Monday, May 20, 2019

Deceased and Desist - A Book Review

Tallie Graver was making a name for herself as a cleaning lady extraordinaire in her native central Pennsylvania. She even landed the window cleaning job at the Crossing Bridge Inn for the grand reopening. Just when Tallie thought life might be evening out, she finds herself atop a wobbly ladder staring into the unblinking eyes of a stranger. Seconds later, she is on the ground soaking wet and thoroughly confused.

Even though she knows she shouldn’t get involved in what has been deemed a natural death, Tallie knows what she saw was no accident. Why were the police so quick to clear the case? Will Tallie and her friend Gina put together the clues before the new town detective can put them behind bars? Can she catch the real killer before he ties up all the loose ends? She will need to sneak around like her cat Mr. Fleefers to hunt down the truth.

Deceased and Desist is the third book in the Tallie Graver Mystery Series by Misty Simon. You can get caught up with Tallie, Gina and Mr. Fleefers in the previous books, Cremains of the Day and Grounds For Remorse. These novels and more from Misty Simon are available at Barnes & Noble and on Amazon. Be on the look out for the fourth installation in the series, Carpet Diem, coming out later this year.