Sunday, February 24, 2019



BSC, CA – Although we don't usually report child abuse criminals, the case that follows was first seen [by this office] in the January 10, print edition of The Weekly, Riverside. The trial run up was in 'These Riverside County stories could be huge news in 2019'. The initial report was done by Brian Rokos, and the story concerns Mr. and Mrs. Turpin, residents of Perris, who are accused of abusing 12 of their 13, live-at-home children/offspring.

Following the jump, you are offered an intense and in-depth look at several reports all rolled into one. This look is given as a peek into why people do the things that they do. How did they go wrong? What were their lives like at first, or did they start out with malice in their heart for their children? How are these people different from you, your neighbors, or people you take for granted?

Hopefully these questions will be answered to some degree, but to really know what is in anyone's heart, it rests with what they believe and believe in. This is also another reason why we don't do many SRA or pedophile stories beyond a good pull on the weiner, Anthony Weiner, that is. Admittedly, this clown is funny, almost cartoon funny, but sadly, most people who fall into this category are only scary, because there is nothing humorous about a predator. 

And now the report:


Friday, February 22, 2019



BSC, CA – There is a buzz coming about the anime-live action film, Alita – Battle Angel. If you haven't heard it yet, you will, either on the news or from someone you know. It's that kind of movie. Also with the very recent philanthropy of James Cameron and the movie production, a young double amputee received two, state of the art, bionic arms/hands akin to the ones for Alita in the movie.

The underground is talking and after the jump we give you a no-spoiler review from Anna, That Star Wars Girl, who like myself and thousands of others, had no prior experience with Alita - Battle Angel except through promo previews. These previews look exciting and rather breakneck in their visual delivery, and they don't lie. This is a movie event like The Matrix, in that you don't want to miss the first go-round for this movie, its story-line, and the coming battle with Captain Marvel, the superhero movie from Marvel, with an Oscar® winner paid 10x what RDJ was for the first Iron Man.

Though the press junket reviews are glowing with praise for Captain Marvel at present, there is a growing distrust that the critics writing movie reviews are 'lobbied' for positive accolades to fatten box office openings. This fan opinion has ignited a war that so far has tanked Solo and Ghostbusters – 2016, plus called into question sourced official critiques. The main points of discussion between movies, to put it plain and simple, are the main characters and the story arc. Early previews of CM look flatter than the ones for Solo, and the story behind Alita is both deep and artistically alluring. The same can't be said for five-time rebooted comic book, Captain Marvel.

Now without further ado, Anna, That Star Wars Girl, with a review of the coming movies' battle.