it. I'll never know when Jack read the Book but to form such an in-depth condensed summery shows he must have done more than glance at it. I do know that Jack had a relationship with some heavy thinkers, specifically the Osburns [Judy and Lynn] and Chris Bennett, Green Gold, ISBN 0-9629872-2-0.

The transformation refers to the passing of the old earth into the new earth. The curse here is different from the orthodox view of man wanting to be God to one of man supplanting God's rules, thereby making himself godlike. Here evil is called a spirit and is the same spirit of the oppressive system responsible for the issuance of a mark to squelch freedom under false truths and the law of execution and policy, sans compassion.

The Tree of Life is identified in Memoirs, page 289-292, and the Living Waters refer to Daniel 2:35b KJV, Memoirs rear cover text. The battle raging between the truth and the great lie is a reference to exactly what is happening presently in the cannabis cause scene which sports many different banners like for a bivouac. But Jack had warned me what was coming actually back in 2003 when I first met him and the Osburns in Topanga Canyon, thanks to The Victors.

“In the beginning was the word” and two words were passed to me in 2003. Each word was passed on to me by their writers: the Spirit of History from Jack's The Emperor Wears No Clothes; and The Osburns [with Chris Bennett] work titled, Green Gold, The Tree of Life, Marijuana in Magic and Religion brought the esoteric-religious factor. They united with this author to amalgamate a cannabis trinity for the predicted fight, given where I live and having a broader political soapbox to shout from. Because of that spin, though I fight in the cause with others, my part to play is on a different level. For me it is a cosmic card game.

Though I can't explain the game precisely, I am aware of two things. I know to keep track of the 'cards' I come across and while there are two jokers in a standard deck, at present there is only one unless you count DT. I also know that what happens in this cosmic card game will influence the political outcome in November. The game matrix thus far.

First, while most cause fights are horizontal in nature, as in it's you and your fellow protesters against an enemy, ie., blacks vs racial policy, Oregon Occupy vs BLM [Federal Government], activists vs TPP, or Moms against GMOs, the fight for cannabis is vertical. What this means is that tactics used in other cause fights can help, but only if you are on that level of politicking. However, since it is a vertical fight, the object is to rise to the top of the action because like the unfinished pyramid on the dollar, the poor man's worth, the All-Seeing eye is the pinnacle because this whole game was set into play by a god, the “In God We Trust” god, mammon [Matt 6:24, Luke 16:9, 11, 13]. This is the Carnation Level.

The Carnation Level exists for cannabis because cannabis isn't something natural from the earth like oil, gold, or diamonds. Those are things of the earth so they fall under the jurisdiction of an earth god. Cannabis came from the stars [Gen 1:11, 12]. That is why the plant is a panacea [Gen 1:29, 30]. But the herb came with its own limits by its exclusion from the authority given in Gen 1:28. That is the gap hole in the teeth of the Master Programmer [see the original Tron ending for this reference]. Man, or Adam, was to tend to all the vegetation, gazing at will but not to eat of the trees at Garden Central, less he be like a god, knowing both good and evil. We all know how that ended, though man was tricked [Essene Original Gospel].

Because a plant can't represent or care for itself [Gen 2:15], a human Ombudsman was needed for this then and for the final fray before the transition occurs. The Ombudsman is the link between the word and Dr. Steven Greer's future coming to pass. What is an Ombudsman? An official appointed to investigate individuals' complaints against maladministration, especially that of public authorities. What is left out of this definition of a public advocacy is that the Ombudsman is well versed both in the administration workings and the public experience. This person represents the people against the controllers, aka government performing malfeasance and misfeasance. MMRSA was written due to nonfeasance but is itself malfeasance. AUMAis misfeasance but as slippery as Hillary. Hence the qualified Ombudsman.

