Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Update: Riverside County Board of Supervisors take no vote on Animal Services deal with City of San Bernardino


Riverside, California - On Tuesday the Riverside County Board of Supervisors heard information about the proposed Animal Services Agreement with the City of San Bernardino.

After many public speakers asking the County to not support the agreement with the City and multiple questions about possible employee related costs to the County; none of the Board members would put forth a motion to support the agreement.

The agenda item was not ratified. No further information was available.

---Original Story---

Riverside, California - There are rumors the City of San Bernardino animal shelter is planning to euthanize all of the animals still on site after today, May 7 2019. The image on the right (or similar statements) have been posted thousands of times all over social media, causing an uproar among animal activists across Southern California.

So many inquiries in to this subject have occurred in the last week, that the San Bernardino Police Department issued a press release clarifying what was going on and how this would affect the animals.

The Riverside County Board of Supervisors is set to meet today at 9am. At this meeting, the Board will consider ratifying the agreement for animal services between Riverside County and the City of San Bernardino. You can watch the RivCo BOS meeting live here.

The item on todays agenda is as follows:

"3.32 - 9826 SUPERVISOR KAREN SPIEGEL: Ratify and Approve Agreement for Animal Services Between City of San Bernardino and County of Riverside for the Provision of Animal Field, Shelter and Licensing Services, Agreement No. 19-003 [$2,100,000 - 100% Contract Revenue]" 

For those concerned about Riverside County spending tax dollars on San Bernardino problems, this is a revenue neutral agreement for RivCo. The City of San Bernardino will pay 2.1 million dollars in the first year (paid in monthly payments) to cover RivCo expenses. The agreement will be reviewed by the RivCo Board after 6 months to see if there is any need for adjustments.

In short, this 'kill everything shelter' rumor is false. Detailed information, including a copy of the actual agreement can be found at here on the RivCo BOS agenda page.

You can read the statement from the San Bernardino Police Department in the statement below: