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SPIN-OFFS: a look back at the Temecula New Music Scene 2000-2010


BSC, CA – No, you didn't blink and miss Parts 2 & 3, it's just that to really understand the original music scene around the valley during the Golden Era is to know it wasn't just because there were 2000 bands in a 25 mile radius that was the key. Like gas vapor in a carburetor you needed that spark. In Part 1 we spoke about the fuse combustion combination of three people. This part called Spin-offs has to start off with one of those 3 architects, William 'Bill' Gould, Jr.

It should also be noted that there was another common ground between me and the young, aka underground or political kids in those days besides music – The Simpsons. Almost like drawing a fish in the sand was being able to drop a Simpsons Show quote and hearing a snicker from a young person that got the 'in' joke while everyone over 30 snoozed on. Other influences included a long love of live music [see Memoirs] inspiring new bands.

This CD recording of a live performance with four or five band members was Bill's first band, and featured a song not unlike my last day of student teaching a gifted class; the fourth wall was broken in a way that truly touches you with surprise. Track #5 was a song not only about me, but it also bore my name [later tied into the title of Memoirs]. This song may have come from a question Bill asked me one day in the very late 90s: Should he follow a commercial route or a musical desire? My advice, do what you like and the money will come. He started a band with a girl singer from Kansas, a transplant - Jeney Kingsbury.

By the next CD drop, the band membership was dropping and Mr. Pete disappeared in the set list, but the Kansas singer with the strong voice was getting equal billing, so to speak.

Like smoke, SuperDank dissolved but as I found out later, the song 'Mr. Pete' developed into a downloaded Top Ten hit in Australia, peaking at No. 2, natch. 

A few years later Bill and Jeney formed the duo, Keenwild, named after an area up in Idyllwild, and Mr. Pete was back in the building to remain. Today Bill and Jeney still perform as Keenwild and have another CD available ('Sunsets' - on iTunes

The Full Value Review, later Temecula Calendar, now is the second spinoff of the original music scene and told of the flourishing development to a dedicated audience of fans, bands, and hands. Today's legacy of picture stories is a direct result of those early years but contrary to popular thought, BSC is not a new invention from the fertile mind of Bill Gould. It was part of the first musical spinoff from the kid who learned how to do shows. Big Joe joined the crew.

Shortly after that, Madlin's came into being and the scene gained more ground. At first the crowd wavered between a few to decent for a show featuring high school kids opening for touring young artists. Many of the artists, hesitant at first playing to an audience at eye level and no raised stage, soon appreciated the intimate gathering of their usually standing, and occasionally sitting, high school music fans. Not having access to alcohol or permitting drinking onsite was a plus for parents, some of which would stay to watch their kids play to a real audience past the fam and the garage. 

Then one day it happened. On a late afternoon when I stopped by the coffee shop to grab a smoothie before I rode my bike home, a Friday which had no music show scheduled, I turned the corner and saw a completely full parking lot in front of Madlin's. Surprised by the crowd, I saw an equally surprised Bill in the midst of the crowd of swirling teenagers. I quickly dismounted and the Jackie Findl internship to FVE started. You see, Jackie, a young woman I had met and discussed politics with just two days earlier worked a restaurant her mother owned. I had eaten there then. She was in high school and knew all the cool bands. Wow, who knew, right? 

With this added local promotion firepower and Jeney's keeping an eye out for traveling bands rolling through, Bill threw a series of Mall concerts and discovered more local talent to showcase.

For a minute Full Value Entertainment threw shows up in Orange County [Fullerton] again discovering new talent that opened up the WARPED TOUR circuit for our music fan readers.

Meg and Dia later was signed to Warner Bros. but before that they played Madlin's and the French Valley Theater for FVE

Another spin-off from the scene was the original art and genius of the talent involved, even beyond the band at times. One group Bill discovered early in FVE's online presence was a punk band [some labeled pop punk] out of Arvada, CO, named DORK, sometimes spelled as an anagram. Of all the bands that should have made it and put in the effort, no one had better tee shirts that were just offensive enough to get you noticed but not enough to get you kicked out. And there was no fowl language, just tongue-in-cheek raw humor. 

In a scene, the magic of the scene leaves with what you take from the scene. One day when I was working at Premiere Innovations, AJ picked me up but didn't tell me that we had to go to the bank for me to have cash for the weekend. When we got to Wells Fargo on Rancho Cal I looked at AJ and said, "I have a bad feeling about this. I'm not wearing the right shirt for here." But I walked in anyway.

I walked up in line and passed the teller the check, which was drawn on the bank and my valid CA ID, a photoed driver's license. He looked at the check [$20], my ID, and then at me. I stood there blank faced and wiped my mind of any thoughts. He then called over his department manager and they briefly muttered back and forth. The teller then stepped away and the manager said that 'I would be better served at the check cashing place down a few blocks which was for people like me.'

Any other day I would have been hurt, angry, or both; but not today. Today I was wearing a DORK tee that was printed on both sides. I turned rejected, and walked away,

Hearing several loud muffled smirks, one of whom I am sure was the teller's, I was thinking score one for the little guys as I walked toward the door past the long line of customers waiting for service, and he never even saw it coming. But it wasn't always fun and song. Once we had to get tough and push back against the man.

Again this was during the heyday of Java Joz. All-ages and original music could now be heard all over the valley, especially on the weekend. Old town was starting to rock beyond The Stampede but it was yet to snap and pop. The Temec City Council, still in its Pleasantville stage drafted up a noise ordinance, which if passed would have greatly dampened the variety of music now available, regardless of genre.

A small group at the heart of the scene [though not the whole heart] formed to initiate F.O.M.A.

Then, as quickly as they had formed, once the wrong-headed proposal died, the lovers of song vanished back into the scene, unsung and unknown heroes just as it should be. Other one-off events popped up to be covered.

The Secret Location brought North County flavorht in some SD North County Coast flavor via Indiana

The scene spun off into other publications [print] and I garnered my first cover, a surprise treat.

From photo skills polished at Burning Man, an opportunity arising from and in the scene, I branched out in what I saw for a shot. Sometimes even the artist noticed.

A young intern named Khalid joined our staff while at Madlin's, wrote reviews until he graduated, and went off to college with many happy memories to a start his writing career.

As Madlin's ran down after a city enforced code knifed our capacity crowd limit to a chilly Sunday morning size, two things happened that would be major parts of the kaleidoscopic music picture coming to the eyes and ears from college level artists at our next scene location.

The first was this band who played their last tour stop show at Madlin's from their first tour,

And the merchandise man they brought with them.

The second was someone that I had worked with at Best Buy when we opened the record-setting store. A computer nerd to some, I always saw this young dude doing what I professed, writing. We became friends over the time I worked there, which was about five years. It took that long to get fired I was so good at my job.

Now I was seeing him again, sitting on a milking stool, playing an acoustic [Ovation] guitar. It was nothing to write home about. However, when this artist showed back up at Java Joz, guitar in hand, I thought at first he must have a twin, the improvement was that marked a difference. At the height of exposure, the band my friend started opened for Foghat in Old Town.

That band would be none other than Nice Day, the very first sticker on the office fridge and the first sticker that greeted you when you walked inside the coffee shop cafe.

Alex Monk, the artist who started the band Nice Day became another core person at the heart of the scene. In the Java Joz era he was our artiste. His girlfriend during that time, an actress who did Little Princess parties [I think that is the name] contributed as well, since she was of the same cloth, only with a Southern exposure. Candice, the one before Buffy, our vampire slayer, came to join the party, did both the tee shirts and CD release covers, all original one-of-a-kind artwork that went beyond the music.

Now as the scene gravitated to a new location hand-picked by a Rastafarian named Johnny Blaze, it is important to understand that the scene had graduated high school and was about to become a GLEE on steroids, with a solid central cast of full color artists, a rotating guess star list, and various show arcs much like an expanded musical M.A.S.H. It was a time that would close when it delivered us a saint who made original music by the gift of synesthesia.