Because cannabis is in the Bible, I could check that box. Since my witch ex-wife called me into being as her wizard, the magic box could be checked through the Arthur C. Clarke clause [see story beginning]. Though there has been some misunderstandings for my role claim, since the few at this level all have excellent credentials, the two things singling me out were that I wrote and published a book [the word] about the topic, and second, as a lay minister [1st Presbyterian, Davenport, IA], I bestowed a Christian last name to Mary Jane, the human plant personification issued by men, and had that name blessed or seconded [Jack Herer, Memoirs] in 2009. In a true magical sense, the last action became the first and one of the ensuing ripples from that splash was the book's publication. That was and is the only thingthat puts me in this cosmic card game. At almost 71 it sure as hell ain't my looks or dance moves.

This Cosmic card game started with the Sacramento No AUMA protest at 13th and J streets, a magical crossroads or I don't know Dr. Strange as a hero. But this game isn't like going to Pechanga. Entry to this game was gained by the martyr John Stone, our ante. The fact that his last name is 'stone' should be proof enough without the first name of John, the name of the author of the last book of the Bible. Of course, to a lot of people all these things are just coincidences. That's why there is a very short line for this game. Suffice it to say, “I'm in.”

The game so far consists of these cards collected. Cards are both people named as things and positions. The position cards are the face cards.

4 Queens – Clubs, Hearts, Spades, Diamonds [last pair of Queens showing]
1 Ace
1 Joker

Cosmic Pip Cards [in order of receiving them]
Zen [Prior to Game]
Magic [Sacramento]
Hope [Santa Cruz]
Raine [WeHo]
Happy [Temecula]
Bliss [Temecula]

Cosmic Pip Cards added after first round
Angel [Hemet]
Angel [Riverside County]

The play so far. In the first round the riddle was: How can you serve two masters [activist causes]?

Answer: With one truth [Card played, Zen]

Now, what is the opposite of Evil? Survey says 'good' but in reality the opposite of goodis bad. We all learned that in kindergarten. Also the thwarting of Label GMO groups is good for evil Monsanto. After careful thought and research, ponder that the opposite of Evil is innocence. Now with the internet available, our tree of all knowledge good and bad, we have all become evil, as in knowing all things or having access to. This stage play that Shakespeare talked of, in these last days, is to see what we will do with that knowledge.

“The WAR ON DRUGS is the great battle waging between truth and the great lie. Those who are on the side of oppression will find themselves as those who have accepted the mark [cash] of the beast.” - Jack Herer

(*- To fully understand this view, please see ISBN 0-517-55129-2. **- Revelation 1:3 KJV and vocalization counts since you hear the words in your head as if you are reading them aloud.)

Friday, June 10, 2016



Temecula, CA – With the reemergence of the story 'Sugarcoating The Bare Essentials' back into the Top 7 during my Spring Break, it was time to repay a visit back to the East Coast and see what those literary ladies who love reading pulp fiction out-of-doors so much, were up to.

The first time we looked in, the women were going through the unicorn syndrome. This is the WTF look almost anyone receives walking around in the buff. As you may recall, the liberty loving libertines usually found a spot away from the Lookie Lous, opting to enjoy their sunny solitude. In the winter, well, what fun was that? No one was around. But that was a few years ago and if there's anything we know about New Yorkers, they are resilient, as opposed to being jaded like the west coast.

Seeking approval to update the west coast fans about outdoor reading and artful political action, cough Moms, the first change noted was one in the locals' attitude. The group has been making the rounds, so to speak, and New Yorkers have moved on. You might even say that now they fit right in.

But you know how it is, sitting in isn't necessarily fitting in for anyone with a knack for reading pulp fiction, those steamy paperbacks written when some things were still sacred. Join us after the jump, provided you are 18+, like smart women without guile, and always wanted to be part of the first couple to the floor at a dance. We see in pictures the birth of a notion that would make Daniel Webster proud, and blush. Presenting the latest page to the O.C.T.P.F.A.S. saga.

Perhaps it was a story plot point somewhere,

Or the local gymnastics based on testosterone.

