Wednesday, May 29, 2019

A Ghost in the Attic - A Book Review

It’s not easy being the new kid. It’s never easy switching schools midway through the year. It is the WORST when you are the new kid in the middle of the year and on the first day, you catch the eye if the school bully.

Samson and his mom just moved into the old Henderson house. Yeah, he doesn’t know what that means either, but it sure makes the other kids in his new 5th grade class seem uneasy. He has also popped up on the radar of the biggest elementary school kid he has ever seen, a kid who aptly goes by the name Moose.

What does the mysterious old house have in store for Samson and his mom? If he can’t break the spell, will Samson and his mom be swept away like the others? In order to find the truth behind the house’s secret, he will have to enlist the help of the aforementioned Moose and Nathaniel, a scrawny third grade brainiac. Together, they will have to face a ghost from the past to truly know their future.

A Ghost in the Attic is the first novel by author Solomon Petchers. A Ghost in the Attic is a young adult novel that will thrill and delight readers of any age. You can find this book on in paperback or on Kindle.