But for now the words of Englishman Alfred North Whitehead rang true, "[art] flourishes where there is a sense of adventure." No longer would I just be a crow on the fence like Heckle and Jeckle, reporting about the music and artists. I was about to be coaxed down into this college age crowd, becoming a mix of dirty uncle and Friar Tuck to a gaggle of Katzenjammer Kids as we went, Live! At The Mullet Room.
1-20-82 to 2-12-09, R.I.P.82 to 2-12-09 Rest In Paradise

Of course there were some other spin offs but you gotta save something for the sequel, Rocky.

(Ed. note: To maximize the scope and depth to understanding the scene, Part 4 was presented out of numerical sequence.)

Hiking News: Fossils Stolen from Death Valley National Park, $1000 reward

DEATH VALLEY, CA - In our opinion, this is absolutely unacceptable, the responsible parties NEED
Click image for larger view
to be located and the items returned to their correct location. Park rangers recently discovered that fossil footprints were removed from Death Valley National Park.

Trackways of mammals and birds were formed about 3 to 5 million years ago, when the animals left footprints in a muddy lakeshore area. Scientists visit the area regularly, photographing and recording the exact location of each footprint. They discovered the fossils were missing during a recent visit and reported it to park rangers.

Backpackers in the area were photographed and may have witnessed the crime or have information about those responsible. Investigators are offering up to $1,000 for information leading to the identification, arrest, and conviction of those responsible. Please see the attached flyer to view photos and for information about how to submit a tip.

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South of the Border Inspired lunch

One of my favorite proteins is a bit surprising.  Being vegetarian, of course it would not be the ever popular bacon.  Most would assume tofu as a generic answer.  Those with some veg option knowledge might guess tempeh or seitan, but they too would be wrong.  This favorite ancient seed of mine boasts 14g of protein and a laundry list of essential vitamins and minerals per every 3.5oz of uncooked grain! 

That's right, I am talking about quinoa (keen-wah).  This little dietary gem is originally from the Andean region of South America.  The Incas treated it as sacred, referring it to "the mother grain" until the Spanish conquistadors invaded and forbade them from cultivating this amazing grain.  Thus eliminating quinoa from popular diets and making it largely unknown until recently.

Fortunately for everyone, quinoa's popularity is growing.  Not only is it gluten free, but it is one of only a few plant foods that are considered a complete protein, containing all nine essential amino acids.  I like to prepare quinoa the way i think the ancient Andean people probably enjoyed it, with simple vegetables and warm spices like in the following recipe: South of the Border Quinoa. 

Mail Theft: A growing problem and how to help stop it

Temecula, CA - As many of us here in the suburbs of the Inland Empire have discovered, mail theft is a growing issue. Community 'cluster mail boxes' have been a prime target since they provide multiple opportunities to gain valuable personal info, checks and small packages. The picture here is from my mailbox across the street from my home. Needless to say I was rather pissed off to find this.

After speaking with the Riverside County Sheriff's Department and doing some research, I have some pointers I would like to share with you:

1 - Don't have mail or packages delivered to your home. Seriously, no joke.

Get a post office box or a mailbox at a 'postal annex' type place. The advantage to a 'postal annex' type location over the Post Office is independent mail locations accept USPS mail AND UPS/FedEx - the Post Office will only accept USPS mail. You might need to drive to the mail box store to pick things up, but you will know that your Amazon package is safe there.

2 - If you are not into the idea above, or the cost for a separate mailbox is outside of your budget, be sure to pick up your mail from your mailbox EVERY SINGLE DAY. Not every other day, not once a week. EVERY DAY! If your mail isn't in the mailbox over night, then your mail doesn't get stolen by tweekers. It is really that simple. Tweekers and thieves typically work in the dark of the night, if your mail is already in your house - you have already made the best defensive move.

