Thursday, November 19, 2020

A new restaurant coming to Temecula (in 2021)

***November 2020 UPDATE***

Actually some good news for once in 2020. As of 11/19/2020 - the website does mention a new location coming soon in Temecula - set to be opening in Spring 2021! 
Here is a link:

You can see their most recent menu updates and online ordering system at: 

I'm positive there are plenty of local folks that will be making this new place a huge success (both as patrons and employees) when it opens. Reach out to the people making this happen and let 'em know you are excited for the opening (and that sent ya!).

From March 2017:

Temecula, CA - A new restaurant will be opening later in 2017 at the former Sizzler's location in Temecula California, near the corner of Jefferson Ave and Via Montezuma. This new restaurant will be the second location for Bastards American Canteen. They have another location in Downey.

Their website lists this information about their name:
"This establishment is named in respect of those who have served in the finest infantry unit of the United States Marines Corps, 2nd Battalion 4th Marines nicknamed “Magnificent Bastards”, and for the courageous Corpsmen of the United States Navy who care, or have cared for them. Semper Fi."

It would appear that the food will be salads, hot dogs, barbecue sandwiches, burgers and lots of craft beer with a distinctive Military and Veteran theme. Prices at the Downey location are very moderate, with nothing over $15! Here is their website for further information about the menu:

Cheers Temecula!