The sun was nice,

New people were coming and joining the reading circle,

Not all have adjusted, note the 3-legged man in the background
 Members were reading, 

 But something was missing, a new idea was needed.

As is wont to happen in a free and creative environment, inspiration struck an uptown girl.

 "Let's do Shakespeare in the Stark," said the OCTPFAS member with the Lisa Simpson pearls.

End of Part One - next, The Player's The Thing

Sunday, June 5, 2016



Temecula, CA – Back in the day when Fingerlights and Dippin' Dots were on local kids' minds, I was one-half of the duo nicknamed 'The Dukes of T-Town'. The other half was a mover-shaker who was a huge Muhammad Ali fan, once buying a 3D metal engraved portrait of the Louisville Lip to hang in the upstairs office game room from one of those traveling vendors that hit the industrial area of Diaz Rd.

Upon seeing this, well, you guessed it, the senior Duke had a tale to tell, since I had also come from the country's 4th most segregated city [according to MSN recently]. So as he finished hanging the piece up and stepped back to admire the portrait, I said,

“I remember watching Ali knock out kids when he was 12 on a show called Tomorrow's Champions on Channel 3 back in the day. Also my mother taught at the same elementary school he went to, Phillis Wheatley*. Did you know his name wasn't always Muhammad Ali?”

At the last comment, AJ being a Muslim, pulled out a chair for me at the conference table before hollering down the stairs, “Cancel my one o'clock!!”

I began.

“My mother didn't actually teach Ali, but she was a neighbor to the teacher who did, so he saw me around the school and knew who I was because of her. He first fought on this local TV show, Tomorrow's Champions, for a few years, gaining a reputation locally, before the Olympics where he won the gold. Everybody in Louisville loved him, everyone, and that says a lot being that Louisville was and still is socially segregated for many people [though this was way before the MSN stat came out].”

“There was another boxer who some said would have given Cassius, his Christian name, a run for his boxing fame, but he died saving a child from drowning in the Ohio River, drowning himself. He lived in my neighborhood. His name was Rudell Stitch. If I remember right, Ali went to his funeral too. They knew each other.”

“When Ali beat Liston you would have thought that a black president had been elected, except everyone was out in the streets and driving around honking cars. I hadn't seen anything like that until the first [since 1945 or so] game between Uof K and Uof L when Louisville beat Kentucky in basketball. The tee shirt I got from that game had a red cardinal picking up a blue bobcat by the tail and shoving a basketball partway up his ass. You had to look at it twice to catch the joke, but that was the fun part. People from Kentucky are a bit twisted in their sense of humor.”

We both laughed.

“He became a Muslim, a Black Muslim [a separate designation from the ME Muslims but adopted into the fold many years later], changed his name, and denounced the [Vietnam] War almost all in the same breath, it seemed at the time. People were stunned. I mean, he could have had a life (in the service) like Elvis. No one questioned the War before that, not that people were lining up to fight like World War II either.”

“Did he lose fans?”

“Some at first, but then the government took away his title and put him in jail. People were pissed about that. People saw that as racist. And like a big family, you can talk about your cousin but someone outside the clan doesn't have that right. Remember Ferris Bueller's sister?”

“Yeah, hahaha.”

“But Ali was bigger than the government. He came back. Twice, like the guy who started General Motors. That's the reason two of his biggest fights, Rumble In The Jungle** and Thriller In Manila weren't fought here where real people could enjoy them. The government has been enjoying the people's meal for a long time. I just hope I'm around to see the waiter bring the check.”

“Hell, without Ali, it would be Howard who? And just recently [00s] I saw where they were giving him credit for actually inventing the music genre of rap. That was something I didn't even think about but I could definitely see it. He talked shit, and he backed it up. When his mouth wrote a check, he cashed it for you. He was so cool. To see you being such a fan and spending $100 on this, that's cool as shit too. I knew there was a reason why I always liked you.”

AJ beamed.

“You know the world may remember him for his mouth, or his rhymes, or 'floating like a butterfly and stinging like bee' but there are two personal incidents that I will always remember.”