3 - If you have packages delivered to your home while not there, be sure to get a HD camera for the front door area. Make sure it works and is motion sensitive. Use it everyday. While some thieves will still take your package, if they see a camera, some will just move along after seeing others arrested when the videos of thieves go viral on social media.

4 - If your mail or packages are stolen, don't just post about it on FB or IG, FILE A DAMN POLICE REPORT. For real, my mailbox has 12 slots and I was the ONLY PERSON TO FILE A REPORT in my neighborhood according to the deputy. Crimes are not going to report themselves, nor does your local patrol officer have time to be checking FB 'community talk' pages to see what crimes have been going down. Get on the phone and call PD so they know what areas to step up patrols and if the dirtbags thieves are caught - you will likely be notified if your items are retrieved as part of an arrest. As well you can report suspected mail losses to Postal Inspectors by calling 877-876-2455 (press 3) or at

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BSC, CA – When I was growing up back in the 50s, three things weren't talked about openly in the black community; a creepy in-law you didn't want to sit on the lap of, homosexuality (illustrated through comic relief in Wedding Crashers), and an out-of-wedlock pregnancy. In those days you were turned out [homeless] only if you were a girl and preggos, otherwise, you were family even if you had to live in the basement. Of course if you poor, there was always a landlord between you and being homeless.

Those Southern values ring true in Iowa, a state also with basements and cellars where a majority of Memoirs takes place. Also some hocus pocus. But I now live in Southern California, a place with no basements or cellars unless there's wine or beer connected. The country has changed a lot in attitudes towards homosexuality [some areas more than others] while single motherhood seems a normal thing given the constant war side effects, prison system privatization, shrinking construction job market,and the drugging of the country through prescription meds, powder drugs, or both. The landscape of America has changed, and not for the better.

Recently where I live, in Temecula, CA, two homeless people in town were 'rescued' by the authorities. One made the front page of the PE Thursday weekend free ad-zine that features 4-5 stories and ads for the weekend. The other made the police blotter. One is at least 60 years old and the other is 27. After being rescued, one was given food, shelter, a place to shower, sleep, and rest up until his family arrived to take him home, out of state. The other got 3 hots and a cot. His trial comes up at Southwest this Wednesday. One is a Christian, can you guess which one? Details after the jump.

There is no doubt that the complexion of the homeless has changed over the past few years, and certainly from the times I was sleeping around the valley without indoor plumbing. What was once a vet [according to the sign held] panhandling at a freeway off ramp or pictures of stereotypical homeless have taken a more ominous tone because the age you see off in camps here now are camps of young men, and a few women, most ravaged by meth, heroin, or prescription meds. Chances are its two out of three.

I can't speak much for the big city homeless, but I have known and known about the valley homeless [youth] since my early days in Murrieta, when you could go behind the bowling alley, sit down on the concrete curb and join other heads having a toke, though you all usually went out in a group. In those days being homeless meant the 'parking lot' wherever the Dead were set up, 'joining the circus'. Others would wind up in the California Fire Service or go off to live with a friend somewhere, usually another county, AZ or Nevada.

Listening to these kids as to why they were homeless or being kicked out to be on their own, it struck me that maybe it was the weather. Christians are Christians and who hasn't been in a little pickle needing a bail-out? Later in Murrieta around Christmas time one year when I was between roofs myself I rode my bike over to the Methodist church to some aid. The pastor there told me to get help at the Catholic Services, “They do things like that for people, read, non-members.” I peddled off a bit pissed but obviously something wound up happening or I wouldn't have found the digs that I finally did.

Although I did and do come into contact with the homeless in my travels, including beggars even at the bus stops, the lead-in story about the young homeless Christian was told once before in this recent piece, but the person in the story, the person who you never see the face of, is someone I know of personally. I should, he is one of the two people on the cover of my book. The homeless Christian is the person in the black tee shirt. His name is Tyler Goulet. His father is a retired SD fire captain, his mother has never worked a day in her life outside the home, and the fam has done Christian-based missions trying to save little black babies in Africa and little white ones in Ireland. Tyler's last two closest amigos were a neighborhood [ex]heroin addict adopted as a child with anger issues [male] and a girlfriend who makes Ethiopian refugees look well-fed due to her meth addiction. The three are in the same age group. But it wasn't always this way and that's what makes this story a little less ordinary.

The friends who still have concern for him are either frustrated or angry because they also know the type of person Tyler is, or was. For me, Tyler is the story of the guy Da Vinci painted as first the model for Jesus, and then some 20 years later finding the same man broken and beaten, for the model of Judas. Though that story has been 'debunked' I remember hearing it a long time ago before the Mandela Effect.

Tyler was home-schooled because he could be and has a very intriguing educational base. He plays the guitar, loves dogs, is a work worker and has won fishing competitions. I remember watching him score the only two soccer goals to win his division for State. So what happened?

Two things actually, in my opinion. The first crack in the dike is his religion, or rather the orthodoxy he attends. He took me to a service once around Christmas time as we celebrated the Noggy Season. The impression I got was the lukewarm type church mentioned in Revelation's beginning. When we discussed this opinion later in the evening my final comment was, “Too bad, because charity begins at home. Also charity is one of the 5kinds of love mentioned positively in the Bible,” a point Tyler was also versed in.

In fact, Tyler and I used to have such intense theological garden discussions that once a hummingbird stopped midair for about a minute [at least sixty seconds], hovering just in our 45 degree shared opposite peripheral vision, and listened. Neither of us acknowledged our eavesdropper but we both noted this unique happening, talking about it the moment our garden party three-way was over. So I knew that Tyler was special. Special people aren't always identified by the short bus.

There were two other reasons Tyler stood out as 'special' both visual. One was the book cover picture, taken two years prior to the book manuscript being finished. It would be a year and a half before this special clue slid into place via the light bulb above my head routine. The second was the moment Tyler walked into my door with this tall, blonde, Dr's daughter, a stunning socialite. The young woman was as smart and witty as she was classically hot. The three of us bonded immediately, two of us over a fatty and all of us over a cold one, for she didn't smoke but she could handle her liquor. This was the only thorn to his rose. Alcohol is not Tyler's friend.

Tyler's romance continued into a second Noggy Season and a plan for the future was set into motion. Tyler, always a fearless outdoor type, would become an EMT, taking the test at the next available opportunity. He had studied the manual and done some ride-alongs. And here is where we go backstage. Research information is that on one such ride-along, Tyler performed CPR on an old woman for an extended length of time but she died anyway. Though Tyler is no shrinking violet, I'm told he didn't quite walk back from this one. This happened shortly before the exam date.

A number of things were breaking for or against Tyler around the same time. The romance, which had now reached epic proportions and was the talk of his family's side [they, like myself, had fallen under this Scottish beauty's charm and niceness; she even purchased the first available copy of Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green which I put down to Tyler being on the front cover, as they just broke up around that time].

So it wasn't The Grinch who stole Tyler's Christmas that year but Lemony Snicket's series of unfortunate events, the second crack, which included his not studying for the test, missing the entry grade point of 95% though he did score in the 90s; and concluding with a hair-brained scheme to defraud the insurance company by staging a wreck [the old 'car was stolen' ploy]. I was practically standing on my desk as I gave a slurred-speech Tyler my 'Are you fucking kidding me?' rant. Unfortunately it was freshly after the fact.

The breakup was when he fell over the backside of this perfect life he had built up for himself in the eyes of his social circles, fam included. That's a lot of pressure because you are trying to please everyone with what you think they expect. This is the central theme in the Angelina Jolie flick, Life or Something Like It, with Edward Burns. The film deals in a story where the hocus pocus of life intersects in a movie character's physical timeline via a street corner psychic.