AJ's eyes grew wider.

“Remember me saying that my mother taught at his elementary school?”

AJ nodded.

“Well because of that, though we never hung out, Ali knew my face and would give me a head nod on the times we crossed paths. I did know some of his cousins personally, his girl cousins, but I never ran with him. He was older than me and when he first won the championship I didn't run across him much after that. But there was one time I did.”

“I don't remember how old I was but I was down at my cousin Wiley's house and for some reason I had gone, or we had gone over to this Ma&Pa store on Greenwood (Ave), a few blocks from my cousin's house. It was winter but not too cold and we were just chilling beside the chain-link fence there in the front to the side of the store. Along the front of the store stood three kids, probably family, various ages.”

“This black Caddy pulls up and out hops Cassius. He was probably getting some stuff for his mom. He was like Elvis in that respect. Now he was Champion at this time, just Champion by a year or two. Everybody knew him. He walks up the concrete walk, sees me and does a head nod (I returned it) and then proceeds to head for the front door. The littlest of the three kids, all of them in their winter coats, a boy with his coat opened, steps out and says, “C'mon Champ” and starts to spar with Ali. They did this for about a minute, and Ali was in a hurry, you could tell. But he still stopped. I never forgot it. That's why everyone in Louisville loved him. Like Jesus, he loved kids [young people].”

“What was the other time?” asked AJ.

“That time was with another cousin, Kenny, the only cousin I named in Memoirs.”

???- AJ

“Also this time didn't involve Ali, per se. It involved his dad, Cassius, Sr. You see when son got famous, Pops dressed the part. One Friday night, the night I could go out [alone], me and Kenny are sitting in Joe's Palm Room. It was the spot in Louisville so the place was packed, two or three deep along the bar including those sitting down. The jazz was playing, I'm nursing a Cubre Libre, which is a rum drink, and we both spotted Cassius Sr. come in. You couldn't miss him. He was tall, also handsome, and dressed in a super sharp black suit, and matching hat. The suit had a black attached cape with a red velvet interior. I looked at Kenny and he looked at me.” We both wondered what this would be a precursor to, but for the answer to that, you'll have to visit Joe's and talk to the oldest and luckiest fart you see there. However, it's Louisville, you could get lucky. I did [Chapters 13-15, Memoirs].

“There was one other thing. When you saw Ali in person, you knew why he was the Champ. He was the Micheal Jordan of Boxing. He looked good, he was great, and he had these long arms. He had reach on a lot of guys. He looked the way Neal Adams, a DC artist, drew Superman. Except he was black. That was the only difference in [body] looks.”


(*- First published African-American female poet, very comely too, and who Obama might have picked had he not out-sourced his hoodwork to High 'Em High Hillary. Phoning it in from a statue down the street. **- used as reference for Ben Stiller joke in Tropic Thunder. Thanks to those who supplied the photographs. Blessings to you both.)

Saturday, June 4, 2016



Temecula, CA – For those who live outside of California, some say we have only one season here on the southern west coast, summer. And though that named season has a special meaning now to me, we actually have four seasons like the rest of the country. There's mud-slide season, earthquake season, when the Lakers win a championship it's riot season, and finally there's fire season. Fire season started today in the valley.

Shortly after noon a wildfire broke out in the foothills south of Temecula in the vicinity of what was to be Liberty Quarry. Response was full-on with firefighters and planes. Traffic on the freeway was a parking lot for about three hours if you were coming north from San Diego. Going south to Oceanside? No way, Jose.

More pictures after the jump, because there's more to this story. You see, Sports Fans, my phone rang around that same time.

“Meet me around Hemet in the Mistletoe. This is Deep Throat.” click.

It's rumored that some reporters can be in two places at once.

Meanwhile, moi had figured out the riddle from the stranger I met in a park during my SacTown adventures with Weed Warrior Lawyer, Letitia Pepper. It's funny how a person's last name can reveal true nature sometimes. But then that adventure started out fighting for cannabis, a plant like no other in the whole wide world [and very special, see Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green, Amazon].