Shortly after the cops saw through his air-tight clear-as-plastic bag of bullshit, the family loss of self-esteem followed and then since misery loves company, the King of Misery sent some company, 'The One Who Never Speaks, his friendly neighborhood junkie who on the surface isn't some thug. This kid also had/has issues, but what young person doesn't, or didn't. I did. My friends did. Even a young 1%er friend caught cancer once [survived], so it's really not ass, gas, or cash.

When Tyler's slow descent became evident to his friends they all wondered why Tyler had this new friend who they credited with Tyler's social fall, but after a while when it seemed that Tyler was making homelessness a career move, so they lost interest. They didn't quit caring but they lost interest in someone who didn't seem interested in his own life. Had the economy been more robust, perhaps that would have helped his employment picture but no matter what or where Tyler tried to outrun his destiny, it always caught up with him. Alcohol isn't Tyler's friend. Having a girlfriend who is or was a stripper carries its own responsibility and is at the other end of dating a socialite in self-esteem points. I did a numerology breakdown on Tyler's booking number. It indicates that this is a new beginning in life for him.

Regardless of the abundance of tax measures passed to replace the money lost in the form of area DMV fees and stuff, none of that or any past public monies has been put toward having more than two, as in one, two persons available to set visitation appointments for inmates. As I was told after two days of bouncing off the system, “You're lucky to get through in less that two hours. You dial in, get the busy signal, hang up and redial.”

For anyone who has ever won tickets to a concert off the radio, this is exactly the process. Ex-fucking-xactly! At approximately $50,000 an inmate of my tax money, is it just me or does it seem reasonable to be able to access visitation to a $50K investment [albeit a losing one given the receptivity rates] in a way not based on chance?

Tyler seems to have used up his free phone calls and now every so often a collect call comes in which I don't accept. If I could pay his bail-out tonight, he'd be searching for his two lost loves as soon as he said 'thanks, I'll pay you back,' before rolling out. Having seen a neat pile of belongings stashed out of sight but someplace where I would catch a glance, I'm thinking the 'little miss' has already moved on.

Now the plan is to get to the trial and get a glance in Tyler's direction, along with hearing what happens next to him. This should prompt a collect phone call again. This time I will take it because this time I do have something to say. The Prodigal Son story is found in the Bible. The modern day version will be found in Temecula. The message of why is what I have to say to the guy on the cover of Memoirs.

Tyler Goulet, trial date, March 29, Morning group, Booking No. 201706462, CASE No. 1702M-4045

Update, the neat pile of belongings is now a scattered mess. It seems being homeless is also life in the fast lane, move it or lose it.

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Riverside County: Upcoming events in April 2017

Public Safety Expo   Apr. 1
An interactive day with leading public safety agencies that provide services to help keep people Moreno Valley safe - all in a festive atmosphere complete with music, food and giveaways.
Time/Place: 10am-2pm / Moreno Valley Civic Center  
Contact: 951-413-3000 /

Riverside Air Show   Apr. 1
With more than 200 acres of aircraft displays, fun for the kids, food and refreshments, helicopter displays and community group
exhibits your family will be thrilled to be part of this very unique entertainment opportunity.
Time/Place: 9am-4pm / Riverside Municipal Airport

Bridal Expo   Apr. 1
The event will feature local wedding vendors for services including catering, bakeries, party planners, DJs, photographers and much more!
Time/Place: 11am-3pm / Eastvale Community Center: 13820 Schleisman Rd.
Contact: 951-727-3524 /

Lake Elsinore Water Ski Marathon   Apr. 1-2
These are qualifying races for the United States World Water Ski Racing Championships in Seattle. The Lake will be closed during the event due to this high speed event.
Time/Place: Sat 12-5:30pm, Sun 8am-12:30pm / La Laguna Boat Launch
Contact: 951-674-3124 /

Victims’ Rights Candlelight Vigil   Apr. 6
Paying tribute to Crime Victims’ of Riverside County.
Time/Place: 7-8pm / Riverside Historic Courthouse
Contact: 951-955-5450 /

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BSC, CA – Though I believe the plea for a 'teen place' for music is real, the idea that anyone, especially those coming from some state not known for music beyond a star or two, can jump start a local music scene here without knowing the valley's musical back story, is ludicrous. A simple research into the definition of a scene via George Plimpton will yield the 6 rules of a genuine scene. However, you can do the tour with me as we start Part 1 in illustrating the Golden Age of new [original] music [by signed/unsigned artists], the true birth of the modern valley music explosion.

The music here in the valley took a long time to fuse with many false starts and sputters, unaided greatly by the powers that used to be unfavorable. But once the fuse was lit, it stayed lit, and on a warm March night, a lot warmer than it is this March, a Wednesday night became the high water mark of the valley's ignition of music.

This night in March was highlighted by an [over] sold-out show that featured Ruebens Accomplice, HelloGoodbye, Limbeck, Steel Train, and London Colours. The year was 2005 and the night ended with a band-signed poster that read “Thanks for one of the Coolest Venues in Southern California. We love you guys.” [Heart] SteelTrain

Temecula's music was once only found at the Stampede. In those days, Temecula was Pleasantvilletill a guy named Jeff Arragon started a record label promoting the punk music movement, Local Punks, also a clothing brand logo. Clubs that served alcohol and non-shit kicker music had gotten a bad rap due to a stabbing [probably over a girl]. Jeff found a way around this problem by offering a type of music that could play in a venue that didn't serve alcohol. Unlike Washington that went with grunge a decade earlier, Local Punks was the other end in tempo and attitude.

About this same time a friend ['Tom' pg 258, Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green] sort of reappeared though he was never really out of my social circles. From this unlikely trio, a rusty journalist from the 80s, a kid wanting to learn how to 'put on shows', and that Local Punk came the BOOM! The muse fuse lit.

At first squelched locally causing this New Birth to shift venues to The Wheelhouse in Hemet, now razed and Lake Elsinore [Storm Stadium, Throttle], with the latter bringing teen music back into the valley via the Sold-Out show at The Stampede with screamo-genre birthers FINCH [MTV].

And then, wouldn't you just know it? New music brought another original friend, and Lake Elsinore took another stab at getting past their Barney Fife overseers. Ye o' editor and political ranter, in training, gained VIP access the original “I'm with the band” way. I produced the tee shirts for Spaceman Jack. Curiously enough, my use of musical references throughout 'Memoirs' begins with a line from the band's song, “Sweet Memories” [Pg, 8].

This gained me access to a Murrieta band that was happening named Unknown Super Heroes.

Although there were other developments occurring simultaneously [see Part 4, Spinoffs], the youth were making music to reflect the world they saw. This music was raw, the lyrics real; so when a mild-mannered reporter with a puff daddy alter ego still married to a witch heard it, it was love at the first notes of 'Fat Bitches' [Down Inside]. The bands felt the shared music appreciation across the generations and awakened my activist side that had been asleep since the 70s. But this was now [then].

Amid all the clamor, a tiny coffee shop cafe just off a main drag from the freeway was like Finch, big everywhere but here.

Madlin's [Madlins, no kin to the hamburger place in Old Town Temecula] was getting bands from New York,

To AZ,

And bands in-between. Madlin's did the first all-day music show in the area.

Plus all the local bands, of which here are a few that stood out to me.

During this period the music scene lost its first artist to a tragedy, Ryan Towery, 19, due to a head-on collision that was not his fault. Ryan was the drummer for LaLune, a band who had dropped their initial CD just two weeks prior with a special labeled, band signed copy for me. I had writer's block for two weeks after the funeral until I penned an eulogy to the very talented and nice-mannered teen.

3-song demo prior to full CD version release
Other local bands made me part of their scene as well.

So started the Temecula music scene when outside of line dancing [country] and wedding covers [Timmy D. Productions], Full Value Entertainment and Bill Gould ruled the night. It was when Music became my beat, again [see pg. 197, 'Memoirs'].

End of Part 1. To be continued...