I found a bench under a shade tree in the 107 F/ 42 C heat, taking a long pull from my Bhang metal water bottle. What can I say, I'm a gadget guy, remember fingerlights? Presently someone came up and sat down at the other half of the table.

"You're certainly color-coordinated, red plaid shorts and a red Moms Across America tee shirt. Ever the bleeding heart, aren't you?"

"Thanks for noticing. Listen, I heard some things about you."


"Yeah. You're not to be believed."

"Believed or trusted?"

"Trusted actually, now that I think of it."

"Have you heard that your Ms. Peppers works for the CIA?"

"Yeah, but I don't believe that horseshit."

"But everyone gets talked about."

"No shit."

"In my case, it's true. Did you see all the 'Yes on Measure E' signs around?"

"Sure as hell did. I read some stuff about it in the Valley News. Looks like a done deal."

"It is, haha, and I'm part of it. Hahaha, these rubes are so ripe for squeezing."

"What do you mean?"

"It's the same town, same mindset as when the mob hid their millions here in the banks. A population made up of agrarians mixed with trailer trash is perfect. When you mix in a little patriotism, it's a winning combination for a political machine to play like a fiddle."

I was quiet for a minute as I thought about Planet Hemet, and why we all called it that.

"Ok, why are you telling me this? I mean, no offense but you have the street cred of Hillary."

"I read some of your recent stuff, especially the piece on Everything420 about the cannabis civil war. Everyone seems to have fallen for the cheese. Everyone except you. I like that. You see, it was so easy putting up those guildstones. People look up and see the chemtrails, and what are they going to fucking do? It's all so easy, and that's boring, for someone like me."

"Poor baby."

"Boring and bitch both begin with a 'B' for a reason. You figured out my riddle, and here you sit in a red shirt and red plaid shorts. You have a book out about pot because you gave a last name to a plant. You, are not boring. The Calendar scooped everyone about the Comment Removal on MSN and now they're back, so this is a test for you and your rag. Do you really want to know the reason for Measure E?"

"Yeah, sure. Why not?"

"Do you know this face?" 

"It looks familiar. Let me think. I ran two stories about women with a similar look. One was the first lady football coach..."

"And the other was about the Pot Czar. That's who this is," as he showed me his cell phone pic."

"The state government already is all set to start rounding up pot producers as soon as AUMA passes. Meanwhile the money to cover all this is being done as a political loan of sorts, with a guarantee of repayment by January 2017. But lately thanks to you and your ants, well some of them anyway, the state has started Plan B, the regimentation of a penny tax to pay for the Regulators already on the payroll."


"It so sweet. With all the savagery in Chicago and the young blacks here with their pants hung low, who's going to miss a penny?"

"But it's a sales tax, that's a penny on every dollar. I remember when a sales tax first came to Kentucky. That's how it starts. Plus California already has a sales tax. This ain't Orange County. It's Planet Hemet. These are poor people."

"With a strong Tea Party mindset. Think of it like this. It's a judgment from God, because they are that gullible. The gangsters proved that. Face it PT, the people here just aren't that sharp or open minded. You saw all the signs. Hell, even the people pulling it off aren't in on the real plan. These people are sheep, minimum wage is going up, and cable is on. Hahaha"

"I saw some No on E signs."

"How many?"


"Hahahahahaha. That's why I like you. You actually try to stick up for these grunts. That's why I like you and called you. I knew what Anonymous told you, or the gist of it."


"You're quiet. Cat got your tongue? I'll leave you with this then before I go. Pull out a penny. Who does it say to trust in? The god of money. You're the only one who has solved that clue. I read your stuff. You're a thinker. I like that. Keeps me from getting bored."

DT got up and started to walk off. Then he turned and said, 

"Remember, this is a test. If you pull this off, put on your sailing shoes."